Between this moment, Chang Gongyuan felt as if he had been punched head-on, and immediately he had the urge to have a nosebleed.

In Tang Qing’s mind, one word after another reverberated in a crashing way: the evil spirits of children’s faces harm the world.
The delicate and charming girl and the dignified and charming woman can be so perfectly combined in a suit that Tang Ye, who is used to the world, doesn’t know how to get better.
It happened that at this moment, the little maid next to her had made a deep ceremony and said with great respect, "Second Lady’ > Good."
Madam’ > what madam’ >? Island lady’ >? Small s?
For a while, even Tang Qing was dumbfounded.
He can understand that Xianer can’t be the master of that transaction, but how can he disturb the island owner’s wife? Besides, this is a four-seas business alliance. Even if there are some members of the island owners, it’s not their turn to worry about business, is it?
The only explanation is that this is intentional. As soon as Tang Ye went to the island, he was already caught by the Lord of the island.
"Blue clouds are really not simple. Is this more kung fu? Tang Ye really didn’t feel wrong. "
Strictly speaking, in fact, Tang Ye and others have really delayed a lot of time. If Biyun is the eyes of the island owner, it’s totally in time to report something.
A monk named Tsukiji who can defeat the siren came to the island, and he is obviously a foreign monk. It is a joke to say that the head of the household will not attract attention.
In a flash, Tang Qing stood up, pretending to hand in hand and smiled: "This is the island owner’s wife" > … elder? I met my wife’ > in Xiatangqing. "
I can’t help it. Although I’m young, it’s a real accomplishment, but in the middle period, Tang Ye still has a good eye, although it’s a big loss.
Chang Gongyuan obviously quite nervous, stood up and hurriedly upon. It is said that he is much more than Tang Qinggong. Tang Ye shouted his predecessors, but like that, it looks like a peer.
Mrs. s’ > is very generous and doesn’t care about Tang Qing’s attitude at all. Gently waved and said, "The two Taoist friends don’t need to be polite. My body came here by accident. I heard that what Taoist friends need is very precious, so I just came to see it."
After all, the watery eyes flowed like spring water, and Xiao S smiled at Tang Qing: "At first sight, it really is a young hero, and this trip is not empty."
I have to say, this kind of formal and commercial rhetoric, from the mouth of such an alternative temperament beauty, has a unique flavor. Imagine what it would be like for a girl of fifteen or sixteen to appear at the negotiating table with billions of dollars.
No matter what, people are so young, and you really have nothing to say except jealousy.
Especially this attitude, the somebody else but Dan elder change a place, take a reason all don’t take a reason you. Whether you like it or not, there is a feeling of being flattered at first, so that if it is a serious negotiation, it will undoubtedly fall behind.
Tang Ye doesn’t care about this, he’s an idiot.
You give face, right? Then I’ll do it. I didn’t beg you to give it. Don’t do it for nothing.
"Ha-ha, madam, that’s ridiculous. I’m just running errands and collecting some materials for my elders."
In fact, Tang Ye is cursing in his heart. Just pretend and pretend hard. Tang Ye tried his best to pretend to be the black sheep of his family, such as a young hero, which was completely out of touch.
What’s more, even if you are actually a grandparent in your hundreds, you look like a little girl on the surface. Being stabbed by such a girlish person is called a teenager, and Tang Ye is unhappy for no reason.
Forty years ago, this lady’ > was already a Godsworn Dan. As a result, I’m afraid she’s over 100 years old, but she still looks like this, which really makes Tang Ye unable to turn around.
Words in yungu there, but he didn’t adapt to it at all. That’s what Tang Ye really looked at as an aunt. Naturally, the younger the better. If it is Qian Yu and Xinger girl, of course it is better.
Seeing Tang Qing’s natural appearance, Mrs. S’ > couldn’t help smiling. Some things can’t be installed. It seems that it’s right to talk a lot. This guy has a lot of connections. I shouldn’t have come for nothing on my own trip.
Thinking of this, Xiao S smiled and said, "More than 700 years old Dictyophora, more than 500 years old ice toad liquid, more than 1,000 years old roots of mulberry … and … Hehe, what a big handwriting of Tang Daoyou’s elders. Forgive me, but do you want to forge any magic weapon?" .
"Maybe, who knows? Anyway, it is these things, and the price is good. " Tang Qing hey hey smile, actually is equal to didn’t say.
Xiao S sighed lightly: "I have to say that Tang Daoyou has a profound family background, and it will take some time to get all these materials together, even if it is a four-seas business alliance … I wonder … will it delay Daoyou’s elders?"
"Really?" .
Tang Qing looked disappointed: "How long will it take? Is ten years enough? "
"Ten years?"
Small S was surprised, then smiled and said, "It doesn’t take that long. In fact, Taoist friends must know that the last time the tide of animals suddenly broke out. Before finding out the cause, it is inconvenient to fly or take a boat. "
"As long as after this period of time, understand why the beast tide, between a few months, will be able to satisfy friends. How? "
"I see."
Tang Qing was overjoyed, but puzzled, and asked, "I heard that the transmission array here is more popular. Can’t it be transshipped in this way? At most, this cost will be borne by me. "
Including Chang Gongyuan, the two girls couldn’t help laughing. What’s more, this man pretends to be a quack, and if he really wants to talk about it, he is still an idiot.
Small S couldn’t help but smile and said, "Well, it’s true that transmission arrays are widely used in the area around the moon and the sea, but it won’t be the same for every island." Even in the Yuan infant territory, there are very few islands with transmission arrays. I don’t know where Tang Daoyou came from. Can it be said that some materials can be delivered by transmission? "
Just ask, laugh, laugh "
Tang Ye realized that he was still taking it for granted. It seems that this transmission array is really high-end. But it’s right to think about it. It costs so much to buy some basic materials, and it really can’t be built anywhere.
"It’s just that if Tang Daoyou really wants these things, I’m afraid he needs to pay some deposit. I don’t know if it’s convenient." Seeing that he didn’t mean to answer the phone, Xiao S could only talk about business first. As for this matter of exploring the origin, we can only put it aside first.
"no problem"
Since the dress is rich, then dress up to the end. Tang Qing promised to be very refreshing and took out a storage bag: "The deposit is naturally appropriate, and 50,000 lingshi can be enough."
Even the island owner’s wife’ > can’t help but be surprised by Tang Ye’s hand. You know, now people still haven’t got anything, and they just throw out 50 thousand lingshi without Ren Yao. This is not rich enough to describe, it is simply a prodigal family.
Even Godsworn Dan can’t walk like this. His wealth is not revealed, and he takes care of himself everywhere.
Dare to do so, or an idiot without brains, or absolute confidence in their own strength background. A leisurely person can’t move him, and most people who can move him can’t afford to offend the people behind him.
Who the hell is this guy? What are you doing here? Is it related to the island capture conference ten years later? Or is it … something to do with that?
With this in mind, Mrs. S. Xiao is under great pressure.
Chapter 282: Amazing
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