"Group it!"

Although they are still in one team, they are divided into three teams.
Although this chain requires five people to complete, after all, no one said that five people are required to be in a team!
The default is to be in a team.
So they drilled …
And it did succeed!
This is the confirmation of the three groups of them after they each hit several monsters and then the chain number rose normally.
In fact, however, they feel that they can be divided into four groups and five groups.
It’s no problem to think like this!
It would be nice if dad were around to add blood to everyone!
After such a thought, An Xiaoya also went out to blame.
They were divided into four groups
Dad and Yin Ming are in the same group, but dad is responsible for swimming and adding blood.
The progress will be much faster if the four groups work together.
Don’t say that there are more than 200 underground goblins, even if there are more than 2,000, it won’t be enough for the five of them to fight for long!
After all, the strength gap is a bit big!
But that sentence is the longest when waiting for the goblin.
Dad has counted all the chats.
"Two hundred and seventy-six! Come on, everyone, there is only one left! "
Dad cheered up!
And this sentence also cheered everyone up!
That’s great!
However, they waited and waited and waited, but they didn’t see the last underground goblin coming.
But if there’s no mountain, just me. I’ll go to the mountain!
Anyway, there’s only one left. After the abortion, they can go back and hand it in.
Follow that guide to their final destination.
This is a messy stone forest.
Don’t say that there will be some places as big as the square in these tunnels. It’s amazing here. It’s amazing!
And this stone forest is also a very annoying terrain.
Because of chaos!
Maybe when you walk, there is a place that looks like a flat ground in front of you, but there is a big moving stone, and then you sprained your ankle OR fell down.
How annoying this is!
It’s very uncomfortable to add a little flash, especially for long-distance occupations that need a wider field of vision.
Of course, fortunately, a few people here are not ordinary people.
Forget daddy. He’s a priest. Note that he’s his teammate, not BOSS.
Of course, a conductor still needs to pay attention to the BOSS situation
But he doesn’t need to fight!
Yin Ming and An Xiaoxi will have no problem even in melee.
An Jinxiu-Huang Tu, the vice captain of the female special police brigade, never said her actual combat ability.
This complex terrain is not as complicated as when they are training and fighting!
It’s easy to get!
And AnXiaoYa …
An Xiaoya is a dharma god!
Spells have been superb before they can be called dharma gods!
Is it just a terrain can stop it?
Speaking of it, it is possible to increase your fighting capacity by virtue of the terrain and weaken the fighting capacity of the other side. The underground goblin leader is really nothing this time.
Yes, this is a BOSS
A group of elite strange BOSS underground goblin leaders are naturally not ordinary leaders, but higher lords.
In the higher-level BOSS, it will be at least after level 50.
Or is it a true adventure-the kind that meets and dies?
Well, it’s all beside the point
In fact, the reason why this BOSS office has never come over and died with everyone is very simple.
Because although this is also their goal, people’s hatred and younger brothers are not linked.
Even if the younger brothers were killed and finally released a halo of help, the BOSS ignored it.
After all, people are BOSS, so they must be forced!