After a short pause, eucalyptus at the age of danger took the lead in blinking for two days, and her eyes seemed to return to God.

"What are you thinking?" She stretched out her hand to buckle Yuheng on her shoulders and hands, and straightened up to move her shoulders and necks. "I’ll save you first, of course, so that you can owe me a big favor. After you call me, I will go through fire and water to die, and I will return the kindness all the way."
"My dad taught me from an early age to be grateful and to judge the situation, and to help others when it is time to do it. Maybe who will lend a kind helping hand in the end?"
Yu-year-old eucalyptus has a graceful demeanour, putting her hand behind her and slapping her face to evoke a sly smile, which is vivid and clever like a fairy in nine days.
Yu Heng didn’t expect Yu Sui Eucalyptus to talk like this. After half an instant, he fell down and smiled heavily.
Yuheng seldom smiles, especially when he wants to smile like this. It is rare to see a curved lip angle on weekdays, just like when he was squatting in the hole and laughing, he was already smiling, and even worse, he was so arrogant.
Danger at the age of eucalyptus back two steps away from YuHeng face difficult "what are you laughing at? Do you think I’m wrong? "
Yu Heng didn’t answer her this question, but instead made an irrelevant remark.
"I’m not hurt," he said. "I have a fever."
To understate it is as natural and casual as talking about the moonlight tonight, but if it weren’t for a fever, it would be pale and you wouldn’t see anything else from the outside.
Yu Sui Eucalyptus frowned and wondered "Really?"
Yuheng stretched out his hand and said, "Come and try."
Yu-year-old eucalyptus didn’t touch Yu-heng’s palm, but further reached out to explore Yu-heng’s forehead. He didn’t stop her from approaching, and there was no defense against Yu-year-old eucalyptus
Her hand was a little cold and slightly wet, and she stuck it to Yuheng’s hot forehead. Eucalyptus was suddenly withdrawn by this hot hot.
"Do you really have a fever?" She incredible way "why didn’t you say so earlier? Burn so badly? "
Thinking about the scalding heat on the back of your hand just now, eucalyptus is a little anxious. "No, the temperature is too high, or the mountain bar burns so badly. If you don’t say it on time, it will burn your brain again."
Yu Heng …
He raised his forehead and looked at Yu-year-old eucalyptus, looking at her in a hurry to turn around.
In fact, this is not a fever, but a symptom after a headache. When he has a headache before, he always relies on taking drugs to relieve it. When he eats too much, he falls into this root cause. After every headache, he is full of high fever.
Previously, he also saw many doctors after he had a high fever and headache. After taking a lot of drugs, it didn’t work. Later, he slowly found out that this high fever was not a fever, but the body was self-regulating after taking drugs.
Chapter 11. Chapter 11
On the contrary, the other side of the camp has already opened the pot.
"How people suddenly disappeared? Is it time to disappear? When was the last time you saw them? "
Lingrui frown anxiously asked, low servant girl knelt all over the floor, was shaking with fear Lingrui roar shook his head, said he didn’t see the danger of eucalyptus.
"Uncle, don’t worry too much. Old Eucalyptus told me this morning that she wanted to find a cool place to lie down and sleep. Now she may have overslept by that tree, and she must be fine." Gu Huaijing comforted her.
"Yes, eucalyptus and Wan’er are already such big girls. It’s possible that the two sisters will stay in a scenic spot on a whim and come back when they are not in time." Zhao Xiuxiu was relieved.
LingRui smell speech with a sigh, raise my hand to pinch tight frown look out of the window dark canopy over the earth, it’s the end of the month.
"eldest brother" a group of people are deadlocked and don’t know what to do, just listen to the account and my father-in-law shouted’ the emperor is here, the imperial concubine is here’ and they quickly got up and saluted.
"Stand up."
Is the emperor said and then walked to one side, revealing the lithe and graceful figure behind him, it is the imperial concubine Ling Jinxin, a noble woman just came back a little late, it is not worth when the emperor went by himself, and when the emperor came, he was short of interest and sat in the chair and ignored it. It should be with Ling Guifei to come here.
"Big Brother"
As soon as Ling Jinxin saw Ling Rui, he walked directly to his eyes. Although they are in the capital, they are separated by a high wall. Both ends do not often meet each other on weekdays. It is also in some large banquets, but it is very rare to meet a few words in a hurry.
But the eye situation also can not LingJin heart regrets she didn’t come here to see LingRui.
"Eucalyptus hasn’t come back yet? I listened to Bihe and came quickly. "
Lingrui looked a little ugly, but Zhao Xiuxiu answered first without saying anything, "I haven’t come back yet. Eucalyptus and Wan’er haven’t come back yet, but they are both adults. Nothing should happen. We have sent someone to find them. Don’t worry."
Zhao Xiuxiu said that although it sounds unreasonable, it is the only thing they can do.
Ling Jinxin pursed her lips, walked a few steps and sat down in the chair. Everyone looked at each other and looked at each other with one eye, nose, nose and heart, bowed their heads and said nothing.
I’m too tired today. I don’t know if it’s a night or not. I don’t know if it’s because she’s been running from mountain to mountain and turning back and forth. It’s exhausting to turn back several times.
This dream directly led to the poor sleep quality of eucalyptus in danger, but the whole person was too tired to even move a little finger.
I don’t want to open my eyes when I hear someone calling her name.
"Old eucalyptus danger old eucalyptus …"
Yu sui eucalyptus was so sleepy that she felt as tired as before going to bed. She got up and heard someone call her to turn her side, put her ear in front of her face, raise her hand to cover her other ear, twist her eyebrows and then stopped moving.
She was so sleepy that she closed her eyes for a few seconds and then she had another omen of falling asleep. She heard a slight sigh from the top of her head, and then the man came to provoke him again.
This time, she took a piece of cold eucalyptus face directly, and she slept soundly. She was suddenly awake by such an ice and hid with her eyes closed with some consciousness.
I don’t know if my eyes are closed, but I can’t hide from the eucalyptus root. Not only has my hand been sticking to her face, but I have to push my luck to touch my neck. I swear I won’t stop until I wake her up.
When Yushu was a child, her father asked her husband to come to the house to teach her and Ling Waner every day. Every day, spring branches and autumn waters had to go to bed half an hour ago to call people, and it was not necessary to wake them up.
Later, after that, she was even more sleepy in the past two years. Because of the heavy snow in the previous two years and the injury, she was ill for a long time until after the new year, but when she broke her bones, she would stay at home and raise her.
At that time, eucalyptus at the age of danger moved back and forth between the sovereign mansion and the imperial mansion, and every day, when few outsiders talked, they read and then went to sleep, while her grandmother and Zhao Yi were distressed that she never restricted her from sleeping.
I don’t care about the etiquette. Eucalyptus doesn’t get up until it’s full.
This was wronged by an ice heart, and I couldn’t dodge. I couldn’t hide my nose for a moment, and my eyes were full of tears. My left eye accumulated more disobedient tears and slipped down the corner of my eye for a moment and was wiped away by cold.
There was another sigh on the top of her head. This time, she heard it clearly. The man behind her seemed to have said something again. Soon, she felt that she was gently picked up and leaned against somewhere. Soon, she sank like something was covered.
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
The past is unbearable, and the eucalyptus at the age of danger is ashamed to stand in the same place. But just after arriving here for a short time, many people have passed by them. Two of them look familiar, perhaps Zhao Yi or her father’s little maid.