By the way, I’m in the underworld!

Lin Tianxiao suddenly thought of the blood blade and immediately entered the underworld because he found that the underworld had not been brought to the human world.
Sure enough, as soon as Lin Tianxiao arrived in the hands of the underworld, weapons and equipment became the underworld equipment, and the blood blade was being held in his hand, and even himself became a skeleton.
Brush the ghost dragon small four to catch it out, but it was slammed by Lin Tianxiae. "Small four boss solemnly handed you one that must be completed!"
Xiao Si, the ghost dragon, scratched his head and saw that Lin Tianxiao was serious. Then he put away his joke and said, "Don’t worry, the boss will ensure the completion!"
"Well, take this weapon to that side. I have it!" Lin Tianxiao solemnly handed over his blood blade to Ghost Dragon Xiaosi, who repeatedly told him that this transformed the characters and returned to the human world.
It took about half an hour for Ghost Dragon Small Four to appear in front of Lin Tianxiao. In addition to taking the blood blade, Lin Tianxiao also had a special weapon of his own. At this time, Lin Tianxiao remembered that he had promised Ghost Dragon Small Four to recast his weapon. The material of Ghost Dragon Small Four was also a fragment of The Hunger magic weapon!
Just then the housekeeper came in and said to Lin Tianxiao, "There is a blacksmith outside the master. We are recruiting master blacksmiths recently. He said that he is qualified. Look …"
It’s obvious that this is for Lin Tianxiao to make up his mind. I heard that the housekeeper said that Lin Tianxiao was a master. His eyes lit up and he just wanted to build a magic weapon for Ghost Dragon Xiaosi. Let him see it first!
Seeing that Lin Tianxie was leaving the ghost dragon, he jumped to Lin Tianxie’s shoulder and Lin Tianxie smiled and went away.
"Master is …"
When the housekeeper didn’t finish talking, she saw Lin Tianxiao rush to hold the blacksmith with an arrow step and shouted, "Master!"
Chapter 24 The Hunger magic reappearance
Two years ago, Novice Village was the Novice Village where Lin Tianxiao lived. In the third month after Lin Tianxiao left, he suddenly accompanied his tens of thousands of elderly neighbors to say goodbye.
Before he left, he left a message to these old neighbors, saying that there will be chaos. I should help the people in heaven to build magic weapons to counter the fate. I should be born in response to the fate and live in the future. Heaven needs me to go!
After leaving this sentence, it’s two years since I crossed the mountains, crossed the Qian Shan and crossed the Baihe River, and finally came to the so-called’ big city’ Beach City!
It’s hard to find a place to find!
Seeing his master’s uncanny workmanship, Lin Tianxie was excited, but this sentence popped up in his mind. Yes, I looked for the uncanny workmanship for a long time, but I didn’t find it. Now I want the master to show up himself!
"Master, I’ve been looking for you for a long time and I haven’t found out where you’ve been these two years?"
Although his face was exhausted, he showed a kind smile. "I haven’t seen you grow up for a long time, and you have become stronger."
"Master, come in and have a rest!"
Lin Tianxiae took the uncanny workmanship into the store housekeeper and immediately took a sip of tea. "Did you improve your skills in striking iron during this period, disciple?"
An old face is full of evil, and Nuo Nuo is speechless. Ha ha ha a smile. "All right, I know you can’t stand loneliness, but I feel a few strong smells in you with a hint of blood. I’m afraid it’s an evil soldier. It’s not suitable for you, but he is!"
The uncanny workmanship pointed to Lin Tianxiao’s shoulder and the ghost dragon Xiaosi said, and then he saw the uncanny workmanship go to Lin Tianxiao’s side, carefully observing and groping, and finally determined what it was. Then he smiled and said, "Very good and powerful. Her blood is much stronger than you. That evil soldier belongs to her!"
Lin Tianxiao has a wry smile. Well, it’s suitable for small four. Anyway, there is no difference between giving it to her and giving it to yourself.
Took out the blood blade and two pieces of The Hunger magic pieces and gave them to the uncanny workmanship.
"Thank you, Master, but you’d better rest for a few days to see what you look like!" I followed Lin Tianxiao to the backyard to have a rest. This room is a housekeeper’s room for those np’s, and now it’s just for my master.
Six days later, Lin Tian-xie didn’t leave the magic skill, what to train and what to kill boss. After all, he felt the magic skill and restored his expression, and he promised to grind his master for six days to build magic weapons.
Lin Tianxiao in the backyard of the shop had already prepared all the necessary things, but he shook his head and said, "What did I tell you at the beginning?"
"How do you say?" Lin Tianxiao’s brain immediately thought of the problem "the heart of the earth!"
"I can teach you!"
"Master, where can I find the heart of the earth?"
"I didn’t travel long distances in the past two years because I wanted to come here and looked for a lot of things on the road, because the master knew that there would be no fire here, and I found the fire of the lotus!"
"Penglai fire?"
"That’s right, there are three great fire in Penglian fire besides the ground fire. Penglian fire is one of them, and there are also Star Meteor Fire and Net Lotus Fire!"
Lin Tianxie will remember these three kinds of shenhuo in his heart and may not know that he will have a chance that day!
The uncanny workmanship took out a ring and immediately the room temperature became hot. Seeing the uncanny workmanship threw the ring into the stove, he muttered something as if he were reciting a spell. Anyway, Lin Tianxiao couldn’t understand it.
A flame actually gushed out from the ring and filled the whole stove. Immediately, the blood blade returned to the furnace and burned in the lotus fire. The blood blade made a sound, and gradually a bloody smell floated out and got into Lin Tianxiao’s nose.
Lin Tianxiao suddenly felt that he was going to faint, and the blood gas in his body was immediately surging as if it were going to boil!
"Don’t hold your breath!" The uncanny workmanship immediately shouted
Lin Tianxiao immediately held her breath and followed it up. The blood blade has already burned deep red molten iron in the burning department of Penglian Fire.
At this time, the uncanny workmanship threw the ghost dragon small four materials into the furnace again, and in a short time, they turned into deep red molten iron and mixed together. Even the pieces of The Hunger magic that Lin Tianxie got were burned and mixed together.
It’s not over yet. Once again, I took out a few pieces of ore and threw them in together. After all these things were melted, I took out a special mold and poured all these deep red molten iron into it. Then I read a difficult spell. As soon as the fire brush of Penglian received the ring, I put the magic in the mold into cold water and immediately the fog rose and a huge skull appeared.
This skull is blood, as if it had just been skinned and skinned. It’s horrible. The hands are constantly pinching the skull and screaming and following the income of the magic weapon!
The magic axe picked up the magic weapon and gave it to Lin Tian’s evil way. "The evil spirit of this magic weapon is too heavy, so you can give it to this dragon messenger by suppressing it with your current strength!"
"Congratulations to the player for watching the magic blacksmith’s crafting artifact with five words floating in the sky. The blacksmith’s level has risen to the master level."
Are you glad that Lin Tianxie picked up the magic weapon and looked at it? When he saw this magic weapon attribute, the whole people showed horror!
Blood chop (god level low order)
Physical attack power 455
Power +2
Blood volume +1%
Blood sucking +1%
There is a 10% chance that a blow will kill you.
There’s a 50% chance of a double attack
One percent chance to absorb the soul.
All attributes currently in the sealed state are reduced by 50%
Pet specialty
At the beginning, The Hunger turned the magic weapon into a low-order artifact, which can absorb The Hunger’s down archers to upgrade their class.
Powerful is too powerful. If the player has such a magic weapon, it will definitely make its owner invincible by a single blood-sucking attribute to the enemy. Unfortunately, the player is blessed and can give pets. Although all attributes are reduced by 50%, it is just like God’s help to Ghost Dragon Xiaosi!
Throwing the blood chop to the ghost dragon small four, the ghost dragon small four immediately revealed a look of joy and immediately waved two!
Sniff, scoff!
Bang bang bang bang!
"I am so awesome!"
See several pieces of furniture in the room directly split into two halves by blood chop strength. The broken parts are smoother than visible blood chop sharpness!
"I’m afraid I’m going to meet some old friends. If you want to improve your strength quickly, you’ll be robbed!" The voice of the uncanny workmanship fell to the ground and the figure actually disappeared!