Now I will make an example to let you know that this is not something you can contaminate. "

The smiling face drew out his sword and waved at the first one.
Then the whole person took the flying skill and smashed the roof and disappeared into the night.
Shen Yu stuck the sword in his hand in the ground and then came to the ever-changing demon Ji.
Take out Dan medicine from the backpack and stuff it into the mouth of the ever-changing demon Ji.
After a long time, the ever-changing demon Ji vomited one mouthful blood and looked at the players around him with a slight smile.
"The old base life is not so easy to die.
Although the killer just stabbed the old man in the heart
But because of your deterrence, he stabbed a little and let the old man get his life back.
It’s a pity that I didn’t keep him, otherwise it would have been until who was targeting the old lady. "
The ever-changing demon Ji immediately answered the words and said, "Who else is it but the five large and medium-sized gangs?"
Although the killer didn’t say it just now, aren’t they the players who are scattered on this island except us?
These bastards are getting more and more crazy, master treasure. They want to keep it for themselves! "
With these words, Shen Yu looked at the sword thrown by Pang Xia again.
"I know this long sword. It was taken by Sanhe Gang in the auction before!"
"What? No wonder I look so familiar."
"Yes, I know this long sword.
! "
Guided by Shen Yu, these two evidences all point to five large and medium-sized gangs.
So the whole pub was boiling up and cursed the five large and medium-sized gangs in succession.
"It’s too much to be patient."
"Yes, they blocked the hot spring lake. Who knows if they will secretly take the treasure away?
I don’t want to wait for a minute. I want to find some friends and try to rush! "
"This brother, do you think I can succeed? I have a skill of using saber by taking steps, and my fighting capacity is not bad."
"Ah, it turned out to be the famous chopping knife among our scattered players. Of course you can join us."
"This brother is wearing a cloud arrow with one hand, and archery is a hundred shots. I don’t know if the pavilion is …"
Looking at the surging emotions of the players, the ever-changing demon Ji Shenyu slowly left here.
At the same time, Pang Xia slowly took off his wooden mask on the roof of a building not far from the pub.
Crush the wooden mask and throw it in a black cloak.
Pang Xia immediately put on the cicada’s mask again and turned it into a disillusioned master.
Jumped off the roof and went straight to the meeting and direction of the ever-changing demon Ji.
When Pang Xia came to the inn, he saw the ever-changing demon Ji Shenyu who had been waiting here for a long time.
Looking at the little blood on the chest of the ever-changing demon Ji, Pang Xia said, "I don’t know if Master Tan is injured?"
Smiled and said, "My injury doesn’t matter. Players just need Dan medicine."
"That’s right. Even if you amputate your arm, you need Dan medicine to recover."
"So the plan has been completed and the effect is much better than I thought.
We can now follow those scattered players and small gangs into the hot spring lake. "
"that’s right, wait until you rush into the hot spring lake, and it will depend on your strength.
If you want to compete with me for that magic weapon, Master Tan, I won’t show mercy. "
She smiled and said with a confident look, "Don’t worry, I won’t show mercy."
Hearing this, Pang Xia suddenly smiled and said, "So I’ll go first and see the treasure!" "
When she heard Pang Xia say treasure, she knew that he was referring to the magic weapon.