Before the little girl cried, she suddenly smelled the aroma of honey chicken wings.

When I stopped crying, I opened my big eyes and looked at the lotus leaf bag with great curiosity.
Seeing that the little girl stopped crying, Pang Xia immediately beat the lotus leaf bag to reveal the honey chicken wings inside.
As that thing put in the backpack will remain in the state when put in.
All these honey chicken wings are still warm and belong to wild honey, and the fragrance is constantly emitting.
The little girl looked at the honey chicken wings with big eyes and looked at Pang Xia. She was not sure if she could eat them.
Seeing the little girl hesitating, Pang Xia took the initiative to pick up a piece of honey chicken wings and put them in the little girl’s hand.
Because it is warm, I am not afraid that the little girl will burn.
Pang Xia gave the little girl a piece of honey chicken wings and picked up a piece to eat.
Seeing Pang Xia eating, the little girl also nibbled chicken wings.
When she found that the chicken wings given to her by Pang Xia were very sweet and delicious, she quickly ate them.
Children have no ability to eat when they are greedy.
When the little girl took the first bite of chicken wings, she couldn’t stop taking them.
A lotus leaf wrapped more than ten chicken wings, and Pang Xia ate three pieces, all of which were eaten by the little girl.
It’s time for a small child to eat, but this little girl with a dozen chicken wings is still looking at Pang Xia.
Smiled PangXia was about to continue to take out from the backpack don’t eat.
But just then the old man walked back to the village.
Pang Xia found the same lotus leaf wrapped chicken leg from the backpack and handed it to the little girl.
Then he smiled and said, "Little girl, I’ll give you this drumstick. Brother is going to get down to business. Goodbye."
Took the PangXia handed me the chicken leg, the little girl nodded, smiled sweetly and ran towards the village.
See this PangXia got up and walked back to Zhao Hongsun father-in-law two of them.
When Pang Xia came back, he saw that Father Zhao Hongsun’s face was not very good.
And the old man also some nai and embarrassed.
Pang Xia, frowning slightly, asked, "What’s going on? What happened?"
Zhao Hongkou said when he heard Pang Xia, "Master Phoenix Ji’s family doesn’t allow us to go to Qishan to find the emperor’s heavenly sword."
Although I don’t know the specific reason, I probably can’t get away from the overlord Xiang family
I just saw a young man with purple hair watching us in the village.
Purple hair can also appear in Fenghuang Jijia Village, and there will probably be a overlord family. "
Touched the PangXia said slowly, "so the phoenix family is still on the overlord’s side.
So let’s leave now and find another way. It’s really no good. I’ll lend you the nine-yuan fairy sword.
Although the nine-yuan fairy sword is not like the emperor’s heavenly sword, it can cooperate with the emperor
But after all, it’s a magic weapon of the level of the universe, which can let you borrow the sword against Xiang Yu’s nine deep and remote mines! "
Say BiPangXia and others face very bad turned to prepare to leave.
But at this moment, a soft waxy waxy children suddenly rang.
"Big brother, wait a minute!"
Chapter 66 Entering her home village
Turned to Pang Xia and looked at the little girl who ran over and held out her hand to hold the little girl who ran too fast.
"How can you run so fast? If you accidentally fall down, wouldn’t it make your parents feel bad?"
The little girl listened to Pang Xia’s words, hey hey smiled and grandma said, "Big brother?"
I’ve been practicing martial arts for two years, and I’m not a little girl who can fall. "
Looked at his front little girl PangXia squatted down to stretch out his hand and rubbed her head.
"Tell me if there’s anything I want to eat after eating the chicken leg?"
The little girl shook her head and said with a smile, "Big Brother, my dad wants to thank you for letting you go to the village."
PangXia heard this slightly one leng immediately laughed "your dad? Who is your dad? "
Listening to Pang Xia, the little girl once again said, "My name is Ji Lingyun and my father is Ji Yunlan."
Nai smiled and Pang Xia simply stopped asking the little girl Ji Lingyun what her father said.
For a girl with a crystal heart of * * years old, her father’s name is the answer to Pang Xia’s question just now.
"Well, since Lingyun’s dad wants to see me, take me quickly."
Hear PangXia promised to go to see his dad JiLingYun immediately gave a ringing smile.
Then she took Pang Xia and ran towards the village.
Before entering, Pang Xia turned his head and winked at Zhao Hong and Sun Gonggong, asking them to wait for themselves at the village entrance.
Obviously, Zhao Hongsun’s father-in-law knows very well that Pang Xia’s entry into the village is undoubtedly a turning point for them.
So the two of them didn’t say much about waiting for Pang Xia to return at the village entrance according to Pang Xia’s meaning.
Pang Xia, an old man who guarded the entrance of the village, knew that he was not a weak master when he saw him.
But it is such a phoenix master Ji Jia who looks at little Ji Lingyun and his eyes are nothing but spoil.