After that, the leader took two steps back and gave a gift: "The shopkeeper is a guest from afar. I shouldn’t do more to stay here, but the brothers should also have a mouth to eat. I wonder if the shopkeeper will give this noodles."

Lei Yuan-jian didn’t want to know that the other side was handing over. If he won, it would be natural to say that if he lost, it wouldn’t be a fierce battle.
So LeiYuan held the leader’s hands in the first two steps, saying, "Take charge must fold our trumpet like this."
See LeiYuan that leader two people four hands to catch together, but the leader finally calm hands posture unchanged, but LeiYuan facial tension is obviously worse than LeiYuan drink a sight that looks like the leader still posture unchanged, and LeiYuan suddenly bounced and outstanding trip to hand to see this have clenched hands guy ready to protect the dart and Zhang Pingze when LeiYuan was ejected, an ape jumped behind LeiYuan and caught LeiYuan with one hand.
Seeing this, the leader gave a salute and said, "I don’t know which Taoist priest is here. Please forgive me."
Zhang Ping did not reciprocate, but simply replied, "Mount Tai sent heaven."
The leader then said, "I’ve heard a lot about the famous Taishan Sect. I don’t know how many times the Taoist priest has offended me. Can you forgive him?" The gesture of handing over is still the same.
When Zhang Ping saw this, he went forward and transported fifty percent of the money away from the tactic to his hands. When he saw the student’s hands, he immediately divided them. Zhang Ping immediately stepped back and said, "When you are in charge, you are all friends."
The leader said, "Sure enough, the hero invited the teenager." Then he turned and picked up a stick, picked up the thorns and shouted "Join me". After that, there were more than forty or fifty people in the Woods on both sides.
Then LeiYuan fuels and says, "Do you have anything to take with you? I’ll go to Longquan, Zhejiang and come back in about twenty days."
The leader waved his hand and said, "It’s hard for you not to take charge of the class."
Subsequently, a group of people from Fuwei Escort Agency and Zhang Ping successfully passed this mountain road.
Not far from this mountain road, everyone came to an inn for dinner. At dinner, Lei got up with a cup of tea at the far end and said to Zhang Ping, "Today, everyone can be healthy and retreat from darts. We can’t drink on the way. Today, we all have a cup of tea instead of wine."
Then all the people applauded and took the cup to Zhang Ping. Seeing this, they also took the cup and stood up and said, "You Liao Zan guys have worked hard all the way to propose this cup of tea to you." Zhang Ping said that all the people would gulp the tea.
After eating enough, everyone rested for one night and went on their way the next morning.
Since repelling the leader, everyone realized that Zhang Ping’s martial arts were profound, so he took the opportunity to ask Zhang Ping for martial arts all the way from Leiyuan to ordinary people. Zhang Pingren did not refuse to give them some advice on the direction of practicing martial arts, but he was still very generous.
Leiyuan’s proximity to the water tower is naturally a great gain. Zhang Ping spent most of the past ten days instructing Leiyuan. When Leiyuan was young, he studied some Mao Zuquan and * * knives in the local martial arts. Later, he joined Fuwei Escort Agency and learned a set of * * methods and many miscellaneous martial arts from his own escort agency master. He also learned Fuwei Escort Agency’s escort leader staple goods after ten years of practice, which is somewhat poor.
According to Leiyuan’s situation, Zhang Ping suggested that he specialize in the knife method and focus on practicing the knife method after splitting two strokes. The number of strokes is also seven points, and the strength is the same when defending the knife. The seven-component force is reserved for the three-component force. Zhang Ping also came up with a knife practice method for him, that is, splitting the horse with one knife and returning the knife reversely.
After the meeting, Zhang Pingfuwei Escort Agency arrived safely in Zhejiang Longquan Fuwei Escort Agency. After they handed in the escort, they had a good drink at the local inn and rested for a day. The next day, all the troops except Lei Yuan returned to Zhejiang semicolon, and Lei Yuan warmly invited Zhang Ping to go to Fuzhou after finding the sword.
So after all the people said goodbye to each other, Zhang Ping set foot on the journey to the valley of casting swords. Longquan was named after the sword! Located on the border of Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, it is known as "Ouwu enters the thoroughfare of Fujian" and "the throat of business travel on the main road of Yima", which is called "the mountains and rivers are criss-crossing! Longquan sword was founded in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Its four characteristics, namely, toughness, sharpness, cold light and skillful ornamentation, made it famous among the swords.
Zhang Pingceng heard that two years ago, Yue Buqun, the head of Huashan Sect, got a "clear water sword" in Longquan, Zhejiang Province, which is a sharp weapon to cut gold and iron, but Zhang Pingceng came here mainly to build two long swords according to his own wishes.
After Zhang Ping arrived in the Valley of Casting Sword, he first inquired about the price of the sword, the price of the sword casting material by a famous sword casting master, and so on. At night, Zhang Ping went out of his body to listen around, and after three or four days, Zhang Ping got a general understanding of the Valley of Casting Sword.
After selecting the target, Zhang Ping left the inn early in the morning and walked to the depths of the valley of casting swords. He crossed the famous spring of casting swords in the valley of casting swords and walked along the stream for less than a mile before he saw a row of huts.
Zhang Ping hurried to the hut and saw that the hut was surrounded by a fence. In the yard, rows of materials were neatly placed, and several fine strong men were drawing water by a well. The smoke in the flue of each hut was rolling while the iron was hot, and it was very lively.
Seeing this scene, Zhang Ping’s hope of getting a good sword for himself can’t help but increase a few minutes, so he quickly walked to the first hut, thanking everyone for the 100 recommended votes, which made the low-key today’s inspiration greatly increased. Thank you all.
Chapter 34 The sword enters Fujian
Entering the first hut, a young man who looked very clever greeted him and said, "I wonder how the Taoist priest wants to choose a sword. The small shop has been casting swords in Longquan for more than 300 years. I wonder if the Taoist priest needs me to recommend some."
"Well, I recommend several epees and rapiers. They must be strong," Zhang Ping replied after listening to the young man’s words.
After listening to this, the young man then said, "Okay, Taoist, please come with me." Then he turned to guide Zhang Ping.
Zhang Ping followed him out of the hut and came to a bamboo house in the backyard. The young man knocked on the door and welcomed Zhang Ping in.
Walking into the bamboo house, I saw a sword stand neatly placed in the room. Each sword stand was placed with more than ten swords of various colors. Zhang Ping saw that the sword was full of light and knew that it was a rare sword here.
The young man picked up a long sword and said to Zhang Ping, "Dao Chang, this sword is three dimensions long and weighs two pounds. San Qian takes the best refined iron and bronze. fine steel is the heaviest sword here, and it is even more powerful with some strong swordsmanship." After that, he picked up another short sword and said, "Look at this thin sword, which is three feet one inch long and weighs three pounds. The best refined iron and fine steel are the lightest swords here. How about these two swords?"
Zhang Ping took the two swords and examined them carefully. It was indeed the quality of the two swords, so he asked again, "What is the bearing capacity of these two swords? To tell you the truth, I must be able to withstand strong indoctrination this time. "
Looking at Zhang Ping’s age, the young man thought that Zhang Ping’s strength was not much higher, so he said, "Taoist priest, even if you try the perfusion force, if there is any damage, your own shop will bear the loss."
When Zhang Ping saw the other side say so, he said a "good" and then picked up the epee handle, instilling a sword with extreme yang to detain the buzzing. As Zhang Pingli constantly instilled a sword, the buzzing became louder and louder, and the tone became louder and louder. It didn’t take long for Zhang Ping to suddenly withdraw his power. He assured that there seemed to be a tiny crack in the center of the epee blade. Zhang Ping said, "I’m sorry about this sword or not." The young man seemed to be shocked by the scene before him and didn’t speak for a long time.