"What do you want to do? The summon monsters seem to have strong offensive and defensive ability, but does Su Sheng Aberg Tusk want to reverse this? " Kemsa calmly looked at Malik across the street. "Or have you given up on yourself because you won by law?"

"It’s a pity that I’m not weak enough! Then I’m going to start the dragon with the moon shadow wing, and finally the special effect will sacrifice this monster, and I can keep drawing cards from the deck! If you draw a monster card, you will throw it into the cemetery. If you draw a monster card, you will stop drawing cards! " Said Malik coherent draw card "draw card! Throw the nightmare iron sill into the cemetery! Draw the card! Throw the torture wheel into the cemetery! Draw the card! Throw’ Sorcerer’s Stone Mining’ into the graveyard! Draw a card! "
When the fourth card was drawn, Malik stopped and followed him with a smile and slowly raised the card in his hand. "Sorry, uncle! In this duel, it seems that the lucky god is on my side in the end! "
"What? ! That … that card is …! " Almost everyone was shocked to see the gold card in Malik’s hand. Even the hippocampus was so surprised that his eyes were wide open and the metal box in his hand fell to the ground.
"I will mirror slime, slime dragon and the guardian Sphinx offering. Come on, the enemy magic god beast, the sun god wing dragon (attack? ? ? ? , defense? ? ? ? )! !”
In the dazzling light, the huge golden-winged dragon descended from the sky. The amazing courage and momentum are not comparable to those of the Asian-god-class Su Sheng Magic Warrior and the Moon-winged Dragon!
"The attack and defense value of Sun Shenyi Shenlong is determined by the attack and defense sum of the three-body sacrifice, which means that Sun Shenyi Shenlong’s attack power and defense power are now 5 points, which completely beats your false god!" Malik reached out and pointed to the opposite Kemsa. "Just now, you were sure that you would kill me. Now I will break your confidence to you!"
"Damn, I didn’t expect that there would be a true illusion in the other hand!" Kemsa clenched his teeth. "My people, our glorious heritage … I want to protect everything. I … I can’t fall here yet!" Even if you call now, it’s just to knock down the Su Sheng Magic and give me 1 point of damage! If you give me another round, I will have the possibility of coming back to life with the help of the deck! "
"Then I’m sorry I’ll let your little possibility disappear!" Malik held up the second card in his hand. "I launched the magic’ mysterious Chinese pot’ to send the Sun God winged dragon to the cemetery and add its attack power to my health!" In the stunned face of everyone, the sun god roared and the fragments disappeared on the table, while Malik’s health value rose from 22.1 to 100, which was twice as high as when he was just playing!
"This … what does this guy want …" Joanna muttered, "What’s wrong with destroying the magic beast yourself …"
"No, on the contrary," Dragon son shook his head seriously. "The real fear of the sun god will only be reflected now. If I guess correctly, the last card in that guy’s hand should be …"
"I launched the last magic from the hand’ the dead Su Sheng’ resurrection sun wing dragon! !” Malik held up the card in his hand and declared that God would finally punish him. "Wake up, immortal bird!"
A shrill whistling dragon emerged from the ground with huge wings and burned in the middle. The huge firebird looked down at the small opponent opposite.
"I started the special effect of the Sun God Winged Dragon. When this card was resurrected by the’ dead Su Sheng’, I left a little of my life value and added it to the attack power of the Winged Dragon to attack the opponent!" As Malik shouted that his health quickly dropped to one point, but the attack power of Winged Dragon soared to 7999 points, "Now I, Phoenix Winged Dragon, launched an attack on Aberg, Su Sheng and burned everything!"
"Stop it!" On one side, Kisha suddenly screamed, "Don’t beat Kemsa, he is the only hope in his family!"
"Ji Sha, calm down!" Dragon’s son held Joanna’s back with one hand and Jisha’s shoulder with the other. "I don’t want to see this happen either, but duels are cruel and it is impossible to have two beautiful endings every time …"
"No … I don’t believe it …" Ji Sha fell to his knees in tears. "… Kemsa is not a bad person … I don’t want him to die …"
"ooh!" When the Phoenix Winged Dragon passed in front of Skkemsa in Aberg, Su Sheng, Kemsa, a giant soldier, flashed powder, and also gave a painful roar. His health value returned instantly due to the powerful penetration effect, which laid his defeat.
"I … I’m not willing to … our family heritage …" Kemsa’s fossilized body slowly extended from her abdomen in a dreamy groan. "… Long Erjun … I … I can’t …"
"Don’t worry …" Dragon son lamented and closed his eyes. "I promise that Lord Puta will keep his promise to protect your family heritage for you …"
"Xie … Xie …" In the intermittent sound, the black fog around everyone slowly dispersed across Marek, and there was no longer a monster. The rest was a gray humanoid stone statue.
"Kemsa …" Joanna also closed her eyes sadly, and tears trickled from the corner of her eyes. "It’s a promise to turn yourself into this … you are bitter …"
"What … what is this?" Long Er’s sad attitude puzzled everyone, especially Malik. Although he just won, he didn’t win at all. The happy atmosphere made him depressed. What happened to you all? Why are you all sad when I won? Did I do something wrong?
Kemsa is an Inca warrior in South America. His family has been guarding the ancient Inca ruins for generations, which is the proudest legacy left by their ancestors. But the times are advancing, and technology will extend its magic hand to all possible places. Not long ago, the quiet life of Kemsa and his people was broken. A group of French and Japanese invaders came to the Inca ruins under the slogan of transforming the rainforest and establishing a paradise, and forced to demolish the most precious property of the Inca people. This Kemsa people had a fierce conflict with them.
Guiping was taken aback and hesitated to look at the hippocampus. "Brother, he said it seems to be …" Hippocampus was livid with his arms around his chest. "Royal Dragon Son, who did you make it clear who was the French invaders? !”
"No! Are those people … "The game and others looked at one side in surprise, and the angry Haima brothers couldn’t believe it was written by Haima, while Dragon slowly nodded and continued to talk." Yes, those people were the Haima consortium sent to South America to build a South American branch of Haima Park. The strength of the Haima consortium was just that the Inca people naturally resisted by law. Just as those people were ready to start construction at the ruins, Lord Puta rushed to move his strength to drive the Haima consortium out of the land, and then Lord Puta gave the Millennium feathers to Kemsa and said to him,’ If you want to get protection,
"No wonder the construction team I sent to South America lost contact. It turned out that your boss was playing tricks." Haima snorted and his face became more ugly, while Guiping argued, "No! You’re wrong! My brother is going to protect that relic into Hippocampus. Reagan didn’t mean to tear it down! This is a misunderstanding. You must have misunderstood! "
"Although I really want to believe that you used to be partners, but …" Dragon turned to look at Kemsa and finally gritted his teeth and said, "… I can’t do this now …"
"for those who are now in charge of the Haima consortium, they have nothing to believe in words and deeds!" Ji Sha dried her tears and turned around. "Kemsa’s sacrifice gave me another reason to beat you! Just go straight ahead and wait for death in my duel, Seto Kaiba! "
"What exactly are you and Kozaburo, and why are you chasing me?" Haima looked at Jisha in a low voice and asked a strange question. Every time Haima touched Jisha, it was like tofu touching the brine root, but he couldn’t look down. He never said too much to Jisha. Special behavior to see Haima and this strange blue-haired girl must be hiding something.
"You don’t have to ask about this. Just remember that I am taking revenge for you instead of just Saburo!" Ji Sha glared at Haima and blocked his words hard. Haima froze on the spot and couldn’t say anything. He could watch Ji Sha go to Kemsa and reach for a thousand-year-old feather embedded in the rock.
"Let’s go!" After a short silence, Long Er took the lead in making a speech. "Now that you have won, it is no good for us to stay here any longer. Come with us to the tower for a round of trial."
"Wait, before that, there’s something I want to ask." Malik leaned over and picked up the Millennium scale and walked slowly to Dragon. "What’s the purpose of your Millennium evil instrument to continuously absorb the soul of the strongest fighter? What is the origin of the demon Hualuda and the man named Puta that you have talked about before? "
"We ask you what you want to know when you get to the’ last room’." Dragon son turned around and carried Joanna to the stone steps. Ji Sha quickly reached out and held the dragon son. "When Yi Long wants you to carry Anna all the time, it’s too hard for you to route me behind …"
"No, I’m a man, of course, I’m a little tired." Dragon son smiled confidently at Jisha. "You’d better keep up your spirits and wait for a good fight against Seto Kaiba."
"But … but …" It’s a little sad to see Dragon’s son sweating profusely. Joanna is also uneasy and struggling to get back from Dragon’s son. "Dragon’s son let me go … I can go by myself …"
"Stop fooling around. Half my soul is gone. Do you still have the strength to walk?" Dragon’s hands clung to Joanna for fear that a mistake would drop her to the ground. "I want to make sure you won’t get hurt again before I see Lord Puta!" Otherwise, how can I tell him … "
"You guys don’t think about how to hurry or stop here." Lengao sounded a figure from the jungle and long weeds strode out of the Woods. "No matter the Millennium artifact holder or the Millennium evil device holder, stop here and no one is allowed to go again! If you don’t want to be punished by my uncle A Blade, you must listen to me! "
A list of DIY card tables
Malik (slime+Wangjia Dark Demon Card Group)
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
The effect of this card must be that no monster has been summoned before the card in the stage before it can be started. After the card is started, you can choose a card from the other graveyard to join the card.
The deceased calls back the magic card. After this card is activated, the integrated monster can be specially called to his own field from the exclusion zone.
Kemsa (Inca Stone Fighter Card Group)
Aberg, Su Sheng (rock group, ten stars, geological attributes, attack? ? ? ? , defense? ? ? ? ) Effect Monster This card can’t be summoned normally. Only when the giant soldier’s left hand, the patron saint’s left hand, the attacking god’s right hand, the surpassing god’s left foot and the swift god’s right foot are all on the table can these five cards be removed from the game, can the card base be specially summoned from the card deck or the hand card. In the exclusion zone, the attack power and defense power of this card will increase by 1 point for each integrated monster. When the card is in the field, all magic, trap cards and monster effects against it will be effective, but in case of monsters with the same "effective" effect.
Chapter 16 Mr Knight game! Renmali
"What are you from? What force commands us? " Haima rudely said, "If you want to find a madhouse, I’m sorry it hasn’t been built here yet, but when I return to Haima consortium, someone will make it up here. You can go crazy somewhere else first and don’t interfere with us."
"What a big breath, Seto Kaiba." Blade walked up to everyone with a smile. "But what will happen if I insist that you leave a message?"
"Go crazy …" Hippocampus pie pie turned and followed Dragon’s son to walk the stone stairs, while others left and right to see if I should keep it or leave the blade in the tower with Dragon’s son and Hippocampus.
"I said you can go, Seto Kaiba? !” Blade was annoyed. With a wave of his hand, two sharp daggers were nailed to the dragon’s son and hippocampus. If they walked faster, I’m afraid even their toes would be cut off.
"What are you doing this guy? Very dangerous! " Scared by a dagger suddenly shot at the foot, Dragon Son roared at the blade in shock, "We’ll drive us out. What are you doing?"! What do you want to have a hard time with us! "
"Ha ha, I don’t want you to realize your plan so quickly, just fiend servants." I don’t know when there are two more daggers in Blade’s hand. The glittering cold light makes the game and others’ scalp tingle. "I want you to stay here and wait for a while until my boss arrives and everything will be …"
"You hurry up! I’ll deal with this guy!" Malik’s body suddenly moved and stopped at the blade, and all the people raised the Millennium scale in his hand. At the same time, black smoke surged from all sides, and he wrapped himself and the blade together and disappeared in an instant.
"Dark game …" Guiping cried out in surprise. "Does Marek want to fight him hard?"
"… let’s go" Haima was silent for a moment and then stepped forward to the stone steps. "Marek knows that there is no room for him to intervene in the duel, so he will choose life. When we strive for preciousness, we must not let him down and get back what belongs to us quickly."
"But but Malik …!" The game is still hesitating whether to leave here, but it has already firmly grasped his wrist, so he walked quickly to the stone steps while dragging the game with his back dancing.
"Don’t delay the game here! If we hesitate any more, Marek’s sacrifice will become meaningless! "
"Let go of the city! I don’t want to … "The game desperately resisted the pull of the city, but when he saw a little water drop flying from the corner of the city, he stopped resisting …
In the dark fog, Malik is holding the Millennium scale and slowly moving his body while leaning over to prepare for the attack. Although he knows that he may not be able to trap this person for too long, it will reduce their threat if he can let them enter the stone tower smoothly.
"Oh, the dark game is interesting." Blade looked around at the dark fog with a sneer. The dagger in his hand still shone faintly. "But this little guy can’t stop me, Uncle Blade."
"Fight me, Blade." Malik tried to slow down his rapid heartbeat and then raised the duel plate against the front blade. "If you can beat me, I will let you chase them. If you lose, I will take away your soul in a thousand years, and you will hinder our price! "
"Interesting. I’ve never seen a guy dare to talk to me like this in my whole life." Blade sneered at a dagger and threw it on the ground and walked towards Marek. He conveniently took out the deck from his arms and handed it to him. "Well, look at the little guy, if you challenge me so sincerely, I’ll fight! Come and shuffle the cards. "
"… where’s your duel plate?" After cutting, washing and exchanging the deck, Malik was surprised to see that Blade returned to his position with the deck without wearing a duel disc.
"Hum, don’t worry. Let me show you my duel now!" Blade sneer at a left hand sleeve suddenly stretched out a slender stick and then spread out at the top like a sickle blade. The duel disc automatically whirled to the wrist side of the blade, flashing cold light.
"This … this duel plate …" Malik couldn’t help shivering when he saw such a strange duel plate for the first time.