At the end of the section, a pike with a flashing cold light spear head was originally one pole and more than one person high.

This changes two short spears, but it makes up for the shortcoming that the pike changes inflexibly after being melee.
Two spears are like two poisonous snakes and fangs in the hands of Longxiang in Room B, and the moves are very strange and sharp.
This made Pang Xia adapt to the root method for a while and even lost.
"Good marksmanship is not the kui is to be able to become a monarch who guards the strong.
If this marksmanship is put in the rivers and lakes of the Central Plains, it will become famous. "
Although it seems to be losing ground, Pang Xia is still able to speak, which is obviously not as failure as it seems.
The room b longxiang nature also know this.
When Pang Xia’s voice fell behind, his hand speed accelerated again.
And at the same time, I said, "Although I am not as prosperous as the Central Plains, the Wulin in the Liao Dynasty is not as prosperous as the Central Plains."
I am deeply gratified that nothing happens that easily kills people like your Central Plains.
I got my marksmanship when I was traveling in the Central Plains when I was young.
That’s an old man with poison wounds. His sect was poisoned.
Before he died, he gave me the Yin and Yang Gun of his sect unique martial arts.
With this, I successfully reached the master’s realm and became a close bodyguard.
Speaking of which, I still want to thank you Zhongyuan people for giving me this opportunity! "
Pang Xia nodded slightly and suddenly said, "So that’s it. I really consume too much in the Central Plains Wulin."
However, since I lost my martial arts skills in the Central Plains abroad, I was also used against my Central Plains people.
Then I’m trying to get this school back! "
A sharp edge loomed in Bi Pangxia’s eyes.
Then Pang Xia changed his previous decline, and the strength of his sword was terrible.
"I’ve seen your marksmanship just now, and now I’ll show you my swordsmanship!"
It is said that Pang Xia’s hand slaughtered the magic punishment knife and crossed an arc. The bloody knife gas poured out from Pang Xia’s fingers.
These bloody knife gas entangled in the blade with a wave of Pang Xia’s hand hit a huge blood wave!
Blood waves flooded in Room B, and Longxiang’s face changed slightly, and his hands clasped the spear and suddenly joined together.
Then pike rapid vibration in the "buzz" stab in front of the blood wave.
Due to the vibration of the pike, the blood wave quickly disappeared after it was pierced into the center of the position.
But at this time, Pang Xia’s sword has changed from bloody to dark.
In absolute black knife gas pestering PangXia a knife to cut in room B Longxiang pike.
Then the right hand nine yuan xianjian with Wan Jun juli blade was patted on the back of the knife.
Hear "click" a room b Long Xiang hand pike in two and a half.
He grabbed two long guns and found that the tail section had been damaged.
From this, Longxiang in Room B looks a little ugly.
However, the pride of a master makes other methods retreat.
Throw the half pike aside and watch PangXia cautiously with one hand holding the spear.
"I just said I want to get our Central Plains martial arts back from you.
This pike is coming. I want your arms! "
After saying this, Pang Xia rushed to the sword and attacked Long Xiang in Room B with a spear.
There’s only one spear left. Room B’s Longxiang marksmanship shows less than 60%.
The combat power is greatly reduced. In the face of getting serious, Pang Xia’s room Longxiang has no chance of winning.
At the same time, Yeluhongji looked at Longxiang in Room B, which he had high hopes for, and gradually fell into the wind.
Than watching you die at Pang Xia’s hand.
Frowning slightly and confident, Yeluhongji finally felt a faint threat.
After thinking about it, Yeluhongji is ready to retreat and stop pretending to return to the army defense.
However, how can Pang Xia really let Yeluhongji retreat?