It seems that as Bliss said, all the really tough monsters here were taken away by the higher demon Fakdahn, and some of them were destroyed or taken away by those birds and angels. Now they are all small shrimps, although they are stronger than those monsters outside, but the devastating blow of those who changed jobs over level 30 was quickly wiped out.

Especially mages, javelin, Amazon and assassins, they are different from necromancers, and their fifth-order skills are their strongest fighting skills. Their peak fighting capacity is after the 30 th level, and the necromancer’s fighting capacity base has been completed in the fourth level, followed by upgrading and then gradually becoming stronger.
At level 30, the mage has the fire, the nine-headed sea snake, the ice and the frozen ball, and more importantly, the 30-level domination of fire and cold can make the mage’s attack power reach its peak. This is when the 24-level method reaches the same level. After level 30, the assassin gets the shadow master to gather gas and attack the phoenix, and the dead guard this powerful trap. Druids also have grizzly bears and destroy heaven and earth.
But the necromancer is different. Chufei learns at most one resurrection skill point at level 30, and other skill points should be added to summon these basic skills. After all, skeleton recovery and domination are the most important skills. Cursing aging is enough. Toxins and bones can’t come up with so many skill points. At most, it is to find some equipment with different skills.
Although there are six 30-level necromancers, it is very easy to destroy these monsters. At this time, there is no need for Chu Fei to be single-handedly. Without the four auras, Chu Fei’s ability to summon things by hand is not necessarily stronger than that of the 30-level necromancer. Simply enjoy these senior job-changers and perform well. This kind of performance is rare.
In the definition of Chufei, these people can be explained to level 30, but how many levels have these people reached? This really makes people estimate that Penny was assassinated by Chufei at the claw viper temple. Later, she learned that her level was level 35. The main reason why Penny was dazzling was that she changed her job at the age of 16 and broke through level 30 at the age of 29. Of course, this has nothing to do with her lack of equipment, medicine and good guidance since she was a child, but she was able to break through level 30 in thirteen years. Then this woman continued her brilliant thirty.
Level 30 is the bottleneck of job-changers. It is said that after breaking through this level, job-changers will be able to bring their physical attributes and skills, which are all integrated completely, just like the transition from a steam engine to a gasoline engine, which consumes less energy but can generate several times. There is a great difference between the job-changers at level 30 and the job-changers at level 29 because Chufei has not reached level 30, and the difference is like a generation in the desert, even if he describes the snow to him, he can’t understand this kind of thing.
Even if it’s not white, it can be speculated that Chufei rose from Rogge camp, because he had a halo as soon as he got it. This advantage is really huge, which is comparable to even a person like Lan Ruosi who got extremely equipped as soon as he got it. Evil aura and durable aura can add movement speed as soon as he gets it. It takes others half a day to walk, because speeding up is not only speeding up, but also saving physical strength and making action more. At the same time, the evil aura can restore the owner’s life, and the durable aura also has the effect of accelerating the attack rate. Therefore, the skeleton warrior Xiao Gu No.1, who was first summoned by himself, can keep alive and constantly kill monsters, and finally kill the body and get angry, completing the evolution.
Blood-sucking aura allows summoners to return to life without worrying about life problems and causing damage to monsters. Once summoners die, other necromancers have to summon them again, which not only consumes mana, but also makes it worse when the waves are on, so there is no chance to create a mutant skeleton. You know, a mutant skeleton is three or four times stronger than a normal skeleton, but the gap is quite large. Finally, it is a split aura. This aura allows summoners to have the ability of group injury, not only to recover life from injuries, but also to increase the speed of fighting monsters by nearly one time.
From the very beginning, I have been constantly beating monsters because of the ultra-fast moving speed and the ultra-fast killing speed. This advantage has created Chufei’s ultra-fast upgrade speed. Since Penny can upgrade her speed in four years and five grades, she should be able to do it faster than her. After thirty grades, she will have a century-old youth. It will take only twenty years to rise to fifty grades at this speed, but it will be a bottleneck of fifty grades again.
"ChuFei what are you thinking? The monsters here have almost been cleared, and Lan Ruosi is almost coming. What shall we do next? " Beatrice will still be under consideration. Chufei woke up and asked him
"What to do? After Lan Ruosi comes, the two sides will divide their own territory and then operate their own businesses. At most, you will support Lan Ruosi to fulfill his promise. What is the consideration? " Chufei is puzzled. It’s just a show of his prestige and victory. It’s good to get this territory yourself
"It’s easy to get the territory, of course, but what about the population? The higher demon Fakdahn, but let’s try to raise human beings. This is a monster habitat, and there is a human habitation. If there is not an isolated magic circle over there, these monsters would have eaten up those people. Now the problem is that we need people to build a territory. Are we going to divide some of those people or recruit them again? If we don’t give out Blue Rose, I’m afraid we won’t be given it," explained Bilaise.
"Oh, so that’s it. Forget it. Let’s get the territory first, and then the poor people will follow Lan Ruosi. We haven’t finalized the candidates for managing this land yet. Those poor people will not settle down for the time being even if they follow us." Chufei sighed in his heart that Beatrice is a rookie who knows nothing. I didn’t think of this question until now. Should I prepare a plan to resettle these people as soon as possible? But I’m embarrassed to teach Beatrice a lesson because I didn’t think of these problems myself.
Find an expert in this field, cousin Bliss, the strong woman who has established a territory by herself. Anyway, it’s not so difficult. First of all, although the environment here looks a little bad now, it’s better to clean it up than that pure desert. After all, the higher demons don’t like the desert here, and it’s more suitable for living. Although they have got a third of it, it’s nearly twice as big as her piece. The income here should be much better than hers. Fei has absolutely no time and no capacity-building territory, and this territory is, after all, the common property of him and Beatrice. He is also worried about the greed of the Beatrice family and the idiots who intervene, so it is better to invite that one.
"Look at somebody else’s Bilaise, you’d better upgrade with me honestly. This gap is not easy to make up." Chufei pointed to the front and sighed with emotion to Bilaise. Just in front of several job-changers, a large number of magic scrolls were displayed. These magic scrolls were combined with some magic pillars to form a temporary magic array. At this moment, people and things are constantly appearing from the array, and all kinds of craftsmen and materials are available. This is the real posture of building territory. Look at yourself. This side is also to receive territory, but there are only two army of one!
"Boo hoo, I can’t blame my thoughtlessness this time, mainly because this territory belongs to our two families. It’s no wonder that those people can’t get natural help!" Bilise’s mouth is not angry, but she also admits that she is indeed a householder in this respect. Compared with Lan Ruosi, she can adjust so many things at once, but she can’t finish it herself.
When two people sigh with emotion, Lan Ruosi appeared in the magic circle. This guy was wearing a gorgeous aristocratic headdress and a crown, surrounded by many people. When he came here, Lan Ruosi looked around and came to Chufei. Many others who followed him were ordinary people who should be responsible for managing various populations. Professionals in construction and other fields have now dispersed to do their own things. Following him is the person who changed jobs and the elite of his hands. "Congratulations, you have a piece of territory that belongs to you completely, so you are willing to lose the bet. From today, Cousin Beatrice will help me. Of course, I will not force Cousin Beatrice to make a definite statement." Lanruosi smiled.
The third chapter 51 Once the bandit leader
After the generals received it, when all the documents symbolizing the territory appeared, representing the three variant skeletons of Chufei’s family coat of arms, Chufei immediately returned to Luguoyin Bilaise through Lan Ruosi. Although she was very reluctant, after all, she had promised Lan Ruosi and several senior job changers who came back this time were mostly her acquaintances. After all, she also refused Bilaise. Although she refused, Chufei could stay here and watch Lan Ruosi’s smelly face when she didn’t want to wave at all.
I have to admit that this temporary magic circle has the same effect as the magic circle. Although it is going back and forth between Lugaoin and that territory, it can transport a lot of materials. It seems that these three-claw Golden Eagle Sun want to use this opportunity to create a strong territory and then take advantage of this situation to counterattack Jayhein. But it’s so easy. Jayhein, the old guy, knew at a glance that it was not easy to deal with, especially because Jayhein didn’t break through the 50-level job change. Although he has a hundred years of youth, he is a blue jade. Grandfather Les has now entered an aging period. How can he abdicate easily at such a time? He will definitely occupy himself to death. After all, that guy’s grandson has few mature guys.
In a moment, Chufei walked out of the escort, and two guards escorted the escort to hire marines to salute him and say hello, so that he could not help but feel the beauty of his ordinary life. Take this opportunity to live well in Lugaoin for two days, and then he went into battle again after he was bored with this ordinary life. Well, this is the latest goal at present.
"Adult, let’s split up. We’re going to buy some ingredients. It’s almost time for dinner. We should buy them later now, so we won’t be able to buy anything." Monroe suddenly woke up. It’s almost time for dinner. Because people who change jobs often leave home for a few months, food in their homes is generally not easy to go bad because of too long, especially in this hot climate.
"Forget it, don’t go to buy ingredients. It’s also very hard to come to you two. Let’s go to the Atma Hotel for one night today. Every time I go home and see you cleaning the room, I don’t feel too * * Tonight, we live there. It’s early. You can go back and clean the room." Chufei wanted to think and made a decision. After all, it will be months before leaving. Of course, there will be dust in the house. When I get back, the two sisters will have to clean the room and have a rest.
"It’s very generous of the host, but when we can have our own manor, it would be great to build a palace and plant all kinds of things outside." Heehee laughed.
"Adults already have their own territory, and they will soon be able to build their own palaces. Then they can really go back to Rogge camp and show off. We have not only entered Lugaoin, but also established a foundation here." Monroe also smiled silly.
Their two sisters lost their fathers when they were young. As a result, Lu Gao was forced to return to Rogge camp because his family business was not kept, and then he failed to successfully change his job to Amazon. He has always been very inferior in his heart and can redeem this original three-story building. Where would he have thought that it would reach this level now?
"By the way, since I got this territory, I can’t stop there. No matter I still need to call some people, I might as well call your mother here, and I don’t have to take part in the battle. I need to be responsible for supervision." Chufei warmed up and suddenly thought of Mrs. Schell, the mother of Hector and Monroe, who is also a delicate figure. This territory is impossible for her to consume in the face. * * * Although she is going to hire cousin Beatrice, it is also necessary to find one of her own to represent her attitude. Mrs. Schell, their mother, Hector and Monroe,
"Thank you, master (adult). Thank you so much. My mother’s dream for many years has been to return to Lugaoin, but she has never had the opportunity. Now adults have the qualification to recruit retainers, so they can recruit their mothers from Rogge camp. This is really great." The two sisters jumped up with their hands clasped and happy. The owner of Chufei territory has a title, so naturally their mothers can be recruited into Lugaoin. Otherwise, it is much harder to enter Lugaoin from Rogge camp here than it is for migrant workers to get into Beijing.
"Well, well, I’ll go and prepare to handle this matter in a few days. We’re still ready to eat now. My stomach is already growling. This kind of thing really means eating something delicious to make me feel happy. Let’s start right now." Chufei patted the heads of the two sisters and couldn’t help being happy.
"Good food? To be honest, there isn’t much surprising food in Atma!" Sound from the side to what people actually interest appeared in his side, although ChuFei closed the spirit network at the moment, but its own induction ability is still very outstanding, and it seems that it is not a very person to interest in his side!
A tall, burly, bald man smiled and stood beside ChuFei. His left eye was covered with an eye patch, and it seemed that he had lost his right foot wrapped in something similar to bandages. If this old guy was all bandaged, he would be similar to those immortal dead monsters. By the way, isn’t he ikiss? It’s a pity that the former innkeeper was acquired by Atma, and now it seems that he is doing business in selling some weapons and armor, as well as arrows and crossbows.
"Master, he is ikiss. We usually buy bows and arrows and crossbows from him. The special enchanted arrows damaged by the secondary additional elements are bought from him." He saw that Chufei hesitated and he didn’t know who this person was. He leaned in and woke up.
"It’s an honor for Mr. ikiss to meet you today. Thank you for taking care of their sisters. It’s really a shame to give you a 30% discount." Chufei smiled and held out his hand to ikiss, a man who didn’t know it before playing games. Later, he knew that this guy was a robber, but he didn’t know what to do, and then he went into business. But this guy is a bandit. Where can he run the business? As a result, he was bought by Atma. Now he is maintaining a small business. What is this guy doing to find himself?
"Where, where I just got some good dragon rhinoceros meat and brewed desert wine by myself, but these are all not available in Yatema Hotel. I happened to meet you today, so I have the cheek to invite you three. I don’t know if you are interested in it." ikiss said with a smile, it is after all that the robber’s head is juryman with Cyclops’s eye patch. This guy must have some ferocious plot, otherwise how could it be so good?
"In that case, I’ll bother Mr. ikiss." Chufei smiled indifferently. Although I don’t know what this guy is up to, I’m embarrassed to directly reject it. Speaking of which, Chufei is very interested in these NPCs in the original game. What’s worse, now they are all living people, and it’s also very interesting to understand their moving past. This ikiss is not a job-changer, but he is definitely not a civilian. It’s normal to think about it carefully. This guy used to gallop. In the desert, besides monsters, there are job-changers in the desert. If he had no strength, he would have been killed long ago. However, it is also a very surprising thing that he can openly do business in Lugaoin. In Chu Fei’s view, it is almost impossible to be a robber. Although it is possible to rob monsters, after all, monsters also explode money, but if they don’t rob humans, how can they be called robbers!
These thoughts keep circulating in ChuFei’s heart, but it’s not good after all. Ask him now. He can talk casually with the former robber head and follow him forward. Where did this guy get his strength? It seems to be very powerful, but it should be different from the power of the job-changer. Although it is sensed, it is also a way to explore clearly.
However, this man is not the kui who once spoke with a sense of desert heroism, and he knows the desert in great detail. Just saying some opinions can make Chufei feel something, and he can also hear it in a few words. He loves the desert and listens to it, but he is even more confused. Since he loves the desert so much, why are you doing business in Lugaoyin city? The specific strength of Chufei can’t be sensed, but this powerful ikiss should be able to continue to traverse the whole desert. According to the level, it is only 30 or so much higher. About 40? Every one of these cunning guys is not so easy to deal with. Come on, I want to take the opportunity to test him. In the dialogue, I always take the initiative to ensure that I am not trapped by him.
The third chapter 52 Treasure temptation
Dragon rhinoceros, this kind of thing, Chufei doesn’t know what monster or variation beast meat is. The color is a little light blue, which makes Chufei, who has always eaten bright red meat, a little afraid, but the aroma is very attractive, so he summoned up the courage to fork up a piece and put it in his mouth. Delicious! Chufei couldn’t help smoking the corner of his eye. It was so wonderful. It was more delicious than the top sirloin before. It was more fragrant and not greasy. It was real and delicious in the mouth. Chufei was a job changer and a job changer with a lot of money. He never mistreated himself in this Lugaoyin city. He tried any best food or wine, but now he immediately lowered his grade compared with this dragon rhinoceros meat.
This dragon rhinoceros flesh should be extremely delicious, but I didn’t expect it to be ikiss, who looks burly like a humanoid bear, to have such a superb cooking skill. This technique is three points worse than the best hotel chef in Lugaoin. Today, this dinner is really something that makes people feel happy. Chufei secretly fears that this man has come up with such a good thing to entertain himself. Is there any plot?
"Mr. Chufei actually has another way to make the meat more delicious. Do you know that is to freeze these meat slices first and then drop a few drops of boiling wine?" ikiss took out two thin pieces of dragon rhinoceros meat, then frozen the meat slices with a wave of his left hand, and then picked up the bottle with his right hand and dropped two drops of boiling wine. When he saw that the color of dragon rhinoceros meat changed, the smell of meat and wine was mixed. Chufei suddenly narrowed his eyes in his mouth with surprise and was more delicious than before.
"Mr. ikiss, your strength is amazing. What strength is this?" Even if it is folded by delicious wine, but ChuFei spirit is tough now, it is wishful thinking to confuse his mind by this temptation alone, and since he came to ikiss, he has been eating and drinking without talking about anything substantial. Seeing that this dinner is coming to an end, ChuFei asked directly.
"Are you curious about my strength? But speaking of it, a few people in Lugoin know the source of my strength, Sakaram belief. Do you know?" Ikiss asks.
"Sakaram Berserker and Sakaram Pastor, I know they are very powerful monsters, but they are located in the east of Kurast. What does this have to do with you?" Chufei asked curiously that he really knew the names of these monsters, but it sounded as if these monsters belonged to a certain religion and were later transformed into monsters in the hell camp by three fiends.
"Sakaram belief was established by archangel Yarris through Akara, and once occupied the whole of Kurast, where the integration of politics and religion was the most powerful force. However, although Akara was the founder, it was a pity that she was soon excluded. Because Sakaram religious leadership forced everyone to believe in Sakaram, those who did not believe in Sakaram would be tried. Those who disobeyed Sakaram would be tried because they had the dark side of their hearts!" Instead, ikiss introduced the religious belief of Sakaram.
"It’s unbelievable! If a human mind is pure and free, it is impossible! " Chu Fei was shocked when he heard this secret for the first time. These religious craziness are really amazing. If we judge people because they have a dark side of their hearts, I’m afraid there will be no human left in the whole world.
"Yes, those birds are no different from the hell guys. Later, these idiots were transformed into monsters by three demons after the invasion of hell.: Starting:: In the final analysis, they are already dark. This is because my strength comes from Sakaram. Although most Sakaram members have become monsters, some of them have escaped and broadcast their strength. Although they are from the arrogant angel Yarris, I have no respect for that bird man." ikiss is very disdainful to express his views. In fact, most of the people who have changed jobs in the whole world are angels
"So that’s it. I didn’t expect Akara to be Sakaram’s creation. It’s amazing." Chu Fei felt that there were other forces in this world besides job-changers. Looking back now, it seems that Akara’s power is really different from that of the mage, and it should be given the ability to heaven by the archangel.
"Now Sakaramaki is going extinct, although there are still many people who believe in it, but the method of gaining strength inside has disappeared for the most part. After all, God, those bird people are not perfect when they are not kind enough to give strength. It is not as easy as those who change jobs. After I galloped in the desert for more than ten years, I was captured by Gorez. Gorez is the leader of Lugaoyin’s hired spearmen. Alas, now every time I recall it, I feel very sad and really want to return to the desert." ikiss glanced at Chufei with emotion, which means, of course, you have to pick up this guy
"Now that you want to go back to the desert, you can go back. Now you are a member of the organization for changing jobs in Lugoin, and your life is also free and powerful. Why are you so upset when you are not in danger in the desert?" ChuFei sighed down ikiss words asked to go to the current situation to see this is also true.
"I don’t like being bound by nature. Being a free thief has always been my ideal life, but the reality is not the case. I was able to live in Lugaoin because I found a lot of important things here at the beginning. Because no one knows more about the history, treasures and power of the desert than I do, and no one else knows better than me what this is about. But I am being watched. Although it is not so strict in the past 30 years, I will be arrested as soon as I get out of Lugaoin! You can spare my pain now! " Ikiss clenched his fist and burst into tears in the corner of his eye. It was very funny in a place that looked like a bear and a man in Cyclops couldn’t help but feel nothing. Anyway, Chufei fought back his smile and devoted himself to barbecue.
"Mr. ikiss, I understand your pain very well, but if you invite me to eat such delicious food so that I can listen to your sad past, then you can tell it as much as you like tonight. I will listen carefully. Of course, I hope to have another dish of curry dragon rhinoceros meat rolls as a wine side dish in the process." Chufei laughed. Now is the highlight. What is the purpose of this ikiss?
"I need to be stronger. Although I know the whole desert like the back of my hand, I still have the ability to resist those who get in the way. I must be stronger and my eyes and right foot should be healed, otherwise I will escape by root!" Looking at ChuFei ikiss is sitting opposite ChuFei burning eyes.
"Hey, uncle, I don’t want to be watched by men like this, and I’m a real job changer. You should talk to me like this. Be careful. I’ll let the job changer association get you up. Then you won’t be as free as you are now, and maybe you’ll be put in jail. Aren’t you afraid?" Chufei chuckled to talk about the conditions. It is king to strive for the initiative. Since this guy dares to show himself so directly, he must be confident that he can impress himself. First of all, his attitude should be straightened out.
"No one knows more about this desert than I do. I know this desert so well that it is my secret. Of course, I can’t tell anyone, but you should know how many treasures I found by Lugao because of the Association of Job Changers, including the treasures before the invasion of ancient ruins and hell. Don’t despise me because of my age. I have been in this desert for tens of millions of years, and I know it." ikiss repeatedly stressed this point.