"Holy shit, it’s an invisible monster!" Lin Tianxiao cursed and showed his true colors. Anyway, it would be so troublesome to be invisible.

Lin Tianxiao, a soul fire operator, flew to take away the red moon spider’s excessive blood volume. At this moment, the red moon spider opened its mouth and spat at Lin Tianxiao.
"You received the venom of the red moon spider, which was highly toxic and paralyzed for three seconds."
"Holy shit!"
Lin Tianxie was frightened. Now he knows what to say that the red moon spider is everyone’s nightmare.
It’s not over yet. The red moon spider seems to be crazy and spits at Lin Tianxiao. You can spit as fast as you want.
Lin Tianxiao’s ear constantly heard the unified indication.
"You received the venom of the red moon spider, which was highly toxic and paralyzed for three seconds."
"You received the venom of the red moon spider, which was highly toxic and paralyzed for three seconds."
So that’s it!
Lin Tianxiao suddenly realized that the so-called nightmare is not poisoning and paralysis, but continuous poisoning and paralysis. If a person enters here, the red moon spider will paralyze you to death.
Chapter 9 Blood Zombies
Lin Tianxie’s head kept sending out nearly a thousand injuries. Fortunately, just when Lin Tianxie’s blood volume was almost at the bottom, the dog came over and sprayed a flame at the red spider, and the red spider was immediately taken away.
Three seconds later, when Lin Tianxiao recovered from paralysis, he immediately took a few bottles of big medicine and added a cure to himself. Then he swore and shouted, "You want to stun me to death to see if you die first or me first!"
Lin Tianxiae immediately displayed Youlong’s pace and shouted "God punished!"
A big hand crossed the sky and went through the cave, and appeared in the red moon spider’s head. The big hand grabbed the red moon spider and squeezed it hard. The belly of the red moon spider immediately burst and the venom was sprayed on the dog and the skeleton.
At once, the dog and the skeleton brother were paralyzed, but the red moon spider also fell to the ground and kept flapping its wings to fly, but it didn’t fly at all.
Lin Tian evil play it by ear immediately cast a few soul fire operator soared to the red moon spider head to slay the red moon spider.
Things didn’t come out, but Lin Tian-xie thought of weaving moths and immediately took out a dagger to drag and drop a few things on the half belly of the red moon spider’s body.
One piece of equipment, Lin Tianxie, immediately picked it up. This piece of equipment, Lin Tianxie has seen many of those outside, and it is no different from a horse-chopping knife.
"Hey, such rubbish will explode a horse-chopping knife!"
However, just as Lin Tianxiao was about to put the horse-chopping knife in the Buddha’s ring, the name of the horse-chopping knife was suddenly found in the corner of his eye.
Exquisite horse-chopping knife (first class)
Physical attack 4
Power +1
There’s a one percent chance of a clean break.
Need wrist strength 1
Need professional soldiers, knights
Need strength 4
Level 5 is required
Exquisite horse-chopping knife is definitely a luxury for soldiers because it is standard equipment.
Standard equipment, as its name implies, is military equipment. Although individual equipment is not very powerful, it will exert unimaginable special effects if it is equipped in the military.
"It’s actually standard equipment and it’s available to players!" Lin Tian evil surprise shouted
If this equipment is equipped with more guild members, especially knights, and knights have mounts, exquisite horse-chopping knives will play a role in imagination.