Sure enough, the flaming horse seems to walk unsteadily like a skill explanation, and the speed has slowed down. The laurel leaf seized the opportunity and made a cane whip! The flaming horse unleashed a jet of flame! The laurel leaves put out the light wall in situ, and then the rattan whip was withdrawn to both sides and the front was connected with the jet flame! The light wall slowly cracked, and sure enough, the jet flame that was hit immediately after the skill was hit was not the strongest, and the rattan whip also detoured around the flaming horse and entangled one after another! But the automatic flame of the flaming horse began to burn the rattan whip …

Rattan whip won’t last long. Xiao Zhi will attack now!
The third Chengdu Alliance Silver Conference 220 Dialogue? Shinji Aaron?
The laurel leaf suddenly jumped up, and the flaming horse tried to move, but the cane whip played a limiting role! Moreover, the laurel leaf jumped up and also hit the flying blade sharp knife, but it didn’t aim at the flaming horse. It just swept at the foot of the flaming horse to "signal" that the flaming horse should not move. The flaming horse was really restricted by this flying blade sharp knife just when it wanted to step.
The laurel leaves fell and then four feet stepped on the flaming horse! The flaming horse was crushed to the ground as soon as it started! The laurel leaves are the top of Mount Tai! However, it is really hard to imagine that there are laurel leaves around Lvsesg. What can make such a powerful Taishan topping? It’s really difficult for Aaron to understand this situation when he was a big chrysanthemum or a bay leaf … but it’s the Poké mon’s "magic" that sums up the past and doesn’t explain it if you think about it.
The laurel leaves the flame, the flame on horseback, and the flame on horseback is really troublesome in some cases. The laurel Ye Yuan rattan whip has been burned almost, because it is very close, and the laurel leaves have used the rattan whip again, but this time it is not tied but swept past! Sweep the trail of the flaming horse, and the flaming horse, which is getting up, will fall to the ground again, and then the laurel leaves will rush to attack the trick and hit it! Then a circle of white balls appeared around the body, which was a mysterious force! Then I hit the flaming horse that was knocked off! The flaming horse is in a hurry to use the jet flame immediately! But laurel leaves also use rattan whip? A cane whips into a ball-hit the white ball before it collides with the flame? Then the other one smashed the white ball like a volleyball! Shinji and Flaming Horse both look surprised! The white ball hit the flaming horse and exploded! And the flame horse jet flame is also swept in the laurel leaf!
"Although Xiao Zhi’s tactical luck is successful, it’s still stronger than the skill power, and it’s not surprising that the flame gram hit the laurel leaf and was knocked down by one, but the opposite flame horse should be almost the same. Who will win?" Xiaoyong said that it seems that interest is also very strong.
The flame has passed, the laurel leaves are still alive, and the explosion smoke is also the disappearance of the horse, and the flaming horse is also up. Are the two Poké mon there to move again?
"The flaming horse lost its fighting ability, and the winner of laurel leaf was Zhenxin Town Xiao Zhi!" The referee announced that, but Aaron couldn’t hear him. Aaron and his party shouted to the commentator through the screen that they knew the result of the game.
"What’s going on? Isn’t the flaming horse still there? Is it hard to lose consciousness? " Xiaojing said that the answer is that she is "difficult"
"That’s true. It doesn’t make sense for horses to fall asleep and faint." Aaron replied, adding a knowledge to Xiaojing by the way.
"But I have to say that this is indeed a wonderful game. The Xiao Zhi laurel leaf level is inferior to the opponent’s attribute, but since it won in such a situation! We can never say that Shinji is weak, but that Xiao Zhi’s brain is really flexible and that Xiao Zhi and laurel cooperate very well. I can’t say anything about Shinji’s quality, but it’s a pity that he was eliminated here in terms of strength. "Xiaoyong commented on the game, and Aaron, Jun and Kang all nodded.
"I always think I should talk to those two guys. I’ll leave for 1 minute," Aaron said, ready to go away.
"Wait, Aaron’s Xiao Xia game has already started. We have to hurry up." Xiaojing shouted at Aaron’s back.
"I see. I will go there with Xiao Zhi!" Aaron waved his hand to the rear and then continued to run.
Arrive to meet Xiao Zhi and Shinji are talking.
"If you really win the loser, I will leave." Approaching Shinji, I said.
"I’m not talking about winning or losing. I also won narrowly this time. I hope you can stop treating you like that after Poké mon. At the very least, it should say something to encourage you when it is wounded in battle." Xiao Zhi said at a side.
"It doesn’t matter if you won, you can tell me what to do." Shinji replied, what should I say? It’s not very cold, but it’s a little angry, but it doesn’t feel like anything. Being angry about Xiao Zhi telling him what to do seems to be angry about Xiao Zhi not understanding him …
"So what I said is that I don’t want to be a winner to tell you what to do …" Xiao Zhi seems to be trying to defend himself, but this seems to be the same as not saying it.
Shinji sneered, and then he was ready to leave. Suddenly he saw Aaron in the corridor in front of himself and Xiao Zhi.
"What are you doing here, laughing at me?" When Shinji saw Aaron, he said that it was very rude to talk to Shinji before Aaron. After that, it was hostile, and there were a few Poké mon festivals. Now it is natural to be guessed that he was laughing at himself.
"Shinji, your flaming horse didn’t fight me against that flaming horse in the Eastern League, did it?" Aaron said Shinji frowned.
"Isn’t that just that after that, the strength root didn’t rise much?" Shinji replied.
"You can’t fool me," Aaron said Shinji didn’t speak. "If you have been trained for two years, you won’t be overwhelmed by Lvsesg, laurel leaf, Taishan Mountain, and I also saw the power of the flame. Although it can make the flame impact such a big move, the power is not excellent. It should be said that it is a great retrogression compared with Dongshi. It is impossible to happen in your hands. If it is really the flame horse, even Xiao Zhicong should not be able to beat you." Aaron said and Xiao Zhi was just listening.
"Xiao Zhi, you are too underestimating Shinji. It’s a bit too arrogant to say that you can defeat Shinji only by newly collecting Poké mon. If you want to win Shinji, at least you have to send you Poké mon of Squirtle’s level. Fireball rats and laurel leaves are strong, but they are not enough …" "Enough is enough!" Aaron said suddenly Shinji shouted …
"I don’t need your pity for me …" Ma Zhensi resumed his cold tone. "Losing is losing. I don’t want to say anything."
"I said when did you become so stubborn?" Aaron suddenly laughed unconsciously when he saw Shinji’s angry expression. And brought out the sentence, "I really don’t know you. You are angry as if you know you very well, but I want to come and have a good talk with you and verify whether my idea is correct." Aaron recovered his serious expression and said that Shinji looked at Aaron’s expression and relaxed. He didn’t speak immediately and then sneered.
"Talk to me? You and I have nothing to talk about, "Shinji said. Now Shinji should be said to be the most normal Shinji."
"Yes, in fact, you are not as indifferent to Poké mon as Xiao Zhi said, and you are not as indifferent to Poké mon as people around you see … You like your Poké mon very much." Aaron said that Xiao Zhi was stupefied and Shinji didn’t speak immediately.
"It is because I like Poké mon and Poké mon Battalion that I strictly train Poké mon to the point where people around me can’t look down. I think there must be some reason for you to do this. Although it may be a little immoral, I talked to Gengar for a while. He has asked you to exchange Torterra for me. When you first started your trip, you were as kind to your Poké mon as a general trainer, right?" Aaron said Shinji still didn’t speak.
"According to Torterra, you saw that a trainer lost to a rock pillar that made the rock pillar trainer start to become like this. I checked the known owner of the rock pillar. One of them is the head of the fighting pyramid in the field of combat-the king of the pyramids! You just took this route after watching the battle and found that kindness can’t be trained to defeat Na Yan’s Poké mon. "Aaron said Shinji listened and sighed. This expression is something Aaron has never seen before.
"That man is my brother. My brother got through the Fengyuan in East Chengdu and the Poké mon Trainers League tournament in Shenao, where I was born. He also got good results. At that time, he was a minor trainer in Shenao, but he met Brandon when he challenged the last combat facility in the field of combat, that is, the battle pyramid. It was a rule that my brother couldn’t win the opponent’s battle pyramid after challenging for five times in a row. Challenge and my brother came here to concentrate on opening a Poké mon breeding shop five times after he became a trainer that year. My brother couldn’t wait one more year, because giving himself a deadline is to fulfill his promise to himself until that day. My brother never challenged again and didn’t win the battle pyramid, which became my brother’s lifelong regret, but he also said that he lost very quickly and there was nothing to regret. I understood it completely at that time. "Shinji suddenly started talking about his brother and then bypassed Aaron and walked away?
"No matter how you look at me, I will always run through my style and then I will beat that Brandon with my Poké mon!" Shinji turned his back on Aaron and Xiao Zhi and said, "That flaming horse is really my new harvest in Chengdu, because it has great potential. I think it can surpass my original flaming horse and Aaron … maybe I am not qualified to call you Aaron, and you and I will be defeated sooner or later!" Shinji said and left. It seems that he is not going to continue playing the game with his backpack and is ready to leave directly.
"Really? That boy seems to be willing to treat you as a friend." It’s a good thing to make it clear. "
"Shinji, if you have a chance to meet, fight!" Aaron doesn’t know why he suddenly wants to go forward … Maybe this is to make friends.
The third Chengdu Alliance Silver Conference 221 Xiao Xia Competition! No more fear!
"Shit, Xiao Zhi Xiao Xia game!" Aaron and Xiao Zhi both watched Shinji, and Aaron didn’t think of it until then.
"Oh, no! Run, Aaron! " Xiao Zhi also remembered a greeting Aaron in turn …
The two of them immediately ran to the A stadium, and the audience immediately boiled up!
"Is it already?" Xiao Zhi gasped and asked.
"No, not yet. Now it’s the last one to one." Aaron looked at the screen and said.
Xiao Xia’s opponent is also a girl, but contrary to Xiao Xia, the girl likes to make Poké mon fire, while Xiao Xia likes water. In this respect, Xiao Xia has an absolute advantage. Let’s take a look at the Poké mon on both sides-the girl on the opposite side, the first Poké mon is Starmie, and the first Poké mon on the Xiao Xia side is Pokémon, and the second Poké mon on the opposite side has been extinguished. The second Poké mon on the Xiao Xia side has also been defeated. Finally, there are 1 Poké mon left on both sides-Xiaoxia is a sea star, and the girl on the opposite side is a fire
"Good attribute advantage!" Xiao Zhi said that this is indeed a fact. However, since the opposite side is a trainer specializing in fire Poké mon, just as Xiao Xia specialized in water to cope with gas Poké mon and cultivated the moor king, the opposite side must have already figured out the way to deal with water, and Starmie and the striking beast in front also reflected this point-the striking beast naturally didn’t say that Starmie would make 100,000 volts, and Aaron knew it, but the situation was that the fire rock rat on the opposite side was panting. It seems that Xiao Xia really had the advantage.
Staryu did it again, using the water gun! Although Aaron thinks that the accuracy may not be equal to the accuracy of Xiao Zhi Squirtle, it can be seen that the water gun is quite good, and the fire rock rat started the flame car in situ. Flame car meets water gun?
"Good success!" See the water gun is about to hit the fire rock rat Xiao Zhi shouted.
But a surprising scene happened-the water gun was bounced off by the fire car! What is the principle of that? How on earth can the flame car become even blocked by water skills? A series of question marks appeared in Aaron’s mind, which really made Aaron a little incomprehensible.
But I can’t understand it. I can’t understand that the fighting is still going on. The fire rock rat took advantage of it and rushed to Staryu! Staryu increased the water power in situ from water gun to water cannon! Keep hitting the fire rock rat! The fire rock rat jumped away this time, and it looked a little anxious. It seems that the fire car has limited defense and stronger power. The water cannon can’t stop Staryu. It also seized this opportunity and quickly rotated to attack the fire rock rat at a high speed.
The fire rock rat didn’t escape when he saw Staryu coming. Instead, the flame of the fire car became more and more intense! Then the head-on and high-speed rotation collided! Then both sides bounce off, and the power seems to be evenly matched!
But in the end, after Staryu evolved, he was able to obtain the super-power attribute. Even if he didn’t evolve now, he showed a little super-power Poké mon characteristics-besides being able to control his flight route freely when he was spinning at high speed, the two Poké mon still showed a super-high sense of balance when they were put together. Once he stabilized his body in the middle, a silvery white ball gathered in front of the ruby, which was a power gem! And then I hit it out, right in the middle, fire rock rat! I don’t know if the fire car was trained to resist the water attack or because the fire rat just collided with it was a little flustered and couldn’t control its strength immediately. The gem was hit in and the fire rat flew away! The flame car also disappeared.
Staryu’s landing horse followed a water gun and hit the fire rock rat! Fire rock mouse falls down
"The tie is broken! The winner is Xiao Xia from Hualan City! " The referee announced it.
"good!" Xiao Zhi said that he was very happy to see the sample.
"It’s really worthy of being Xiao Xia. Although the attribute advantage is understandable, the attack rhythm is also very well mastered." Aaron is also a compliment
Aaron and Xiao Zhi are going to wait for Xiao Xia to arrive directly. Xiaojing and his party are already in Gary Oak.
"Aaron and Xiao Zhi, you are so slow. Did you come to watch the game just now?" Xiaojing asked if Aaron and Xiao Zhi had just arrived at the stadium.
"Yes, I did. Unfortunately, I saw the last Staryu fight against the fire rock rats. What about you?" Aaron answered and asked
"Well, we watched one more game than you, the one in which the moor king was knocked down by the fire rock rat." Xiaojing replied.
"Hey everyone!" At this time, Xiao Xia smiled and waved and came running, and then Xiaojing and I came to a warm hug.
"Xiao Xia did a good job." Xiao Zhi was the first to speak.
"I feel that the two of us still don’t comment. You are not familiar with Xiao Xia’s strength, and you may be our opponent. You need to guard against it." Ah Jun said and then looked at Xiaoyong. Everyone laughed.
"Where is it worse than me? I am a pure top 8 target." Xiao Xia said Xiaoyong deliberately kept a straight face.
"How can this be done? Since we have come to participate in the competition, we naturally want to win the championship. Everyone here thinks so!" Xiaoyong said Jun and others also nodded.
"I really hope to meet you in Xiao Xia in the final," Aaron said. Xiao Xia was stunned.
"What’s the matter, Xiao Xia? Aren’t you looking forward to fighting Aaron when you come?" Small crystal see Xiao Xia sample ask Xiao Xia is leng and then nodded.
"Final, yes, I will try my best!" Xiao Xia said that the original optimistic face was revealed and they also smiled again.
"Then I’m looking forward to playing against Xiao Xia in the semi-final." Xiaoyong said with a smile.
"Wait, but Xiao Gang?" The group went straight back to the Poké mon Center. When they got back to the Poké mon Center, Aaron discovered that Xiaogang was not here?
"Yes, where is Xiao Gang?" Xiao Zhi also didn’t think of it.