At this time, the whole person can’t see that it was a man.

He was dressed in a big red robe, with long black hair hanging freely, his lips were scarlet, his eyes were fluorescent, and his firm nose became small and lovely.
And the original edges and corners of the face are completely softened, and the whole person looks like a beautiful woman
If Pang Xia doesn’t know the bottom of the flower scene, he may enjoy it.
But he can be regarded as a bystander of the change of love scene.
The more beautiful the flowers are, the more uncomfortable Pang Xia feels, and the chill can’t stop spreading to his body, making his hair stand on end and goose bumps all over his body.
Love flower Shengjing cocked orchid fingers and arranged a suit of clothes and hair.
Then I put my long sword on the table and said slowly, "Brother Fat Shrimp, I’m here to ask you for help. I wonder if Brother Fat Shrimp can sometimes?"
Listening to the deep voice of the lover, Pang Xia covered his head with some worldview destruction
He now feels that the sound of love flowers is simply equivalent to the martial arts of Juexue class and sonic class, and the lethality is simply nuclear weapons class. Most people don’t want to get through it.
But PangXia nature is not the average person, he took a deep breath and looked at the scene.
After calming down, he said, "Let’s not talk about what you want me to help. I shouldn’t help you just by saying that we have a grudge."
Love flower scenery that cock orchid fingers blocked the mouth smiled and said, "this is of course, brother fat shrimp, and your enmity with me will not disappear."
However, if there is a vendetta, there is a way to resolve it. If you are willing to help me, then our vendetta will be forgotten.
Besides, I still owe you a favor. If Brother Fat Shrimp thinks I can’t be trusted, then we can sign a contract. "
Hearing this, Pang Xia finally believed that the other party really had something to help himself.
It is also because I believe that the doubts in Pang Xia’s heart are even better than before, and I simply don’t spit.
"If I remember correctly, you now have a complete" exorcism sword spectrum ",right?
The Sword Manual to ward off evil spirits contains the Sword Technique to ward off evil spirits and a pseudo-peerless skill.
By now, you should have grown up, so the problem comes to the excavator … Well, what else can I do for you? "
Pang Xia’s voice fell in love, and he was silent for a moment with a sigh.
Then he slowly said, "Brother Fat Shrimp, you must have seen it."
I don’t care about practicing Sword Spectrum to ward off evil spirits now.
On the contrary, I’m glad I learned this martial arts in a moment of excitement.
Otherwise, if I choose in peace of mind, I really can’t choose this martial arts study.
That’s why I look down on your feud with me.
Will come here to seek your help from Brother Fat Shrimp. "
Scratched his head PangXia answered "the key? What exactly do you want me to do to help you? "
"er, I’m sorry that I can’t always catch the theme when I talk recently. I repeat.
Generally speaking, I am in great trouble and need someone to help me get the sunflower collection!
The trouble is that Qianqiu Batu and them unite to play Japanese and Korean players! "
Hearing this, Pang Xia immediately showed a murderous look in his eyes.
He stared at the beautiful scenery and said, "Are you sure you are not mistaken that Qianqiu Batu is indeed United with Japanese players and Korean players?"
When I said that the scene of love flowers here was also serious, I nodded and said, "Yes, I can see and hear those people clearly. They are indeed Japanese and Korean players."
And that’s why I was chased by Qianqiu Batu and those foreign players.
Otherwise, it’s a superb skill. With my current strength, it’s difficult, but I can also complete it by myself.
But if these people come after me alone, there will be no difficulties.
"You don’t have to lie, so I believe you.
But I still have a question, that is, how do you know that Qianqiu Batu is United with Japanese and Korean players?