"Damn it, it was someone who sneaked in …!" The city hurried to the balcony, and the balcony was not high. It also took a ladder to the Loucheng and climbed down the ladder to the place where the sound was made-a wrist-wearing duel plate was found in a spacious corner of the courtyard, and Pegsas could not afford to fall to the ground.

"Pegsas!" City quickly ran over and lifted him up "what’s the matter? How did you … "
"beep" something hit ChengTou and he shivered slightly in pain.
"Damn it, is this … dice?"
When he turned to look to the other side, he found that there was a man who couldn’t stop tossing a few dice in his hand, and that man’s familiarity with his body surprised the city.
"Royal and dragon son? What are you doing here? Pegasus, did you knock it down? How could he be unconscious? "
"Hum, yes, he is my way of duel." Dragon son stopped throwing dice and slowly spread out his palm. There is something in his hand that is impressively shining with silver light. It is also a dice, but its shape is much larger than that of Buron’s ordinary dice, and its shape is not ordinary six-sided dice, but rare. The face dice are like two pyramids with their bottom faces stacked together.
"Listen, Pegsas has lost in the Diablo game duel and now his soul is sealed in this Millennium roll! ! And one of the prey of this dice is your city! "
"Dragon son, what’s wrong with you? What made such a thing? " City pushed a step forward fists tightly hold together "what is the one thousand dice in your hand? Is it also something in the Millennium artifact? "
"No, it’s not a Millennium artifact." Dragon’s son smiled coldly, and there was a terrible light in his bright green eyes. "It’s a Millennium artifact that is opposite to the Millennium artifact! !”
"One thousand evil? That’s … "The city was about to ask the dragon son, but suddenly it was alert and looked behind the city, and then it showed a cold smile." Hey, it seems that the game they have also found something wrong here. I will leave you for the time being and send it to you first. I will take it away with the soul of the game! " Said the dragon son turned and disappeared in the darkness.
"City!" With the rapid pace, Guiping and the game people have already rushed over to the city and dare not chase the dragon son so as to help Pegsas walk in the direction of the game people first.
"What’s the matter? How did Pegasus become like this? "
"He was attacked by someone … and his soul was taken away by someone holding the Millennium dice!" Cheng gnashed his teeth and said, "It was none other than the royal dragon who took his soul!"
"You … what did you say?" Everyone was stunned by this sudden change for a long time to react. The first mouth of the game "How can it be a dragon?" Isn’t he still in America? And what reason does he have to accept the Millennium dice and attack Pegsas? Isn’t he our friend? "
"First the Millennium sword, then the Millennium dice …" Hippo’s eyebrows locked tightly again. "It seems that we are in big trouble this time."
"Not good, President!" Ishino ran to Haima in a panic. "Just now, according to the news from the United States, Mr. Pegsas’s phantom company has been broken down by several unknown small companies and one-third of our shares have fallen into their hands!"
"Damn it!" Haima’s eyes narrowed. "These shady guys …!"
"Wait, this man seems to have something in his hand!" Tianyuan points all walked beside Pegsas and broke his finger and took out a piece of paper and read it aloud.
"Seto Kaiba allows you to bring the qualification transfer certificate of Haima Consortium to the luxury passenger ship at Tongshiye Wharf in three days. We will make an interesting deal with the entire Haima Consortium and Phantom Company. Remember that you can bring people with you, but you are limited to seven people!"
"Hum, it’s threatening my head …" The hippocampus was motionless on the surface, but quickly grabbed the note and tore it to pieces.
The fifth sentence is to find a partner
Although Phantom Company coerces this means to ignore the cold and arrogant hippocampus, considering that the hippocampus consortium and Phantom Company have just released a set of games and plans recently, if we just sit back and watch Phantom Company die, it will definitely greatly affect the name of the hippocampus consortium and let the other party accelerate the erosion of the consortium. Even if it is uncomfortable, hippocampus is reluctant to decide to meet those mysterious guys in three days, but even so, he still has to keep his mouth shut at the end.
"I will definitely go to the mysterious invitation, but first I want to take back the Phantom Company and control Pegasus whether it is dead or alive and I have nothing!"
It is very difficult for Guiping to be tough on hippocampus. "Don’t be like this, brother. Isn’t he improved a lot with us?" Pegsas also did something to deal with Sodom, and this time it was the first time he gave me a birthday celebration. If we don’t save him … it’s not good. "
Hippocampus supercilious look after a double GuiPing half words top back "what’s not so good? I can’t forget what this guy did to our brother in the duel kingdom! Even if I don’t fall into the well for this, Shi Guiping, don’t expect me to save him! What do you all think I am? A saint? I’m not that great! "
"Yes, this guy is a pain in the ass …" The city casually answered, but Shizuka stepped on her foot and immediately jumped aside yelling.
"Come on, Haima, don’t lose your temper again. If you don’t have Pegsaska this time, you may not be better than Jisha." The game can’t be seen, but you finally speak for Guiping. "Even if we all ask, just listen to it once."
"Hum!" Haima stared at the game so hard that he was a little hairy for a long time that Haima slowly closed his eyes. "Well, there’s nothing I can do. I’ll just punish those idiots and save that freak at the same time." Guiping was happy to pull Haima’s sleeve and jump. "Great, I knew my brother wouldn’t be so cruel!"
"The game is up to you to decide who to go with us this time." Hippo ignored his younger brother who was laughing and dancing around him and looked at the game again. "Remember not to bring me some mediocre people. We are going to fight with others and don’t need to drag back our own people."
"Bastard hippocampus, who are you talking about …!" The city rushed over without pain, and it was hard to fight with the hippocampus. Fortunately, it was dragged and pulled by everyone, and Guiping and the game were wry smile.
"Then I’ll think about it. Haimajun, you are sure to go. If you don’t think I’m a messenger, I can also be counted as one …" The game looked around and finally left its eyes on the city. "Although the city has a bad temper, it can be counted as a strong partner. Let’s take it together."
"Then I’m going too!" Guiping said eagerly, "Don’t underestimate my current strength. I just won the city this afternoon!"
"But Guiping, you …" The game felt that there was something wrong with the Haima brothers going together. When they were looking for excuses, Haima made a speech. "No, I don’t trust Guiping. Since that mediocrity can follow him, there is nothing wrong with Guiping going with him. It’s just an opportunity to show everyone that my Seto Kaiba brother’s strength will never be a mediocrity."
"Then … let’s go together …" The game stole a look at it with a quick smile and gave it to everyone desperately, and seriously thought about other candidates "for the other three people …"
"That … Game King …" One side said towards him, "I’d like to … if possible."
"I can’t, Mr. Gui Liangjun. Those people who use the Millennium evil apparatus are very powerful. You may not be their opponents!"
"No, I have been keeping my other personality card group. After a little supplement and improvement, I think it is a good card group. I believe I have no problem. Please take me this time!"
"If you don’t perform any double personality, please come if you want." Compared with the game, Haima is not so worried about Kuang Liang. "I have also seen the strength of the dark Kuang Liang duel deck. There should be no problem to deal with those guys. It depends on whether you can play its strength like that guy."