However, just when they attacked, a beat of soldiers and knights appeared behind the wizard. Don’t ask them, they are all members of the guard-type shrimp house. It really didn’t have much effect after the attack.

"Don’t stop killing them for me!"
That’s right. Shrimp looks very accurate. Even the guard soldiers and knights can’t lose their blood speed after repeated attacks. After a long time, some of them can’t hold on.
However, people are not stupid enough to drag on for an hour. The player department of the city wall retreated and gave up the city wall. Instead, they poked their heads out and threw fire walls on both sides of the city gate from time to time.
Seeing that the other side has no overwhelming defense, the shrimp immediately shouted, "What are you waiting for?"
Prague Taoist took a look around him. Don Quixote wanted to see the two men nodded. Prague Taoist immediately roared, "Kill all these turtles and grandchildren and take back our Sabac!"
This is a time-consuming, time-consuming, people-consuming, and money-consuming battle. Even the earth is shaking, and the ground has been stained with blood, broken limbs and broken bones are splashing around!
The members of the five kings rushed in desperately and finally rushed to the gate of the city wall after an hour and a half. At this time, the siege war has passed for six hours and will end in four hours.
At the gate of the city, the four Prague Taoist gods stared at the players in front of the Sabac Palace, killing their faces and revealing a smile. At this rate, Sabac can return to his own hands in less than three hours.
"Congratulations on officially becoming my apprentice. You can choose a skill from me and exchange it for meritorious service!"
Liu Heng was all smiles when he heard the words of the archer guard. Now that he has a career as a freelance archer, he can take care of himself by getting some equipment!
After leaving Cangyue Island and returning to Congye Plain, Liu Heng has to change goblins. Now the elite players of their two guilds have generally reached level 32, which is a long way behind other players, but the city has not yet been established, and they are still waiting for the best opportunity.
While the battle in Sabac was still going on, bit by bit, several players fell in a pool of blood, and Prague Daoshen, who had approached the Sabac Palace, was killing wildly.
Finally, two hours later, there are no guarding city players at the entrance of Sabac Palace, and there are still thousands of players on the second floor who are still releasing the fire wall for harassment.
At present, it is less than an hour and a half before the siege, which is not enough for Prague Daoshen and them!
"If you rush in, you must kill their department for me. Sabac must be taken back!"
As the Prague Taoist God ordered all players to attack Sabac Palace, all the player information columns showed the death in Sabac Palace.
How time flies! The blink of an eye is more than an hour. At present, it is less than ten minutes before the final end of the battle, and there are still hundreds of thousands of people fighting in Sabac Palace!
"Kill them all for me!"
"Hold it for me and kill the five kings. We are the sky!"
Blood spatter and residual limbs flying around the ground wall of Sabac Palace has been dyed red with blood. Both members are hysterical and roaring, and soon the battle is close to the end.
At this time, there are less than 100 people left in Sabac Palace. There are 30 people here because of the wind and rain, and there are more than 70 people here in Prague. It has been two minutes.
"Kill me!"
"When you run, run as long as possible!"
There was a chase in the huge palace at once, and people were killed from time to time. Unfortunately, when there was wind and rain in it, everyone heard the unified instructions.
"Congratulations to the storm resistance guild for successfully attacking Sabac Palace. The deposit of 500 million yuan will be refunded for one month. Sabac will not be engaged in siege warfare. All players will participate in siege warfare with a level of +2."
"Ha, ha, ha, five kings, ha, ha, ha. We have not beaten Sabac!" Even if Sabac city is beaten back by the five kings a month later, they will get huge profits!
"Damn, damn!"
Imagine a knife to directly cut off the wind and rain resistance head and roll away for a long time before stopping.
"Mad is only a few seconds away!" Shrimp roared
"Hum, immediately issue an order to stop the wind and rain from stopping them. These guild members will block them in Sabac this month and are not allowed to train on the map. We want everyone to know how miserable it is to provoke our five kings!" Prague Taoist cold hum a way
There was a Lin Tianxie before, and now there is another storm. It was definitely not their wind that the five kings were bullied like this. They want to fight back and let all players know that the five kings are still standing!
At the end of the battle, the Prague Taoist gods did not stay in Sabac Palace because it was unwise. If only they could win back after losing the battle.
In reality, seven hours have passed unconsciously, and Lin Tianxiao also had a stretch, woke up, went out of the room, washed up, ate something a little, chatted with Ange and Zhang Ge, and finally saw one or two women who were still in the game, so she went back to the room and put on a game helmet and entered the game.
Coincidentally, when Lin Tianxiao entered the game, the snail impulse also entered the game. When he was idle, the snail impulse unconsciously came to Master over the rainbow.
At this time, Master over the rainbow has cheated tens of millions of players. When he saw the snail impulse coming to his side, his face immediately showed a little surprised look, and at the same time, his eyes flashed as if he had seen something that surprised him. His face showed a little surprised look.
"I have one here for this patroness. Can you help me finish it?"
The first time Master over the rainbow spoke to the players, the snail impulse was not ignoring the forum. When I saw Master over the rainbow, I thought of Lin Tianxie and many players. Her first feeling was that Master over the rainbow was trying to deceive himself and didn’t pay attention to him!
"The patroness really has something for you to do!"
Snail’s impulse is a little loose, and it is obvious that he doesn’t want to talk to him. Is it really true that he continues to pester himself instead?
"You … really want to give it to me?"
Master over the rainbow immediately showed a little excited laughter, and his head seemed to be like a rattle. He kept listening to Master over the rainbow excitedly and said, "Patron, you finally believe what the old woman said. If you help me finish this, I will have a generous reward to repay you!"
"Well, in that case, I will promise you!"
Chapter 276 Snail Teacher
Master over the rainbow almost jumped up with excitement because he found a good seedling. It was definitely before he became a monk. Master over the rainbow saw the snail’s impulse at a glance. This was the only way to pester him who helps himself. Finally, he persuaded him!
However, Master over the rainbow also saw that the snail impulse was somewhat reluctant. He didn’t tell the truth and listened to Master over the rainbow’s smile. "Can the young warrior help me to slay 100,000 skeleton monsters in the Bone Magic Cave?"
"This can be!"
"The player snail impulsively accepted the entrustment of Master over the rainbow to slay 100,000 monsters!"
Great! The fish is hooked!
Master over the rainbow shouted excitedly in his heart, staring at the snail and rushing to the distance. When her figure disappeared, Master over the rainbow disappeared in front of him.
Those who want to meet Master over the rainbow and hide can’t be found anywhere. Finally, it can be attributed to Master Tianhong getting enough gold coins to stop cheating and hide for fear of being cut.
It is said that Sabac has changed hands after Lin Tianxiao’s line, which makes Lin Tianxiao somewhat surprised. To tell the truth, it is absolutely important to be able to fight against the top ten kings.
When I saw that Sabac Guild was actually a money-making club, Lin Tianxiao was a little dumbfounded. As the name suggests, making money is a wind and rain guild. I really didn’t expect that the five king guilds were actually beaten by the small guild alliance. It was a surprise.
However, Lin Tianxie didn’t think much about hanging high. He turned around Cangyue Island and saw a friend who found the demon here and exchanged a few commonplaces. Lin Tianxie hung up. To tell the truth, there is nothing to play here. The map is that people can think about it with their toes.
"Anyway, it’s better to see Gru!"
Call out Ghost Dragon Xiaosi directly, because everyone knows that he has a dragon pet, and there is no need to hide it, so that Ghost Dragon Xiaosi can go straight in the direction of Gru Village.
"Holy shit, that was a dragon just now!"
"Yes, the first person is Niu Biao. When can he mix to his level? This life is not in vain!"