Pang Xia saw that the handsome Monty recognized what the black vortex pattern was and loosened his collar.

Then smiled and said to the whole monty handsome, "As the saying goes, give a man his own back."
In the same way, Shadow Magic One is just what I want. I don’t know what you think. "
Take a deep breath and then spit it out slowly. At this time, the handsome expression of the whole monty slowly relaxed.
With a wry smile, Monty looked at Pang Xia and said, "It seems that I am really old and worried for you in vain."
If I had known you were so prepared, I wouldn’t have run around these days.
Well, now that you are prepared, I can have a good sleep tonight.
Just wait until you get up early in the morning and mix into the competition venue to cheer for you. "
After the words are finished, Monty Shuai and Pang Xia waved their hands and once again turned a stream of water into the air exchange place in the center of Tiantai.
See the whole monty handsome leave PangXia longitudinal shoulder smiled slightly and turned on the edge of the rooftop.
Just sit directly on the roof and draw your feet on the table and look at the stars overhead.
In the real world towns, the light pollution is serious, and there are no decent stars in sight.
Although this competition is also brightly lit, it has strengthened the starlight brightness.
Only by Pang Xia can I stop seeing the stars in the real world.
"The world is really let a person linger.
Whether it’s air, running water, breeze or this star.
It’s all that the real world is not pure enough to be blasphemed.
Even so, I can’t let the eternal emperor get his hands on this world.
This is my reward for so many favors and gifts from this world! "
Chapter 973 Semifinal
Early the next morning, when Xiaohong and Shayue woke up,
Pang Xia has prepared breakfast and put it on the room table in turn.
When he saw Xiao Hong Chen and Sha Yue get up, he smiled and said, "Are you awake? Come and have breakfast. "
Looking at the big breakfast at the table, I laughed at the world of mortals and Shayue thought about it. I drank too much wine last night and showed some gaffes.
This makes both of them look slightly red, obviously a little shy.
Gently cough and laugh at the world of mortals and look at Pang Xia directly and say, "What, the two of us go to wash first?"
Had said these words, the world of mortals took Shayue directly into the bathroom to wash and let his face recover.
About ten minutes later, Xiao Hong Chen and Sha Yue came out with fresh water vapor.
Then they sat down on both sides of Pang Xia and ate a hearty breakfast.
Laughter and red dust prefer Chinese breakfast. In the past, Pang Xia went to Modu to find laughter and red dust, and then he knew after breakfast.
Shayue prefers western breakfast bread, milk, bacon and eggs, but Shayue loves them best.
The atmosphere of this breakfast can be said to be very warm
At least from three people from time to time in the eye can tell.
And this breakfast is quite a bit unfinished and feels like a protracted war.
If it weren’t for the knocking at the door, I’m afraid Pang Xia and the three of them would have been eating forever.
Finishing some kind of Pang Xia, three people knocked on the door and followed the starlight reception to the competition venue.
When they got to the competition venue, Pang Xia and Xiao Hong Chen split up with the others.
They walked shoulder to shoulder through the contestants’ lane to the rest area of the ring.
At this time, the sea and the flower scene have been sitting in the rest area of the player.
When the two of them saw Pang Xia and the world of laughter coming here side by side, they immediately revealed bursts of snickering.
It’s nice to see these two singles, the sea and the beautiful scenery, love each other and kill each other.
Especially if this person is Pang Xia and the world of laughter, it will make them both feel more gloating.
Mocking and playing cheap, the originator of Pang Xia, knows what they think when they look at the sea and the beautiful scenery and smile.
So Pang Xiagen wouldn’t let them laugh at themselves so easily and fight back immediately.
"Ah, it’s really good to be able to enhance feelings in the ring with the person you like.
For example, some people can be gay with gay friends, especially a gay friends who is still a semi-crane. "
Pang Xia’s eyes scanned the sea and the scene of love flowers while talking at the same time.
Especially when he said half-hanging, his eyes glanced several times in the crotch of the lover.
Sure enough, when Pang Xia’s words and eyes matched, the sea and the lover were both like eating flies
In particular, those phoenix eyes full of charm and charm are able to spray fire.
The corners of my mouth kept twitching, and I looked at Pang Xia and said, "I must make you regret it when you wait for the final!"
Listen to the sea PangXia cold hum a direct turned his head.