I am doomed to fall into the wind when you are facing the peak.

Therefore, today you are doomed to fall in my hands rather than die! "
When the voice falls, the strength of Pang Xia’s hand increases, and his imitation of "earlier and later" makes the true qi wall collapse instantly.
However, Pang Xia obviously won’t have no post-move. Just now, some of the palm forces of Shi Xuan were drawn by 【 earlier and earlier 】.
Then Pang Xia’s palms suddenly shot to drive the former Shi Xuan to blow out some palm force to fight back at Shi Xuanren!
"bang! Boom! "
Four palms together, Pang Xia was struck by lightning, and suddenly he spit out a big mouthful of blood and flew backwards.
It’s not easy to be attacked by your own palm.
He stepped back three steps in a row, and his mouth was bleeding, and he was obviously hurt.
However, the "Immortal Printing" is a martial art that uses force to transfer strength.
The palm force just now has been removed by Shi Xuanhua by 60%, otherwise he wouldn’t have just suffered minor injuries.
Stretched out his hand to wipe the corners of the mouth blood Shi Xuan looked at PangXia and said, "even the ability to borrow force can imitate.
I really want to know what your martial arts is, and your ability is no longer in my undead printing. "
Hey hey smile PangXia looked at Shi Xuan said "old stone you want to know I’m not unable to tell you.
But you should exchange less for something of equal value. I am very interested in your "Immortal Printing", for example. "
Gherardini looked at PangXia Shi Xuan grinned and said, "it’s really admire you for calling my attention at this time.
But if you can escape from me today, then I have to exchange with you! "
"Hey, it’s a deal. Let you see my real closet. I haven’t had it for a long time.
Because no one has pushed me to this level for a long time, that trick is called [Sanyangtai]! "
Pang Xia’s voice fell and he didn’t use the Upanishads [Sanyangtai] for a long time!
Flame-like gas rose up, and Pang Xia’s injury didn’t improve at all, but his true qi was transient
In fact, this trick of Upanishads [Sanyangtai] is really a fate in Pang Xia’s body.
But this does not mean that Sanyangtai is an enemy move.
It’s not a long time but a short time to cast Sanyangtai for thirty seconds.
After the effect of Sanyangtai, the messenger will immediately fall into a state of serious injury and near death.
If there is a value for blood gas, then after the effect of Sanyangtai is over, there is probably a little blood gas.
That is to say, even if someone throws a stone at it after Sanyangtai, it will hang up immediately.
What’s more, when casting 【 Sanyangtai 】, it is just not afraid to attack the true qi limit.
For example, the attack speed has not risen.
If you can’t beat people before, you still can’t beat them in 30 seconds.
Moreover, if the opponent has a relatively high flying skill, he can fly a kite for 30 seconds and arrive when waiting.
At that time, displaying the suspicion of "Sanyangtai" was tantamount to committing suicide.
But Pang Xia, unlike him, is a master of qigong, and Jianghu people can be stronger than him.
And he has a lot of powerful moves that consume great qi.
If that normal state method is release many times for fear of consume too much or damaging meridians too many times.
Then after the opening of "Sanyangtai", Pang Xia can display it with great scruples.
Although it is only 30 seconds, it is enough for Pang Xia to make a shocking output!
The feet slammed on the ground and Pang Xia instantly rushed to the front of Shi Xuan.
Directly depending on Shi Xuan hit a palm PangXia word pull up the ground sword toward Shi Xuan attack.
The sword gas instantly exploded to Pang Xia, and every knife and sword was filled with one hundred percent of the true qi.
Moreover, there are four types of magical skills, one type after another.
The sword spirit is firm but gentle, and the thunder of the Milky Way is in the sound wave.
All kinds of forces are released in Pang Xia’s sword waving.
In the face of fierceness, this Pang Xia Shi Xuan was deceived more than the spectators around him.
They can’t figure out why people have been seriously injured.
Shi Xuan has three more scars in just over ten seconds.
Two sword wounds and one knife wound.
And the injury is getting worse.
This discovery made Shi Xuan temporarily unable to accept it.
So he chose the most inappropriate way to deal with it, and Pang Xia was just positive!
Chapter 169 Fu Junyu Sneak Attack
Knife gas and firm but gentle reflect each other into the sky.
Shi Xuan stepped back seven times in a row, and each step spit out a big mouthful of blood.
He couldn’t believe looking at Pang Xia as if he couldn’t believe how someone who had just been seriously injured by himself could be so fierce.
Looking at Shi Xuan Pang Xia smiled and said, "There are always some overdraft potential secrets in this world.
There is no doubt that what I am doing now is this type of thing, so you can bet on it.
Bet me that I will lose my fighting power in a moment, and I will lose your fish.
But if you lose the bet, the result may be reversed. After all, there are still many right people here.
They are happy to see that you and I both lose each other and then catch us all. "
Shi Xuan looked at Pang Xia, narrowed his eyes and constantly looked at him to confirm whether Pang Xia had any more fighting power.
In fact, now Pang Xia has arrived, and the whole person barely keeps calm with one breath.
And relying on the "longevity tactic" high-speed recovery to enable him to persist.
Otherwise, Pang Xia would have fallen to the ground and couldn’t move.
At this time, Pang Xia’s acting skills accumulated over the past 20 years were sublimated at this time.
In Shi Xuan’s view, Pang Xia is now showing weakness and luring himself to do it himself.
So he wanted to think, after all, he didn’t want to gamble with his own life.
What’s more, I have got a few remnants of the evil emperor relic from Kou Zhong and Xu Ling.