Three generations of Huo Ying retorted, "What do you want to know about young people? Bo Feng and Seven Nights once managed a country’s name. I believe he can definitely win in managing villages; Moreover, his father sacrificed four generations of hokage at the expense of Konoha, and even if he inherited his father’s business, he was absolutely worthy of it. "

Menyan, the most prestigious member of the Presbyterian Group, and Koharu echoed the three generations of Huo Ying. "We agree with the view of the three generations of Huo Ying. After such a long inspection, we absolutely believe that Bo Feng and his father Bo Feng can win the position of the fifth generation of Huo Ying." After Menyan and Koharu said this, many members of the Presbyterian Group turned to them. It’s really a swing, but it’s like knowing that this group of idiots is here for seven nights to decide his fate. I don’t know how to feel.
The final result of the meeting was that 14 members of the Presbyterian Regiment had ten votes, and the three generations of Huo Ying passed the proposal that Bo Feng should bear the burden of the fifth generation of Huo Ying case for seven nights. After the meeting dispersed, the three generations of Huo Ying sent a secret department to call for seven nights.
At this time, Seven Nights is helping to rebuild Konoha with Naruto and Sasuke.
"Teacher Seven Nights really didn’t take us to do something worse. Let’s come here as coolies and porters," Naruto complained.
Sasuke is still cool to spit out such a "cut! Idiot! Mobile phones can easily read W α р (1) [6] KCN finishing "
"Don’t complain too much, Naruto!" Seven nights after hearing Naruto complain, he said, "Handling can also be regarded as a kind of practice, so I have exercised so much."
Naruto listened to detain his eyes, which greatly improved the work efficiency. Sasuke and seven nights were all black lines hanging from his forehead, and seven nights were even more in his heart. "This guy is really nervous. I just fooled him and he believed it."
Just then, "Hoo!" A dark part appeared behind the seven nights.
"Seven-night adults three generations of Huo Ying adults please go to Huo Ying’s office."
"I know!" Seven nights said, "Go home first. I’ll be there in a minute."
Wait for the dark department to leave for seven nights before letting go. I told Naruto, "Do a good job, Naruto. Three generations of adults have something to ask me. When I come back, I will treat you to Lamian Noodles."
"Well, I will definitely practice hard," Naruto said, and looked at Sasuke again. "You can also give me the teacher’s share of Seven Nights, Sasuke, so don’t rob me."
Sasuke said faintly, "Whatever you say. What an idiot."
Seven nights, I went to Huoying’s office and sat down in the VIP table at all. There were cakes, cakes and tea, and I forgot that the three generations of Huoying were the main people here.
However, the three generations of Huo Ying don’t mind, but they are all smiles and tunnel "Seven nights to tell you a good news."
"What good news?"
The third generation of Huoying said, "After the old group of my Speaker has passed the proposal to elect you as the fifth generation of Huoying, the ceremony of the fifth generation of Huoying will be held tomorrow, so you should get ready."
"Good!" To the surprise of the third generation of Huoying, he readily agreed to pick up the fifth generation of Huoying for seven nights and then said, "I don’t know what I should prepare?"
Three generations of Huo Ying just came to my senses and said, "You don’t need to prepare anything but an oath on Huo Ying and a full mental state. Because of the day, in addition to the ceremony, the fifth generation of Huo Ying has to meet the names of various countries." After a meal, the third generation of Huo Ying continued, "In addition, I have ordered to help you customize the robe of Huo Ying, and I will send someone to you in the afternoon."
"Well, it’s very thoughtful of you, old man. Then give me Konoha, and I’ll show you the first village in Konoha’s world." Then after seven nights, I added, "Don’t wonder why I suddenly became so advanced, because this is my agreement with the first generation of adults, the second generation of adults and my father."
Three generations of Huo Ying are all relaxed and tunnel "Hehe, seven nights, you have finally grown up. I have been looking forward to it for so many years, and I can finally unload my shoulders."
Chapter 1 Early Huo Ying 1
Just before dawn, Konoha ushered in another grand ceremony after the examination of forbearance, because just today, their fifth generation of Huoying will hold a grand ceremony in Huoying Building. All residents of Konoha who rebuilt their homes unanimously put their hands on their work and gathered in the square in front of Huoying Building early. At this time, it was already a sea of people.
Because Naruto played bravely yesterday, he was so tired that he slept like a dead pig at the moment.
"Knock, knock!" A rush of knocking at the door woke Naruto from YY KINOMOTO SAKURA’s spring dream. Naruto was about to send a door when he saw it was him in his dream. YY KINOMOTO SAKURA immediately put away his temper and said, "Good morning, KINOMOTO SAKURA. I didn’t expect you to come to see me."
When KINOMOTO SAKURA saw that Naruto was still wearing pajamas, he couldn’t help punching Naruto’s head and growling, "Good for you. Today is the fifth generation of Naruto adults, and you are still sleepy."
Naruto didn’t good the spirit tunnel "the fifth generation of hokage pick me up what …" Just here Naruto woke up and took the angry tunnel "and so on KINOMOTO SAKURA what did you say? The fifth generation of fire shadow? No, I absolutely don’t agree to be the fifth generation of Naruto. It should be me, Naruto Uzumaki. "
"Idiot!" Sasuke jumped out of nowhere and said, "The fifth generation of Huoying can only be done after three generations of names and being recognized by all the villagers. Please don’t say so childish things."
KINOMOTO SAKURA way "good good! Naruto, don’t be psychologically unbalanced. The fifth generation of Naruto is a seven-night teacher. "
"what!" Naruto is a stare blankly mind entranced emerged seven nights tall figure and voice smile to muttered "ah! If the seven-night teacher is the fifth generation of hokage, it seems that I can be the sixth generation of hokage. "
According to the words, the square in front of the Huoying Building is already full of people. Almost all the villagers of Konoha have gathered here in the Huoying Building. A man wearing a white Huoying imperial robe and a Huoying hat is in the first place. On both sides, there are the elders, Menyan, Koharu and Sanjimu, and behind Jiraiya, there are a group of Konoha, including Asma, Kakashi, Red Bean, Gekkō Hayate, Ebixi, Ignorant Fire Xuan, Yamashiro Aoba and Kamizuki Izumo.
The man in the white hokage imperial robe didn’t say that it was natural to meet for seven nights. He suddenly picked off his hat and looked down at the square. Everyone shouted, "I am the fifth generation of hokage who awakened Konoha. From today, I will guard this village with the name of Bo Feng and Seven Nights because you are all my most important relatives."
As soon as the seven-night voice fell, the square was jubilant, and people couldn’t help shouting "Long live the five generations of Huoying!" Long live the five generations of Huoying! " Calling for a wave higher than a wave makes people excited.
"ah!" Naruto looked up at Seven Nights and said with emotion, "Teacher Seven Nights is really awesome. Look, it will be me there soon."
"Idiot, you are still called the seven-night teacher!" KINOMOTO SAKURA naidi criticised, "Now it’s time to change my name to Five Generations of Eye-Fire Shadow Adults."
In addition to seven nights to collect a few students, Konoha Xiaoqiang felt that seven nights brought a fresh breath, which was enough to make them move forward.
Other young men and women are full of reverence and envy, while women are completely addicted to seven nights of sunshine and handsomeness. The whole square is full of joy.
After the ceremony, Huo Ying arranged seven nights in the Presbyterian Group and the three generations of Huo Ying and met with the names of various countries.
1 [6] k novel network exclusive text starting without permission shall not be transferred to extract more latest and fastest chapters, please visit w w w! Fire nation’s famous name is Tokugawa, and Wen is a big man with five big names, three big ones and three big ones. However, his rough appearance can’t hide his country’s famous political vision. After seven nights of contact with this famous name, he has a feeling of walking on thin ice.
"Ha ha is rare!" Tokugawa said, "You are the most ambitious young man I have ever seen at such a young age."
"Where where!" Seven nights polite way "I have a lot to learn, and I will rely on Tokugawa adults in the future."
Tokugawa said in the article, "The adults of the five generations of Muhoking don’t have to be too modest. If you and I are equal, where can we talk about it? But then again, in terms of politics, I still can rely on the two of us for fire nation’s prosperity after you make a little effort." Tokugawa added, "I don’t think you have a family yet, do you? I have a daughter on my knee. My daughter is old, and your appearance is ok. I am interested in betrothing my daughter to you. I don’t know what the adults like?"
After Tokugawa’s words, the eyebrows of the three generations of Huoying next to him are wrinkled, and this name is already white. This guy wants to tie the seven nights and the whole konoha together with his political orders through marriage, but the three generations of Huoying are inconvenient to come out, although Bai Tokugawa’s mind is inconvenient, because now he is not Konohara, but the three generations believe that the seven nights will definitely make a wise decision.
Seven nights calmly replied to Tokugawa, "Thank you for your kindness. Unfortunately, I already have a wife and we love you very much. Please take it back."