No one sells these things, so just come to this city and buy them if you need them.

"I need to buy 2 flying fish balls"
An xiaoya has a mouth.
One flying fish pill can last ten minutes, and two can last more than three hours when the water breathes.
Almost enough
If it can’t be done in more than three hours, the sunken ship is not worth exploring by An Xiaoya.
The ship An Xiaoya remembered that she found that the place was very remote and somewhat confusing, and the terrain had been quietly staying there without being found.
Until the escape after AnXiaoYa hit in the past.
At that time, it was more than ten years later
After more than ten years, many things in the sunken ship have been broken or taken away by marine life, but even so, An Xiaoya made a fortune and let her not worry about her brother’s medical care for a long time.
I’m sure I can earn more now.
AnXiaoYa thinking while to the dock there.
"Hello, rent a single boat for one day."
An Xiaoya knows these situations without exploring.
"Cheng Yi 1 gold coin"
The boatman calmly set a fixed price.
An Xiaoya gave the boatman a gold coin, and a ship icon appeared in the package, and there was a 24-hour countdown.
This is the rental time.
Go to the dock crib, An Xiaoya let out the boat in the package, which is three meters long and one meter wide. The boat is very simple, but the price is also very expensive.
Before An Xiaoya jumped off the boat, a new operating interface appeared.
After probably aiming at the direction where he was going, An Xiaoya let the boat go forward but hit a plug-in-the era of great navigation.
This is a navigation integrated plug-in, which naturally has the functions of positioning or ship.
An Xiaoya will simply draw the chart, mark the target point, plan the line plug-in, and take over the manual operation of An Xiaoya and move forward automatically.
An Xiaoya, who liberated her labor force, sat in the cabin rubbing candles.
After all, this should be a good source of money in the near future. An Xiaoya doesn’t want to miss it!
The boat is slowly sailing on the sea. An Xiaoya chose this noon period as the quietest period in this sea area. There will be almost no big waves and no sea monsters during this period.
This kind of peace is the time when a newcomer like An Xiaoya can go to sea.
A little rough, she can be swallowed up by the sea and then come back to Hanhai City.
Almost forty minutes later, An Xiaoya came to the destination sea area.
After finding the coordinates by manual operation, An Xiaoya put the ship away and jumped into the sea!
The feeling of holding one’s breath disappeared after making the flying fish balls in the backpack. An Xiaoya kept diving to the sunken ship right here at the bottom of the sea.
If you don’t dive vertically from this coordinate, you can’t find the well-hidden sunken ship from other coordinate angles.
And in the world, there are countless kinds of harsh adventures.
After knocking off three flying fish balls, An Xiaoya finally dived to the bottom of the sea.
It’s always dark, and suddenly there is a light in the sea. An Xiaoya knows that she has found the sunken ship!
The ship shines because the hull is covered with a layer of marine moss called fluorescent moss, which gives off some faint light.
But when the whole ship is wrapped in this moss, the light will be visible to the naked eye!
Through the terrain similar to the sky, An Xiaoya came to a wide submarine valley.
That sky is the best natural protective layer in this place.
And the sunken ship is standing there quietly, as if time has never passed …
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