"Drive …" "Woo …"

A young swordsman in brocade robe and a girl in red ride here.
"These two maples are so beautiful together. I wish we could never part with them forever."
"Sister Qing, don’t worry, I will come back to marry you when I find a sword and become famous, and I will stay with you until I die."
"I’ll wait for you"
"Drive …"
For many years, maple leaves are still brighter and more beautiful than flames.
A white-haired old woman is here holding a firm but gentle sword and staring at the maple tree.
She bowed her head to the sword and said in a trembling and weak voice, "Brother Ting, I’m coming and waiting for me …" To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-six Hu Bugui
On which dynasty the poor were often the most important group.
Zhang Ping, Li Xunhuan and Rinrin walked together in a small street, and soon they met a poor man, a very poor man.
This street is lined with people’s back doors. In a doorway in front of it, it seems that someone is squatting with something in his hand. The three of them have not seen the broken hat yet.
This man turned out to be a beggar. What is he doing?
Without waiting for Zhang Ping’s reaction, Li Xunhuan suddenly stared at the beggar, or rather at what was in his hand.
Li Xunhuan didn’t seem to want to disturb him, so he walked slowly past.
But the beggar was taken aback and quickly hid his things behind his back. However, Li Xunhuan’s eyes were much faster than his hands, and he had already seen a small piece of fur coat in his hand.
There are thousands of pieces of fur coat under the sun in Qian Qian, but that piece of Li Xunhuan will never admit it because he has known the owner of this fur coat for ten years.
Li Xunhuan smiled and asked, "What’s your friend’s name?"
The beggar stared at him and said, "I’m not your friend, and you’re not my friend. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me."
Li Xunhuan still smiles. "I want to ask you about someone you must know."
The beggar shook his head and said, "I don’t know anyone, I don’t know anyone, I don’t know anyone, I don’t know anyone."
This man is really a bit stupid. It’s a simple sentence, but he has to say it over and over again several times, and his mouth is as vague as an egg.
Li Xunhuan was trying to ask him another question, but he went to Li Xunhuan’s armpit and ran away. He ran very fast, but he didn’t seem to have a foundation of flying skills. Beggars run very fast every day, which seems to be the only thing that has already become beggars.
Li Xunhuan’s flying skill is naturally much faster than his. However, Li Xunhuan did not chase him, because Zhang Ping had caught his hand and refused to say, "Follow him slowly."
Then Zhang Ping said to the Rinrin in a hurry, "You are waiting for us at the bread stall." After throwing an ingot of silver and a dagger, Zhang Ping followed Li Xunhuan after the beggar.
No matter how fast the mouse can run away from the cat, so many times the cat is not in a hurry to catch the mouse, but quietly follows the mouse to see where the poor little mouse really wants to run.
When the three men chased each other back and forth for a while, Li Xunhuan finally jumped in front of the beggar.
Then, without waiting for the beggar’s reaction, Li Xunhuan took out all his silver. When he dispersed his family wealth, it was the real armor that insisted that he had left some necessities for life. Otherwise, he didn’t say that drinking and even eating would always be successful. This is one of the many reasons why he should be grateful to the real armor.
The beggar stared at the silver in his hand, and Li Xunhuan laughed. "I will give you all this silver if you can lead me to the owner of the fur coat."
The beggar immediately rushed to say, "OK, I’ll take you there, but you must give me the money first."
Li Xunhuan immediately held the silver in his hands, and he was willing to find the real armor even if he had to hold his heart out.
The beggar laughed so hard that his mouth watered. He hastily put the silver in his arms and said with a smile, "I think you must have stolen this silver, otherwise how could you give it away so easily?"
When he robbed the silver, it was naturally difficult to meet Li Xunhuan’s hand. Just as his hand met Li Xunhuan’s hand, his five fingers suddenly took a ride and hooked-Li Xunhuan felt that his wrist seemed to suddenly have more iron hoops.
Then someone else was picked up. The beggar not only made a terrible move, but also included four of the most terrible martial arts in contemporary Wulin.
As soon as his finger touched Li Xunhuan’s finger, he became a monk. A real person can never get rid of it if he touches it.
Then he used his hand from Wudang Road 72 to catch up with Li Xunhuan’s pulse gate. If he buckled the door of contacts, he would never be able to use it again. Then he divided the muscles and wrong the bones and wrong the bones and bones of Li Xunhuan.
In the end, his trick was a fall from the Great Wall, and people would never get up again if he picked it up.
The beggar practiced every kind of kung fu with great skill. Even though Li Xunhuan had seen that he was not an ordinary person, he could never see that he was such a master. Even though he knew that he was pregnant with martial arts, he never thought that he would plot against himself.
Li Xunhuan had never been so surprised in his life that Li Xunhuan fell to the ground like a dead fish, so that his eyes turned yellow and he almost fainted. When Venus gradually dissipated before his eyes, he saw the beggar’s face squatting beside him, holding his throat with one hand and looking at him with a smile.
At this time, Li Xunhuan and the beggar suddenly felt a chill rising from their hearts for no reason, and at the same time, their hair could explode. They were extremely good contemporary experts. This was murderous.