Towa Oshima couldn’t forget that cherry blossoms came to apricot like a snow girl and said to herself at the entrance of the village, "Oshima will wait for you to come back and marry me as your bride when the cherry blossoms bloom again."

After ten years of studying, Oshima finally got master’s approval to go back to his hometown to have a look. He couldn’t help but miss himself, even if the night was dark and the weather was cold, he couldn’t stop Oshima’s fiery heart.
Just as Oshima was walking briskly alone on this suburban trail with an extremely excited and cheerful mood, he suddenly felt a strange smell, and when he was waiting for him, he quickly pulled out Tatsu Yamashiro’s left and right, only to find that everything in front of him had become specious.
Then all over the sky, the fallen leaves suddenly fell from the surface of Oshima. As the fallen leaves slowly came out, they encountered such a strange situation. Oshima did not dare to make a move. He clenched his hands and Tatsu Yamashiro crouched sideways. At this time, he seemed like a leopard poised to appear in front of him. The enemy would be struck by Oshima’s thunder.
However, with the fragrance of the fallen leaves gradually weakening, a sad and harsh whistling suddenly came, which sounded like a ghost whistling in hell, and the spiritual fear and power disorder instantly broke Oshima Qigong.
Then Oshima, trapped in the inverted array of five elements, couldn’t help inhaling Zhang Pingsan in the fallen leaves, and then a purple figure suddenly appeared next to the big tree on the right side of Oshima. Seeing this, Oshima did not suppress the body’s ecstasy, but mustered up all his strength to attack the purple figure.
However, Oshima’s sharp blow prevented him from crossing the Oshima just now, and he felt a sudden pain in the spinal hole behind him, and then he fainted immediately.
Zhang Ping, who succeeded in a blow, handled all traces nearby before returning to the cave where he had been hiding for three months with Oshima.
After sealing the big point of Oshima, Zhang Ping gave Oshima a small dose of roofies.
Then Zhang Ping, a pot of cold water, will be tied up by a rope, and Oshima will wake up. When Oshima just opened his eyes, he launched the Jiuyin Zhenjing to move the soul.
At this time, Oshima just opened his eyes and saw a pair of deep and strange eyes. Then he heard "Go to sleep, go to sleep, you are tired …" Although the sound came to his heart, he felt different, but he soon lost consciousness in these strange sounds and eyes.
Successfully hypnotized each other. Zhang Ping’s heart was greatly satisfied with this nine-yin true sutra. Then Zhang Ping easily asked all kinds of secrets from Oshima’s mouth. Of course, the most important thing is to finally figure out the effort.
It turns out that Zhang Ping, a martial art here, was quite different in previous worlds. After collecting purple gas and condensing it into gas species, they directly absorbed the breath of heaven and earth and the mixed force of gas species.
This kind of force is not caused by the anger of one’s own life, so it has little effect on the body after being released. However, this kind of force is not caused by the anger of the human body, but the bonus of restoring force to human speed and strength is relatively limited
Moreover, Oshima got a secret from his master when he left this time. It turns out that the breath of heaven and earth is divided into many kinds, and the absorption of ordinary people is an attribute force formed by the natural mixture of heaven and earth. However, some extreme skills have a way to absorb some special attributes of heaven and earth, thus producing some amazing effects.
It’s a pity that the Igawa Sect didn’t have this kind of outstanding work, which really disappointed Zhang Ping.
However, this kind of kung fu has an advantage that is very suitable for Zhang Ping, that is, the mixed breath of heaven and earth has no different attributes compared with human anger. If Zhang Ping expects it to be not bad, this kind of true spirit should not bite itself.
So Zhang Ping looked at Oshima and decided to do an experiment first. At this time, Zhang Ping walked to Oshima’s side, grabbed Oshima’s spirit with his right hand and sucked stars. * * Instantly launched the pain of dispersing work, which made Oshima instantly wake up from a coma and feel that the hard-earned power of cultivation was flowing away. At this time, Oshima tried its best to struggle.
However, Oshima, who was stopped at acupuncture points, did half a day’s work after all. Because of the different absorption power, Zhang Ping was very careful to suck the stars this time, and it took half a column of incense to suck the Oshima force dry.
I feel that Oshima’s heart is dead at the moment. If I work hard for ten years, it will be a waste island without any effort. I wonder if Apricot will wait for me in the cherry tree.
Then Zhang Ping’s right hand slowly patted his forehead with this ordinary one-handed kung fu in Oshima’s eyes. At this time, Oshima’s eyes were different from the last moment when death called for life. He seemed to see the cherry trees in his hometown gurgling and familiar with minor tunes. At this time, the cherry trees have fallen like the most delicate cherry trees. She was dressed beautifully and smiling at herself at the cherry trees at the village entrance. Oshima smiled and murmured, "Apricot, I’m coming and waiting for me."
With Zhang Ping’s single palm swinging down the big island, the memory is fixed at this moment forever.
It solved the problem that Oshima Zhangping threw his body to a cliff outside the cave and felt this special force. Zhangping moved it to the fingertips, and then with the help of this new force, Zhangping felt a strong wind blowing out a piece of bluestone two feet away, and a small hole appeared.
Just when Zhang Ping was excited about the unexpected effect of this new force, the two old and new forces suddenly broke out. Originally, he just absorbed the new force and stayed in the abdomen, but when Zhang Ping operated this new force, the two forces met in the meridians of Zhang Ping’s right hand, which broke out the hidden danger.
At this time, Zhang Ping’s face suddenly changed from pale to red. Obviously, he has encountered a great crisis, and a bad handling will lead to a catastrophe to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Once upon a time there was a hidden mountain
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With the intensification of the conflict between the two forces, Zhang Ping suddenly had a brainwave at the moment of crisis to attract the new force of Oshima into the abdomen of the soul, thus finally temporarily resolving the immediate crisis.
However, it has become a serious problem for Zhang Ping to choose and coordinate the two forces.
It’s really enviable to say that this new force has its external release characteristics, but it’s not so easy if you want Zhang Ping to give up a jade skill. After all, it’s far from this new force to switch the sunflower power and the hurdle power when necessary.
Zhang Ping thought for a long time and finally put his hopes on the reincarnation wheel and the umbilical deification wheel. This reincarnation wheel once produced a mysterious energy miracle to guide the plantar reincarnation pulse in the First World War of the Flower Palace. After a world of penance, Zhang Ping also felt that the umbilical deification wheel was finally hit by himself.
So Zhang Ping made a bold decision again. He slowly injected a little new force into the reincarnation wheel.
With the new force slowly injected into Zhang Pingmeng, he felt a dizzy feeling coming from it, and then Zhang Pingmeng gave up his control without hesitation and retired his mind.
As the wheel of reincarnation pours out the force, Zhang Ping quickly pours it back into the abdomen of soul body again.
Then the umbilical deification wheel still didn’t have much surprise and didn’t buy it at all.
Zhang Ping’s heart at this time was filled with contempt for many big monks in Sanye Temple, and he also said that he would leave some three rounds and seven veins to make himself happy.
Zhang Ping was followed by a burst of thinking. Since the two forces will conflict after meeting, can you make them not meet? So Zhang Ping paid attention to the dragon elephant Prajnaparamita again.