Ling Mo looked at feather chopsticks with delicious mala Tang coldly and sent them to Qi Ye’s mouth, which made him feel very angry, but Qi Ye obediently opened his mouth and looked cute, and his eyes were unspeakable and hateful.

Seven nights after dinner, I took the feather hand and whispered, "Sister Feather will take me out to play?"
Chapter 14 Terrible Seven Nights
———–please keep it.
Feather Qian tugged at a small abacus and said, "I’ll take you out when my sister finishes this account."
Seven nights happily clapped his hands and jumped up. I turned around and saw Ling Mo’s face as cold as frost. The child quickly put his hands and crept out.
Ling Mo Pupil went out after watching seven nights and said lightly to Feather, "Don’t ask me, I don’t want to play with that kid."
Feather grinned. "You are really boring!"
In the afternoon, Feather Pastor looked at Mala Tang and was not so busy. She gave the store to Luo Feixia and took seven nights to go to Xiangshan to see the red leaves.
It’s already late autumn, and the maple leaves are full of fire. I heard that it’s old and beautiful. Feather has always wanted to see it.
Now there is an opportunity.
Not far away, Feather Pastor looked back, and the ghost face Shura Ling Mo pupil actually followed her out, not far from her and seven nights later.
Feather pastor secretly smiled and stopped to rush back to Ling Mo pupil and said, "Didn’t you say you couldn’t come? Why follow others? "
Ling Mo’s pupil suddenly smiled warmly. Before he left, he picked up the seven nights and turned to Feather and said, "I’m afraid this little boy will watch him for you."
Seven nights timidly, Ling Mo did not dare to move in her arms. Her eyes were bright and black, and she seemed to look at the feather. She was also very happy that Ling Mo Pupil was so caring now.
In late autumn, Xiangshan Mountain is really beautiful. The red leaves all over the mountains are like fire. From a distance, the whole mountain seems to be covered with layers of red clouds. Every red leaf is that kind of refreshing, delicate and red. The whole mountain is as beautiful as a fairyland.
As far back as the 21st century, Meng Xiaoyu wanted to go to Xiangshan to see the red leaves, but I never had a chance. Unexpectedly, this wish came true after crossing by accident. It was very satisfying to look at the beautiful red leaves all over the mountain.
Her little face is printed with red clouds of excitement, and the more beautiful her eyes are, the brighter they look.
Ling Mo’s pupil held for seven nights with one hand, and his face still had no expression as calm as stagnant water. His arms shota for seven nights seemed to like this red leaves and pink little face from all over the mountains with excitement.
It is easy to attract others’ eyes when three such outstanding people are lined with red leaves all over the mountain like a beautiful and meaningful painting. Looking at Ling Mo Pupil and seven nights, I can’t help but fantasize that I and Ling Mo Pupil are a couple, while seven nights are two people and three children visiting Xiangshan. Thinking about it, she can’t help laughing with ecstasy.
Seven nights, when my eyes were sharp, I looked back and saw Feather’s giggle. I couldn’t help but ask strangely, "Sister Feather, what are you laughing at?"
Feather’s face "brushed" and quickly said, "Nothing, I just think this mountain scenery is so beautiful!"
She quickly choked. Where did she just think of? Are you possessed?
Three people walked slowly along the winding mountain road to the top of the mountain. They picked up some red leaves and took them back to make some beautiful clips.
There are almost no tourists on the top of the mountain, and the mountain breeze is stirring everyone’s show, especially the ghost face shura. It’s really beautiful when it floats long and elegant, like the people in the painting, with straight eyes.
This man is really a god. He looks like a man who doesn’t eat people.
Just as Feather’s eyes were staring at Shura’s face with bedroom eyes, Ling Mo quickly turned to her face and said faintly, "Don’t look at a girl’s house. Why do you look greedy and lewd?"
Feather contact face turned red and flipped through his eyes "who bedroom eyes? Everyone loves beauty! " In order to show innocence, Yu Zhen quickly turned his head to the other side.
Looking at the feather-beard turned his head to Ling Mo’s pupil and smiled, suddenly a strange expression appeared on his face. In an instant, he threw it at the mountain with seven nights in his hand.
With the cry of "Ah" for seven nights, the little body fell like a ball to the mountain.