"It’s very good that you are qualified to be my son’s friend even if I insist on not bowing down under half pressure." The dragon king heard Lin Tianxiao’s ear and a man in a dragon robe appeared in front of Lin Tianxiao.

"Ding-dong player, five words are floating in the sky. When the Dragon King intervenes, you get bored with the master-servant contract and change the equal contract."
"I depend!"
Lin Tian evil low scold a moment ago, I had a god-class pet myself, which made me excited. Now I want to directly turn it into an equal contract. You know, an equal contract can be dissolved anytime and anywhere, and that’s the contract.
"It’s not bad to be able to make an equal contract. If you don’t want to, I can cancel it here!"
Just when Lin Tianxiao was annoyed, the words of the Dragon King entered Lin Tianxiao’s ears, which surprised Lin Tianxiao and kept turning his head.
"Don’t be paranoid. This is my last line."
The dragon king’s words once again entered the ears of Lin Tianxiao, making Lin Tianxiao ten words, but it is still necessary to fight for the interests.
"It’s almost immortal to follow me. What’s in it for me?"
"The whole dragon is behind you. What other benefits do you need?"
"Why should I trust you? You can even change the contract. What else can’t you do? Besides, I don’t need your intervention. I really want to follow me. I can change it into an equal contract myself. My other pet, Ming Long Xiaosi Zou Sini, is an example!"
The dragon king’s eyes flashed a few times. He could see that the ghost dragon Xiaosi was very dependent on this human being, and he also hoped that his own son could have such a dependent person. There was such a person in front of him, perhaps because he was a villain, but he was tired of it, but the dragon hoped that he would have to be careful in the future.
"Well, I apologize. I can turn her from a ghost dragon into a real dragon clan so that she can have memories of past lives," said the dragon king.
Lin Tianxiao gasped at the air conditioning, frowned and stared at the Dragon King. Soon, he looked at the ghost dragon small four, and after a few flashes of light, his eyes gradually faded away.
Lin Tianxiao said to the Dragon King with an inexplicable pain in his heart, "I don’t need Zou Sini to live happily now. I don’t want her to think about whether she was happy or unhappy before. Now the ghost dragon Xiaosi means Zou Sini is not a person!"
A word is not long, but it represents Lin Tianxie’s evil heart. Xiao Si’s eyes are shining with strange brilliance, and there is a little loss in his heart, but more is his loyalty to Lin Tianxie.
The dragon king didn’t think that Lin Tianxiao would choose this way. For human beings, the stronger their hand strength is, the greater their help will be, but this human being didn’t choose this way, which surprised him.
Just then, a few people appeared around the Dragon King, and they were the elders. When they felt the power of the dragon silk greasy seal, their faces showed horror.
"Bold humans actually signed a contract with our dragon, and I will kill you!" Big elders grew up watching dragons grow up. Of course, Fanalin became the master of Jackie Chan.
"If you want to fight there, you should be afraid of you!"
Instantly, Lin Tianxie drew out a strong breath from the Xuantian sword. In coordination with Lin Tianxie’s enemy in the sky, several people, such as the big elders, were involuntarily stunned. However, the dragon king’s face showed a smile, and his eyes were tired of staring at Lin Tianxie. He liked that people could not have rebellious psychology now.
I’m surprised that the dragon king didn’t stop it, but looked at the excitement with his hand behind his back. This made Lin Tianxiao’s heart relaxed and showed the dragon king. It depends on his own strength
Well, since you want to see me, I’ll show you my strongest moves!
"A real dragon strike!"
Instantly, a real dragon with thousands of feet rises from Lin Tianxie’s body, and by the way, Lin Tianxie is pulled to the sky and instantly rises to a height of ten thousand feet.
Thousands of feet of real dragons seem to be turning into entities. Generally, the meridians of the body can see the breath flowing, and huge scales cover the body to protect the whole body.
The huge dragon head opened its jaws and ran straight at the big elder on the ground, and an enemy day swept over the big elder in an instant.
The elder roared, "Good coming!"
Immediately, the elder turned into a real person, and a giant red dragon with more than ten feet appeared in front of Lin Tianxiao’s magic dragon.
It’s not over yet. The red dragon rises by more than ten feet in the wind, and its body instantly becomes a giant of 100 feet, 500 feet and 1,000 feet. A violent force instantly fills the thousands of miles of Fiona Fang, making all creatures in this range constantly tremble.
At the level of madness, Lin Tianxie was afraid to drive the illusory real dragon straight into the red dragon’s maw and took a bite at the red dragon’s wings.
Not to be outdone, the red dragon’s front paws seem to be fine, but they are firmly grasped in the scales on the back of the real dragon and torn two pieces directly.
The real dragon screamed at the sky and screamed. Just now, it was blocked by the red dragon, and it tore two scales.
This time, Shi Zhenlong struck Lin Tianxiao and made him feel more fit with this skill. It can be said that the real dragon is himself and the real dragon. Therefore, after tearing two pieces of Long Lin, the red dragon made Lin Tianxiao feel the same. The back of his body seemed to be torn by two pieces of flesh and blood, and he couldn’t help but scream.
Lin Tianxiao’s eyes are red all his life, and Xuantian is constantly changing his moves. In his command, the real dragon also constantly sends out different attacks. His head, four claws and tail can be everywhere, but it is also a draw with the elder.
In a flash, it took dozens of seconds. The evil level of Lin Tian has been reduced by almost 100 levels. It should have been raised to level 9, and now it has level 1.
A grind Lin Tian evil made a malicious instantaneous outbreak of the tenth level price and issued a final blow. A force that can destroy everything appeared and covered the whole Dragon Island inside.
The elder’s face was horrified, and his seal was instantly released. When his strength rose to the best, he met them.
With a wave of his hand, Yu Longwang smiled and flashed Fiona Fang miles. A circular mask appeared to seal Lin Tianxie and the big elders in the mask, and neither of them could destroy anything.
Destroy all the forces on the big elders, let the big elders have a little breathing. Finally, the big elders could no longer bear to be defeated and unscrupulous, and they were forced into a corner by Lin Tianxiao for a moment.
"It’s almost over!"
At this time, the dragon king’s words entered the ears of the two men, and with a wave of his hand, the figure of the elder appeared beside him, but the elder was panting at this time and was overwhelmed by Lin Tianxiao’s onslaught during this period.
When thousands of dragons disappeared, Lin Tianxie showed his prototype in the mask, and the dragon king disappeared again with a wave of his hand, and Lin Tianxie also appeared beside him.
At this time, Lin Tianxiao’s face turned black and his breathing was a little short. Just now, he lost more than 300 levels with a real dragon blow, which made him directly reduce to level 63, which didn’t make him feel a little distressed.
"Very good and powerful, Elder. Do you have anything to verify?" At this time, the dragon king asked
The elder shook his head and said, "I didn’t expect this human being to be so powerful, Dragon King. Your eyes are still vicious. I couldn’t compete with you when I was young, and I still can’t compete with you now!"