"Go to hell!" Big honey picked up a folder on the table and threw it directly at Ye Ye. She bowed her head quickly and hid in the past, then slapped the table and shouted, "You can talk but don’t start work!"

Chapter ninety System overlord way one
"The female Han can’t move her mouth!" Big honey also roared with a clap table, glaring at Ye Qing and shaking his head. "It doesn’t make sense to look at you. I want to ask you if you still want the team to win the game?"
Big honey hummed "Of course I want the team to win."
"Then you can let them go. I promise that the day will win the game." Ye Qing is very serious. He feels that it should not be too difficult for him to play the starting team and not fall behind to win the game. Of course, he did not meet the Tiger Brotherhood before!
"What if the sky loses?"
"If I lose everything, I will bear it alone."
"good! Then I’ll let them go. I hope you remember what you said! " Big honey got up and walked outside the office. Ye Qing breathed a sigh of relief. If big honey insisted on not letting people go, there was nothing she could do.
Big honey went to the training room and locked it, then pushed the door and said to Dong Laoer and others, "Training is over. You all go back to rest and play a good game tomorrow!"
"yeah!" Everyone cheered and Dong Laoer secretly said, "It’s still the boss!" Meteors and others quickly packed up their state, and then the birds and beasts scattered them in an instant, fearing that everyone would go back on their word.
At this time, Ye Qing slowly walked out of Da Mi’s office and looked at Da Mi and said, "Big Boss Renyi!" Then he said to Dong Laoer, "Let’s go home, Laoer!" After that, he left Dong Laoer and never looked back. He took a look at Big Honey and then hurried to follow him.
Big honey looked at the back of the two people disappearing around the corner, and her heart was very uncomfortable. She went back to the office and sat down. Suddenly, she vented her anger and pushed the desk file department to the ground. She couldn’t help but scold, "Big honey, you really don’t need someone to change. You have to be yourself! You are a real fool if you lose yourself to someone who doesn’t care about you! "
Ye Qing and Dong Laoer went to the club building. Dong Laoer hesitated for a moment and then said to Ye Qing, "Boss, what do you say about the big boss letting people go?"
"Sacrifice hue" leaf inclination
"So cool?" Dong Laoer consternation tunnel leaf tilt stretched out his hand and pushed him a way "to you! I just told her the truth and finally told her with a glib tongue. She sincerely admitted her mistake and kowtowed to say that she would never make the same mistake again. I saw that she was very penitent and forgave her. "
"So I’d rather believe that you sacrificed your hue for our freedom." Dong Laoer said with a smile that the two of them soon returned to the rental house. Ye Qing was very excited to tell Dong Laoer about Su Yanbing’s call to him. Dong Laoer helped him analyze that he still had a good chance to get Su Yanbing. After all, Su Yanbing had fewer friends and was able to call him home at midnight, which was enough to say that he was very confident.
Ye Qing also made it clear to the Affairs Department last night that Dong Laoer felt deeply sorry that Ye Qing didn’t take the opportunity to occupy half of the bed in Su Yan Ice House in a good situation. If it was his words, it is estimated that he could fool Su Yan Bing into tears and then commit suicide.
Ye Qing sneered at Dong Laoer’s words. Su Yanbing is not the same as other women. It is not so easy to fool. It is estimated that she will be blacklisted immediately and there will be no chance to get close to her. Ye Qing doesn’t want to take that risk.
Ye Qing slept well with pleasure that night. The next morning, he got up in high spirits, kicked Dong Laoer to wake up, and then turned over in the living room with energy, directly dumbfounded Dong Laoer. Did the boss take stimulants?
"Second, hurry up! How about we go out for two laps after breakfast? " Leaf tilt and jumped in situ two pairs of dong Lao er way
Dong second rubbed his eyes is very depressed tunnel "don’t? We have to play a game. It’s important to get down to business! "
"It’s still early! You should exercise more, or I can beat ten of you! "
"You can always play ten I … eldest brother for liberation! Let me sleep a little longer, will you? Why don’t you go out and run for two laps and call me back! " Dong Laoer is very fluent. He doesn’t have the energy to run. Now he feels far away from walking from the rental house to the club. Why run? Isn’t that funny?
"Young people should be full of vigor and vitality! Forget it! You’re hopeless! I’ll run two laps first! " Ye Qing finished and trotted out of the door. Dong Laoer shook his head, boss. This is a typical sign of falling in love and full of fighting spirit at all times.
Ye Qing came back after running two laps, went directly to the health center, took a shower, and then came out refreshed and shouted directly to Dong Laoer, "Don’t get up, do you want to try our enemy’s stump!" Dong middle child immediately rolled over and sat up. "No! I am already up! "
The two men took up their keyboard bags and went out in tandem. After drinking a bowl of porridge and eating a few bags, they went straight to the game site. When they arrived at their destination, no one in Club I had arrived yet. Dami and coach Zhang came early. The meteor was the first member of the team. ibye came after the meteor came, but he sat in a chair without saying a word and his expression was very serious.
Now it’s just cold-blooded and affectionate. I made a call to urge the two guys to say that they have arrived at the Tiger Brothers League on the road. They are all here. They first meet at the club and then set off in a unified way. In this way, no one will be late. All the departments will go together. Compared with the Tiger Brothers League, they are much more formal. However, they are also veteran professional players because of Jiang Yuhan’s experience. They are very familiar with the competition process and naturally arranged in order.
It didn’t take long for two people, cold-blooded and affectionate, to come to this game. The opponent of Club I was an unknown team. They should not be a professional team. Without dressing the, the team leader and the coach, there were five people sitting together with keyboard bags.
The name of this team is bonfire, and five people are tall and thin. They are also at a loss when they learn that their opponent is Club I, because Club I is also a little-known team. They don’t even know whether their opponent is a professional team or an amateur team. Both sides know their opponents.
Before the game, ibye picked up his keyboard bag and prepared for a big game. Honey immediately stopped him and said softly, "You don’t want to play the first game in Yuzryha!" Ibye’s eyes showed a little hatred, but he didn’t say much and sat back directly.
Ye Qing picked up his keyboard bag and got up in high spirits. Then he shouted enthusiastically, "Brothers, cheer up and show everyone that our club is amazing!" Coach Zhang looked at this guy’s back and couldn’t help saying to Dami, "Ye Qing’s spirit is particularly good today!"
"Is it good to let him sleep at home for an afternoon yesterday?" Big honey tunnel Ye Qing started this game, which made her look forward to it very much. She really wanted to see how much Ye Qing could change this team.
After the game, Ye Qing skillfully plugged in the keyboard, mouse and headphones and then turned to the cold-blooded way "Captain …" Before he finished, he grabbed the cold-blooded way "I know the old rules! You just have to command. After this game, I will directly apply to coach Zhang for your command of the team! "
"Well, thank you!" Ye Qing, this guy is also welcome to wear headphones and enter the game. According to the requirements of the game, he entered the channel. After the game was established, the referee immediately extracted the map, which is the desert 1d team competition mode map!
When Ye Qing saw this map, he couldn’t help but think of the crazy gun practice day with Jing Feng. During that time, his marksmanship advanced by leaps and bounds, and his posture gradually became elegant, smart and coquettish. The map of this game simply made him relive his gun practice. At that time, he felt that Jing Feng brought him that oppressive feeling on this map, which made him unforgettable today. He also learned Jing Feng’s super control in the main road.
If you want to be able to firmly control the main road, it is not difficult to win this game. You must send meteors to the side bridge to cooperate with the side bridge. You are confident that you can suppress the other side to the point where you enter the main road, and you will die as soon as you leave the base!
After the game, Ye Qing decisively adopted the tactics of "four guarantees and one guarantee". The four machine gunners joined hands to escort the meteor side bridge and entered the main road of Renye Fang. Of course, they also wanted to compete for the control of the side bridge. Ye Qing recalled and surprised the wind to practice guns. Suddenly, he was full of confidence. He showed his posture and instantly exploded the other two heads at several points in a row. At any time, he rushed forward directly and made a quick point to blow a machine gunner’s head that had just flashed out of the box.
Dong Laoer’s firepower has been moving with Ye Qing, which has helped him enough to cover the fire. Cold-blooded and affectionate also rushed with Ye Qing. Soon, they were pressed to the front and directly drove out the other people’s department. The main road was successfully boarded by the side bridge. This main road has been controlled by the I club, and the I club has taken up all the wind, which made both Da Mi and Coach Zhang breathe a sigh of relief at the same time. There is no suspense in the game today!
Ye Qing’s power and tide wait for no man. He blocked the other side at the main crossing with cold blood and others, and they killed one. He didn’t let the other side have a chance to enter the main road. His strength made the opponents feel so oppressive that they couldn’t even breathe. Ye Qing also made his own hegemonic performance.
Chapter ninety-nine System Overlord Road II
"Ta-da-da …" Ye Qing kept shooting the other people out of the base and sent them back one by one. He took cold-blooded people and others and had been stuck at the entrance of the other main road for a few minutes. He added a meteor on the side bridge to cooperate with the other party to break through their defense.
The gap between the number of people killed by the two sides widened, and the bonfire didn’t go out. People obviously realized that the strength of the other side was much higher than theirs, but they could do something. Later, their commander felt that it was different from delivering food when they were resurrected one by one, so they and others rushed out of the base together after they were resurrected. Outside the entrance of the main road, they attacked and ran to the side road.
The fire-fighting command was originally intended to run to the auxiliary road and then ambush the other side to chase it, but Club I was indifferent. They divided two people to guard the rear, so they just stuck to the main road no matter where the fire-fighting people ran. Anyway, the other side would definitely come to the main road in the end, otherwise the stalemate in this game would be bad for the fire-fighting team.
The commander was very confused when he saw that the other person didn’t chase him. Finally, he simply took the people around to the other end directly, but they didn’t directly enter the main road, but the team commander in the middle building made another deployment. I don’t know if it was always constructive for him to come up with it in an epiphany.
Ye Qing and others pay close attention to the situation in the rear and the middle building on the main road, but because there are too many places to pay attention to, their attention is still relatively divided. People who don’t extinguish the fire suddenly come out of the middle door of the corridor warehouse on both sides of the middle building, which is a great surprise to everyone in the club I.
At that time, there were meteors and Dong Laoer’s meteors in the middle of the building, and one person was killed, and Dong Laoer also came to fire. As soon as the other person came out of it, he shot at Fang Yeqing and others.
The head of the most explosive person in the commanding position is in the air. The first place to sweep is where the head is. Almost instantly, the head is tilted and cold-blooded. When the head is tilted, the control of the main road will be greatly reduced, and the morale will be greatly boosted. The remaining four people directly jumped to the main road from the surface.
Dong Laoer blasted off one of the heads and three others directly by fire. After the meteor was adjusted on the side bridge, it flashed out directly, and a feeling came out after the box on the other side, which also killed one. In this short moment, both sides suffered heavy casualties
There are two people left in the main road I club, but one person remains in the bonfire. The resurrection people from both sides have entered the main road again. This situation has been hit. The control of the I club in the main road has been weakened, and there is no way to prevent the other person from entering the main road.
The two sides held a fierce battle on the main road, and the club I finally occupied an advantage. Because the meteor was not dead yet, the other side would face a concerted attack on the side bridge. It was impossible to prevent it. It was very difficult to pull out the meteor nail, and the cover of Ye Qing and others was very powerful, which made them unable to distract themselves from dealing with the meteor. Moreover, the meteor guy was so wretched that he retreated with one shot. He always flashed out when his own machine gunner had the dominant firepower, and he always caught the other side off guard.
Ye Qing, with his elegant posture and increasingly skilled marksmanship, can capture his edge, and his number of killers ranks first in the end. Even if a meteor has never died, the number of killers is not the same. Who can imagine that this little amateur in an Internet cafe less than a month ago could torture him to death? Now he has a kind of domineering spirit in the main road, which makes his teammates feel very practical and makes his opponents feel very awe. This progress speed has to be said to be shocking.
Coach Zhang was very excited when he looked at the big screen. He seemed to foresee that this team would be powerful and famous in the future, and he was expected to become the first gold medal coach in China.
Ye Qing’s domineering spirit has already emerged, and it will definitely dominate the sky in time, which will make several people crazy. Coach Zhang sighed to Dami, "Ye Qing’s leadership temperament is increasing day by day! Domineering and decisive is really a good seedling. Our team really found a treasure! Honey, I think we should keep him at all costs. Only he can completely change this team! "
Big honey chuckled, "If a person’s heart is not here, no matter how much it costs, I can’t keep him. I respect his decision to let him go if his contract expires. If he is willing to stay, of course we will vigorously cultivate him. His presence can affect the state of the players and boost morale. His presence can keep the whole team stable. If he is not present, this team will be in ruins. I think the day he leaves the team is the day when the team is dissolved!"
Coach Zhang was shocked when he heard this. He didn’t expect that Ye Qing’s departure would have such serious consequences. It seems that he has to set up a set of Ye Qing’s words in private. Otherwise, this guy will leave directly if the contract expires. Wouldn’t he be unemployed? Did the dream of a gold medal coach come true?
Where did Ye Qing know that he was burdened with so many people who expected him to command the team to advance and retreat in an orderly way in the main road? From detachment, Dong Laoer has become the core figure of the team. At this time, he really lamented his boss’s ability. Ye Qing never won one-on-one combat with him in the dormitory, but now he feels that if he fights with Ye Qing again, he is expected to lose miserably.
Ye Qing’s killing efficiency is quite high, almost all of them kill each other directly without giving each other a chance to fight back. This is the result of his gun practice with Jing Feng, and today he is full of energy and feels quite good. He feels that ak47 has no recoil when he presses the gun, especially when he shoots his head quickly.
If the fire doesn’t go out, the highest number of people killed there is their captain’s broken gun, but the gap between them and Ye Qing is still very obvious. Although his id is called broken gun, in fact, his gun is not broken at all. Otherwise, how can he kill so many people?
The broken gun is very troublesome at this time. How can we change the current situation? The opponent’s main road ak player is too fierce. If his posture slows down a little, he will blow his head off. Besides, there is a wretched sniper on the side bridge.
"Captain! If we go this way, we will lose. We must completely change our tactics! We can’t take advantage of the main road, and the score will get bigger and bigger! " A team member looked at the broken gun in frustration. At this time, the score was already 12 to 61i, and the club was well ahead of more than four killers. If we don’t do something, we will really lose. Now we must catch up and let the other side kill less.
It’s hard for them to fight, but it’s easy to let the other side kill less. Unless the opponent’s gun is broken by water at this time, how can this be a game? This situation will never happen. The broken gun has racked its brains in the base to find a way. Their team has been established for half a year, but it was eliminated in the first round. They are full of confidence and hope to get a good result. They don’t want to stop there.
"There seems to be no way to think about being so backward. What else can we do except fight with them? Tactics don’t matter to them. They just need to stick to the main road. We are so far behind that we have to take the initiative to attack to tie the score! Ah, you’re going to lose … "Broken gun tunnel in despair.
At present, the score is indeed changed to a gold medal, which may be useful. At this time, the strength gap is no longer a tactic to make up for. You want to ambush people in the auxiliary lane, and you don’t care. You want to outflank the other side, and someone will be waiting for you there. You want to take the middle floor? Ask the other side if the bridge sniper agrees!
"Come on, fight with them and lose! Let’s come again next time! " The broken gun simply gave up the idea of winning, so the bonfire kept hitting the main road, but when Ye Qing and others stopped them and fell on the main road one after another, Ye Qing kept refreshing his killing number. At this time, the number of homicides has reached a new high in his career. The whole data looks very amazing. 63 people died nine times, and his death number was still single digits. This is unbelievable in professional competitions, and it is only possible to have such fate data when the opponent is an amateur team.
Who can fight a whole desert for a day in a regular large-scale professional competition and still maintain single-digit deaths? No one wants to keep such an amazing number of deaths. There is a way! That is, you won’t come out in the base, but that won’t kill anyone. No one will do that.
Chapter one hundred He
In the desert, the main gun kept flashing from time to time, and the Grenade crashed and exploded. The two sides rushed into the battle and spilled their blood on the side bridge of this desert tucheng. The sniper had already killed his eyes, and he felt hot. The frequency of the gun was getting faster and faster. Someone just appeared at the entrance of the main road and fell directly at his muzzle.
Ye Qing kept flashing out from behind the box, and his footsteps moved very fast. When the bullet was fired from his gun, he always got into the enemy’s body accurately. He played this game as if he were playing a practice match, and his body was very relaxed. There was no pressure at all. Dong Laoer also gradually played the state, and the number of people killed climbed. The second meteor ranked third in the team because of its geographical advantage, and the number of people killed was also very small. He became more and more comfortable on the side bridge. The gunner helped him attract most of the firepower. If he was to be attacked, he would flash behind the column, and his teammates would immediately
The score quickly changed from 12 to 61 to 15 to 3i, and the club finally won the game with a huge advantage. Ye Qing’s starting effect was very remarkable, and the team led all the way and never lost its advantage.