For several rounds, the blue sword fragments have been dying, and many of those scattered blue fragments have fallen into confrontation with the dragon. Ling Ye Maple is suddenly launching an attack. Ye Lingfeng felt a quiver all over. Previously, those fragments that didn’t pay attention to losing power fell into the body. What seems to have happened? Dozens of blue spots are adsorbed on Ling Ye Maple, as if depending on his body’s spiritual defense, directly drilling into Ye Lingfeng’s skin and directly entering the dantian Yuan God along the meridians.

Ye Lingfeng’s Yuan Shen is composed of three parts. The theme is naturally the Ten-side Ice Magic Road, which has been cultivated for many years. Although this Ten-side Ice Magic Road was obtained from the Korean Buddhist master, according to him, this skill is unique. If it is practiced, it will have the power of conan the destroyer. However, Ye Lingfeng doesn’t believe that if it is so magical, you will give it to me like a monkey, which will make people feel at ease.
However, Ling Ye Feng Lian knew what the Buddhist would easily give it to himself after this achievement method. Generally speaking, the achievement method has its own rules, which are condensed by the creator’s understanding of the rules of heaven and earth. If the method or understanding of this achievement method is not correct, the practitioner will not push himself, but the ten-side ice magic road has never been like this. It seems that how to practice is very casual to understand the rules of heaven and earth, just like a lazy master who ignores his disciples, but there are so many. Ye Lingfeng still didn’t give up exploring this achievement method in 1998. Although little progress has been made in practicing this achievement method for many years, master Xiao Yiren once said that the Korean Buddhist didn’t lie. This ten-square ice magic method is really rare. It’s even more weird. This Ye Lingfeng didn’t give up this achievement method. However, as the strength of the ten-square ice magic method became more and more insufficient, it was condensed into a three-color yuan god. It was unexpectedly that day that Yin and Yang reversed road construction and Zhang Xiaoqi’s spiritual cage were inserted horizontally.
In this case, Ye Lingfeng once asked the old sword god. According to him, there should not be a monk who talks about how many kinds of methods of uniting and eventually condenses into Yuan God. There should also be a kind of method. Ye Lingfeng’s condensation of ice crystals is the magic road of ten squares of ice. Yes, but the purple heaven and earth, Yin and Yang, reverse road construction and bloody spirit cage, but I don’t know that it will suddenly appear in the power of Yuan God.
It’s worth noting that the magical effect of this ten-square ice magic way makes Ye Lingfeng directly curse the mother. Ye Jieyu gave the face with his own hands, and there are many comments that are his own opinions. However, it’s like this that Ye Jieyu and his own same achievement method have cultivated completely different forces. Ye Lingfeng’s achievement method focuses on change, while Ye Jieyu’s achievement method focuses on lethality. After that, it’s a trick. It’s either you die or I die. However, Ye Lingfeng forgives this point.
As those blue ice crystals entered the meridians and were absorbed by Yuan Shen, Ye Lingfeng suddenly felt a refreshing coolness, except that it was colder than the Millennium ice in the chamber of secrets of Yin Frost Pavilion. Ten ice magic paths are particularly sensitive to temperature, especially like things with low temperature. Ye Lingfeng will live in the practice of ice loss, and these dozens of ice crystals are even colder than that room of ice. This is incredible. Although it has long been known that the material for building that sword must not be anything, it is also too unexpected that with the ice crystal fragments entering. Walking into the meridians in the direction of Yuan Shen, Ling Ye Feng suddenly felt a quiver in the abdomen. The white Yuan Shen stretched out his hand and the ice crystal fragments in the meridians flew into the Yuan Shen, who ate dozens of ice crystals as if chewing delicious food. Suddenly, the Yuan Shen broke away from Ye Lingfeng’s control and flew out of the body, forming a virtual shadow behind Ye Lingfeng. White ice lotus is located in the direction of Yuan Shen. At this moment, even frost wyrm is entrenched in the refining center in the southeast, but this frost wyrm seems to be still in its infancy, and it is very heart to play in the refining center.
With the bead of Yuan God forming behind Ye Lingfeng, the magma seems to be attracted by something, and it turns into huge flames coming towards Ye Lingfeng crazily. At this moment, Ye Lingfeng’s body is fixed by Yuan God, and the flame that devours the sky will annihilate itself.
Being killed by your own achievement method is the first one!
Yuan God is the most vulnerable part of a monk. Although there are many methods to attack Yuan God, it is also to attack Yuan God or spiritual soul. Most monks try their best to consolidate their Yuan God strength and avoid devastating blows. Even if the body dies, there is no previous trap for Ye Lingfeng. Long Xiao said that there is a way to save him, and it is also a way to reshape Yuan God.
Ling Ye Maple has a mental cage. This fragile ice attribute Yuan Shen has hardly come out. Who expected that when he came out for the first time, he would make such a big scene. Maybe he would really die here!
Hey, the magma is so hot, the ruins of Jiang Guo are so dangerous, and I’m fine. It’s hard to get out. What’s going on?
Chapter one hundred and fifteen, Li Wuqiu
Ye Lingfeng didn’t feel any harm as she was surrounded by flames. Instead, those flames quickly entered the ice chain around Ye Lingfeng through the baptism of the Yuan God, and that power was the purest ice attribute spiritual force.
Ye Lingfeng’s ten-square ice magic Dao Yuan Shen is like filtering those flames, and he will make the fire attribute of Gang Yang the purest ice attribute spirit force to enrich his own strength.
"Isn’t this the ten-side ice magic road and the ability to transform power!"
As the Yuan God kept refining the flame, strange things happened in the southeast ice chain, and the little dragon with arm length gradually became bigger, and as the frost wyrm gradually showed his body, the crater suddenly flowed faster and faster, and the scene shocked this Ye Lingfeng.
It was already a day and a night after Ye Lingfeng came out of the crater. Lan Chenxi at the lake was as quiet as a sculpture, and it seemed that it never moved. In the morning, the sun shone on the lake and Ye Lingfeng jumped out of the water like a fish.
"Come back!"
Two people passed Ye Lingfeng took Lan Chenxi’s hand and handed me clothes.
"The demon race has been in Lianghecheng for two days. They tried to launch a charge and want to come out from the inside, but they were all repelled by Z Ryan. The old sword god went back to Lianghecheng camp and joined them. Your sister also woke up."
A few words briefly introduced the current situation, and Ling Ye Feng waved his hand.
"Let’s go back!"
Most of the troops of Qin belong to the state and are directly ordered by the emperor. They will not easily accept an outsider, especially the Tiger Roar Army, as the mainstay of the empire, and they will not go through troubled times. Z Ryan and Li Wuqiu are not easily overwhelmed by people. Although they are Liangzhou Army and Ye Lu’s old staff, Ye Lu has been dead for twenty years, no matter whether he was a dignitary before his death, it is just a pile of loess. The reason why they will listen to Ye Lingfeng’s command is that they have to deal with the south for a long time. Fu Li has never had a chance, but now Ye Lingfeng inexplicably killed Nan Fu Li Qing, and they want to sell it to Ye Lingfeng. They all know that after the rebellion, although the king of Qin personally ordered Ye Lingfeng to kill him, it was only because of the pressure from the DPRK and the face that Ye Lingfeng did not die. Sooner or later, it was an imperial confidant who took the lead and went to private for an uncertain battle. This person is Ye Lingfeng. If you win, everyone will have the credit. If you lose, hehe, whoever you are, I’m sorry to blame yourself! However, the most important point is that the man behind Ye Lingfeng dreams of dreams.
Qin Huang once personally pointed to Qin Meng in front of the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty and said that his younger sister was really there! What does this mean? I want to be alive. The dream of Qin is the whole state of Qin. One person and ten thousand people are here. Both Z Ryan and Li Wuqiu have seen the dream of Qin not long ago.
It is often said that someone in the DPRK is good at being an official, such as Ye Lingfeng, who is a high relative!
Wrapped in a fox fur, the old sword god did not come to the Qin cavalry barracks. He looked up and raised the military flag at the gate of the camp. Hehe smiled. "This Qin Jun is very rigorous!"
"Come and stop! Name! "
The primary school at the gate didn’t look down on the old sword. You must know that this demon family haunts Liang Hecheng and can walk back and forth safely. They must be superior and dare to swagger in front of the Qin military camp. There are several masters who can’t be taunted recently. God knows if they are friends!
After listening to the question from the primary school, the old sword god gave a little chuckle.
"Ask the name of the old lady. You are not qualified to let Z Ryan come out. By the way, call the female dolls in Yin Shuang Pavilion. Don’t call them and look at them!"
The old sword god said this is very arrogant, but this unborn master has all the information. If it weren’t for the maple face in Ling Ye, it is estimated that everything will be settled according to the temper of the old sword god.
I’ve seen such people in that small school. An old man must have taken the wrong medicine.
"Old man, you still say your name, otherwise I will not be able to inform the military camp that there are military camp rules!"
Old Sword God cold snorted and saw nothing moving with one arm behind him. Step forward with a bang. At the gate of Qin Jun Camp, Yuanmen crashed and fractured. The little school plopped down to the ground. Old Sword God stepped over and left a message without looking.
"The old man is the rule!"
The movement of Yuanmen here almost instantly shocked the whole barracks. The sabre was drawn and three hundred cavalry surrounded him almost as soon as the old sword god entered Yuanmen.
"Come and stop!"
The first general gave a cold grunt on the mask, like a long sword, and three hundred cavalry showed their swords together. It’s really chilling. If ordinary people are afraid of this, they will be scared silly. It’s a pity that they are afraid of the old sword god.
The fox fur and the old son strolled forward like an old man walking, never forced, but it was such an old sword god that 300 Qinbing around him was directly pushed like the autumn wind sweeping away the leaves, so it was miserable.