This explosion seems to have triggered a powder magazine to explode one after another, and a mushroom cloud rose into the sky around the whole palace.

"How is that possible?" Zhaojie couldn’t believe half kneeling on the ground looking at a face of anger. Terhi lost and shouted, "I …"
"You hit me, didn’t you?" Terhi pour the qiao face is full of anger and injustice her avenue "yes, you really hit me … body double? Are you disappointed? "
"Ha ha ….." zhaojie wry smile a "no disappointment, I think if you were so simple, you wouldn’t be worthy to be killed by me, so many people are afraid."
Terhi suddenly fell down and grabbed zhaojie by the collar, pulling his face closer to his eyes and angrily said, "I don’t believe you didn’t see that I’ve been letting you go."
The girl was so angry that her sweet saliva was sprayed into zhaojie’s face and mouth slightly.
Zhao Jieli stretched out his hand and wiped his face. "If you want good skin, you have to be a wife’s mouth fluid …"
"You," Thierry said, pushing zhaojie to the ground, blushing like an apple and turning to stamp his feet. "What are you talking about?"
"Nothing … just remembered a line" zhaojie wry smile way "if I didn’t guess wrong jade let me forget is you? So … Who are you? "
Terhi turned his head and raised his fist. "Do you dare to deal with me in such a horrible way when you know that I am someone you know well?"
Zhaojie wry smile way "can’t ah, I just found out that you have a problem again before all will guess that you may be the person I forgot …"
"You …" Terhi pointed to zhaojie in disgust and finally turned around in anger. "I don’t want to see you when you leave."
Zhaojie pointed to the light blue mask around. "Do you want me to take this thing away at least?"
Terhi gas silver teeth bite heart said how to meet such a puzzled amorous feelings stay force waved around energy position immediately revoked.
Then she didn’t hear zhaojie leaving the footsteps. Instead, the footsteps slowly wanted to get close to herself. It sounded so gentle that she couldn’t help but let her body stiffen slowly, and then suddenly she gently pulled her little hand with one hand. This gentle touch was even more stuttering in Gentel’s heart. "Why don’t you go?"
"Don’t worry, I’ll show you something interesting." zhaojie said, putting his hands on Terhi’s waist and taking her flying.
"Why?" Terhi asked with complexity.
"You see …" Zhao Jieba ordered the war around.
"why?" Terhi gave zhaojie a bitter stare, but there was a surprised look in his eyes as he looked.
"Damn it, what kind of freak skill are you?" The physical value of a mess has fallen to less than 1,000, and Roderick is lying on the ground with a bitter mouth.
War ghost hey hey smiled and threw the hip flask in his hand to him. "It is said that this is the materialization of pseudo-domain."
"What a terrible ability!" Roderick said with envy.
"Of course" war ghost hey but a smile.
Applause next to "spluttered" to let two people go back at the same time only to see a man dressed in black clapping not far away.
Almost at the same time, six black lights fell in six battlefields at the same time, and a man in black walked out of each black light.
"Who is this?" Terhi surprised way
"They?" Zhaojie laughed. "Who knows? You might as well ask him. "
And he took Terhi down to the ground and both of them looked at a man who suddenly appeared.
"We?" The black man’s face was covered with a layer of black cloth, and he couldn’t see each other for a long time. zhaojie asked and suddenly laughed. "Terhi wasted you killing so many of our brothers. Don’t you even know who we are?"
"It’s you." Terhi just shut up because she knows that there are some things that zhaojie can’t know. Once he knows these secrets, there will be disasters.
Amnesia zhaojie’s memory has lost the paradigm soul. This person naturally forgot all about the double ghosts, so he couldn’t help but ask, "Who are they?"
Terhi hurriedly said, "Don’t ask me who they are."
Zhaojie’s face was slightly surprised, but he still chose to listen to this woman’s advice. "What you said is really tolerable. You have to persist until half of us lose our fighting capacity."
The humanitarian "in fact, this is just a logical conclusion. When we came to Atlantis, it was not long ago, but since you asked us, are you happy?"
"What’s your goal?" Terhi block in front of Zhao Jie folded way
"This also ask? Nia, of course. "zhaojie took it for granted.
The man "Cong" gave a thumbs up. "How do you know?"
Zhaojie sneer at a "in fact, it’s nothing. If the emperor of Atlantis really wanted Niya to let his country float on land, he could have done so long ago. Why didn’t he choose this time sooner or later? In addition, I know that Niya’s true identity is also defensive in this respect. I didn’t expect that the emperor would choose to attack Niya at this time and want to send Niya into the energy furnace under the guise of these people. Now I think that the emperor should have been controlled by you? "
"Yes, Terhi should know that whatever we organize people to do is bound to have a person to fight. This time it happens to be a spiritual person, and everything will happen naturally."
"How did you know these people would appear?" Terhi has been carried away by emotion during this period, including in the library, and has been thinking about the root of zhaojie’s identity and has not linked the whole thing.
"Because we people are very strong."