Fortunately, he quickly recovered his state and saved several companions according to the plot.

You know, carrying a stick and sweeping it away, the monster’s eyebrows are imperceptible and slightly wrinkled.
Before the official performance, the scene was always closed, and the actual scene was even more exaggerated than the description in the play.
In particular, the special effects here are realistic and exciting, and even if the team members already know the plot, they will still be shocked. The frightened reaction is particularly real if they don’t deliberately act.
After that, they need to collect all kinds of materials and food, and at the same time deal with the monster attack. Finally, they drive out of the city with a group of lucky people, and the story is over
But I always feel something is wrong.
A line of people came to the school gymnasium at the moment, and there was a canteen to ensure the needs of life. Shui Yuan and food only knew that while checking the door lock, he calculated the plot progress in his mind, and Bai Tang was almost coming.
The idea just came to my mind and suddenly there was a loud bang outside.
He looked up to the sound direction and saw a young figure galloping in their direction, and the cloak behind him fluttered in the wind.
It’s like a hero who fell from the sky in a comic book.
No, where did this guy get the cloak?
I didn’t expect to come up with an idea. The hero had already seen the handsome professor not far away and raised his hands to wave at each other.
"Help! Help! He’s going to bite me! "Just know:
A little embarrassed
Mubin looked dignified and put the boy who called for help in the door, then locked the door and chased the monster outside the door.
The cloak boy gasped with his knees in his hands, and his face was alive after the robbery. Fortunately, the monster was still slamming into the door outside. The whole gymnasium kept silent, and his ears could hear the dull knocking against the door and scratching his nails.
The scalp is numb
Don’t say that even the audience can’t help breathing softly in the performance, for fear that the loud voice will stimulate the monster, who will break in from the door with a determined effort. The cloak boy gasped and stood up and threw a fist at the professor: "Thank you for saving my life."
Luo Yu feels in a trance that this man is on the wrong set.
"Why do you still have a cloak?"
"A cloak? What cloak?"
After scratching his head blankly, Bai Tang realized that he was behind him and turned his head slightly. At first glance, he was stupid and his mouth was faster than his brain: "I’m eating in the trough."
[What suddenly became a comedy? Hahahahahahahaha.
I was almost nervous just now, but now I’m going to die laughing]
[Xiao Bai Tang is so cute.
Bai Tang plays a student, Jiang, who is afraid that he will be hungry on the road before going out, and throws food on the tablecloth and rolls it into a bag to carry behind him.
I didn’t expect that the package behind me was scratched by a claw when I met the mutant monster on the road, and the food inside was all gone, and finally a piece of square cloth was left hanging behind me.
It’s something Bai Tang can do.
I know that expression management has always been top-notch. Although my mind turned around, I didn’t show it at all. I continued to play the role of Professor Mu Bin.
The number of lucky people who came to the stadium after Jiang is still increasing.
The seven-member team also successfully joined together and continued to follow the plot according to the original play.
"It’s not the way to go like this." Ningle saw that more and more people looked dignified. "Food and water here are limited. If we continue to increase, we can’t stay here for three days."
"The number of monsters around has also increased.
Jiang agreed and nodded and frowned: "But how can we leave? Although they don’t run too fast, there are a lot of them. If they are intercepted halfway without protection, we will probably run out of luck."
Qi Jingwei looked out of the window: "If only there was a car, you would have to worry too much and just drive out."
According to the play, it should be Mubin’s line, but it didn’t happen.
Everyone forgot his words and consciously turned to look at him, only to see that the latter was definitely looking in a certain direction and following his line of sight. Not far away, he saw a man who looked like he was in his thirties and forties, shaking and not knowing whether he was cold or afraid.
I noticed a bunch of people looking over here, and the man’s body shook even more.
He shook for a while and suddenly spoke.
"Car talk" is very low, dry and dumb. He paused here and pulled out a bunch of keys from his pocket.
"There are also car keys.
You know this role.
He and Mu Bin are colleagues in the same laboratory. They found the car while they were looking for supplies separately.
But not now.
Just know quietly staring at the man for a few seconds very suddenly smiled.
"Well, then please trouble Teacher Yi to lead the way and let’s take a trip together."
What did he laugh at]
[This smile is so subtle]
[Yan Yao played well. Hey, the role of Qi Jingwei is so suitable for him! Boyfriend force a! In particular, his super neat posture is very straight as soon as it is put out. It is specially studied! ]
[Playing dedication on the public screen]
Yes, but I don’t think he is as neat as the professor in the next team]
[Ha ha ha ha my heart’s broken, old fellow.]
[I don’t know what you boast about knowing that you should play a weak professor. Now that you are self-expressing, it’s because other people’s scenes have been robbed and people’s settings have collapsed. You still close your eyes and boast that you are playing well. It’s really a matter of following the five senses through three views.
[Who told you that professors must be weak? What age are you still putting stereotypes here? Did you cross over a hundred years ago?]
The barrage area suddenly became noisy.
Workers with WenXin gestured to ask do you need to find someone to control the latter came over and just sweep a few eyes:
It wasn’t long before the contestants and the audience in the auditorium discovered one thing.
Why are the progress on both sides different?
After all, there have been six games before, but this has never happened. It is also the same play, and the progress will not be too bad
But now the two groups are performing, but it seems that one group has taken the wrong play and feels that who is wrong?
At this time, Yan Yao’s side is still arranging the division of labor in the gymnasium, keeping who is here and who is out looking for resources.
Only then did you know that Yue Zhuo followed the teacher Yi to an abandoned warehouse.
Yue Zhuo is actually a little unintelligent in his heart. This story was in the original play, but he won’t get a box lunch early without them, will he?
But when I look back, I know that my heart has followed the stability.
After that, they were very lucky that nothing happened to them!
I don’t know that Yue Zhuo’s face is a natural and calm look, but actually it is always alert to the surrounding situation.