The horror of this situation is not only reflected in his appearance and momentum, but also can see each other’s attributes through the miner’s hat Yang Ye. This boss is a real 55-level immortal boss! !

Fairy level Yang Yeqian and blue-and-white buried snow met, but after all, it was a serious injury. The fairy level attributes were all missing. Strictly speaking, two of them hit a 45-level spiritual level boss, and everyone almost died in the end.
And this shadow is probably not as easy to bully as the former one …
"Nima is a bit fierce," said Shengmu, who is Yang Ye roommate Wang Zhongyi.
"If you don’t worry, you will do it!" On the other side, Hu Xing, the King of Skeletons, was dragging him. After he got used to it and mastered the rhythm, he and Li Yanxin both got comfortable with the King of Skeletons for more than ten minutes and didn’t milk it once. The priest was transferred out to help upgrade the squad. This is also one of the important reasons why a group of people quickly upgraded.
"Hey hey, right or wrong, just do it!" Yang Ye is also hey hey smiled and answered, although the former is actually a spiritual level, but the face is written with a fairy level! How do you say that he and blue-and-white buried snow are also raiders who have been afraid of fairy-level boss men?
Look at the distance is still a little short, but the murderous look at the boss side has permeated over, and there are still some angry eyes, which have attracted Yang Ye’s attention. When the boss looks at this side, it’s not them, it’s not a farewell party, but behind Yang Ye, it’s going round and round-
Lilina egg
A slight wind in the heart, Yang Ye guessed that this boss probably didn’t come to destroy or occupy anything, but came to Barrog in Lilina to do good deeds and turned Lilina into an egg and fainted first. Now it’s great that the boss is coming to rob Lilina!
Absolutely not!
"I said …" Yang Ye suddenly raised the volume so that everyone present could hear. "This boss probably doesn’t target us but my followers."
Yang Ye dialect makes everyone slightly stunned. How can boss be his followers when his target is not players or buildings?
"What’s the situation?" Lu night doubt way
"This ….. I don’t know. This boss is probably coming to rob me. Lilina dares to miss Lilina and always has to kill him!" Yang Ye gnashed her teeth and said.
"It seems true to listen to the promise. Just now, the np made the promise follower when doing the ceremony. Now it has become a ball. This boss really takes a fancy to the promise follower. Wow, the first follower in this world really doesn’t boast a strong background!" Sakura rain aside yan mouth light say with smile.
Followers, when people realize that they are good, they demand more. Of course, ordinary followers can’t. Don’t you have any background and strength to use as decoration? This is also an important reason why most players don’t have followers. For example, only a few of the dozen people present have followers like Extreme sakura rain. Both of them have the conditions to get followers, but they still don’t have the main idea or their eyes are too high, just like equipment. They don’t want to …
"In that case, you must take good care of it. I want to see what’s the difference between her coming out from the inside." Lu Ye said with a smile.
"hmm!" Everyone else should agree, too.
Then … wait for the boss to come! to be continued
Chapter 255 Abyss Twelve
The shadow humanoid boss is getting closer and closer, and everyone’s heart is getting higher and higher. Although the mouth says no, it is not normal to look at the boss temperament. You can bully the boss casually, and you can play around like the King of Skeletons in front.
This worry is also gathering in Yang’s ambition, but Yang Ye won’t hesitate at the sight of this boss’s eyes-he won’t let you take away Lilina!
So it’s been half an hour, and there is no accident in the ranking list. From the fourth place to the third place, Yang Ye will step on the top three of the ranking list by Long Ge, sakura rain and Promise War, and cut the mandarin duck in the end. The sixth and fifth misty snow should also worry about the top five positions; After the double-edged sword was listed, the force was strong and the charge momentum was fierce. In a short time, it came to the ninth position and pushed the square stone to the edge, which was somewhat precarious.
But their good days are probably over because boss has come!
The shadow is watching in step with the terror and power, directly scaring the mobsters on both sides into the ground and not daring to move. All mobsters have to make way for him to pass by and retreat, not daring to have a trace of disobedience.
Similarly, if he wants to get to the place, mobsters will recede like a flood. There are not a group of people left. This boss is to disturb them to upgrade! Their crazy upgrade road is nearing the end.
The shadow boss walks slowly, but every step seems to step on the heart. The heavy and fierce monster has receded. He has lived in front of several people in Yang Ye for several hours to block the gap. The three little skeletons are also scared to retreat quickly and dig a hole outside and bury themselves.
In a flash, the sea of wild monsters disappeared like the tide, leaving a fixed shadow boss standing in the sky not far away.
"Nima is not strange!" Li Yanxin screamed miserably. He just finished ninth and was thinking of rushing again. How did you know that the boss was so sharp that he ran before mobster?
"Everybody out. We … have to kill the boss!" Yang Ye eyes a fiercely with thick fighting spirit at this time he was a little excited!
A group of people packed up their moods and prepared to go out to attack the boss. This shadow was going to have an earth-shattering war, but when yu went out, he suddenly heard shouting from behind.
"Nima don’t throw the two of us! !”
Turned to look is Li Yanxin and Hu Xing two people how to return a responsibility? Looking up again, it turned out that the skull king did not go away! The remaining two Skeleton Kings are not afraid of the power of shadows and still fight outside Stonehenge. Although there is no monster around them, the shadow boss in front of them is standing quietly waiting for them to come, but …
Let’s kill Skull King first.
A group of people will take their legs back and take out their weapons instead, and they will besiege the King of Skeletons. Where can the little King of Skeletons withstand so many human attacks? It didn’t take long for them to fall down one after another and burst out. Of course, it was still the "double sword of bones" that made everyone look at each other.
Skull King has added some missing experience values, all packed up and walked towards the shadow of the final boss in front …
But will they be stupid enough to fight directly when they are ready? Of course not! On the way forward, a group of people assigned their responsibilities through the team channel, who was responsible for the massive output, who was responsible for the powerful treatment skills, who broke the hatred and who pulled it …
There has been a lot of cooperation before, and it is much easier to distribute it. The wet nurse also has three assigned to four people, and one is just right. Fortunately, the chief M promised to have good combat skills, awareness and equipment, otherwise I really don’t know who will be the one.
Approaching a group of players who are already ready to start without saying anything, but the boss shadow people are talking-
What? Wait? Boss, let the players wait? Is the play right …
When boss comes out, everyone stops to see this boss plan.
"Which one of you is the master of Lilina" continued the shadow.
Lilina is not your name!