The dark clouds spread wildly for a moment. After that, the dark clouds suddenly cracked a gap, and the black light came. The figure wrapped in the black light was slowly forming in semi-condensation.

With these dozens of figures, the forces of heaven and earth are boiling up, and a terrible wave of dharma spreads from their bodies. The huge pressure directly makes the people on the top of the mountain feel a sense of movement.
Terrible strength
At the top of the mountain, people are aware of this pressure, and their faces are all instantaneous. With the force of force and coercion, they can crush their town chalk into such a pervert. Where on earth did these people come from?
Day that super sectarian strong is also a cold face, a cold hum is also a majestic than yuan force fluctuations broke out and will that come to the other party’s force to resist coercion.
I said, who is it? It’s you guys in the West Xuanyu. You’re really brave enough to sneak into our East Xuanyu. You still dare to hand Liu Tong here and stare at the black people and sneer at a way. Obviously, you will recognize their origin.
Haha, it’s Liu Tong, the deacon of Yuanmen
The first person in the dozens of black figures is also a big laugh. The black light dissipates and reveals a smiling middle-aged face.
Zheng Zhong Liu Tong’s eyebrows are wrinkled when he sees this person. What do you want to do when you interfere with our Eastern Xuanyu Hundred Dynasties War?
It’s nothing. We in the West Xuanyu are also very interested in this ancient battlefield. You have occupied it for so many years, and it’s our turn to the West Xuanyu. The middle-aged man known as Zheng Zhong smiled, and his voice was still muffled and thundering in the sky, as if it were a strange force that shocked people.
However, this piece has been located in our East Xuanyu, and you people want to seize it. Now you want me to send the news to all of you, and you can’t go back to Liu Tong Cold Road alive.
Now that we have all started this, we will naturally think of Liu Tong, Murphy, are you still true? Now, you can see the news that this piece of unsuccessful Zheng Zhong’s face has a strange smile.
Smell speech Liu Tong’s eyes suddenly froze, and a flash of golden light flashed from his fingertips, and then he wanted to escape into the void.
Yuan Shen Xin Yao looked at Zheng Zhong, but it was a strange smile. He held his arms around his chest and didn’t mean to stop him.
Golden light swept from Liu Tong’s hand, but when it was about to get into the virtual place, it was suddenly a circle of huge black runes, and the black light flashing directly catapulted that golden light back.
Seeing this, Liu Tong and other super-sectarian strong faces suddenly changed. The name came to Honghuang Dianqiang and immediately blew a terrible force with one punch. In its boxing formation, it was directly twisted by the explosion, but when it was twisted, the black lines were weird again, and now it was like a spider, so it was easy to resist his punch.
Hehe, this time, we will get rid of this ancient battlefield, but we will bring the map of the sky array. Rest assured that the movement here will never be detected by your sects, and those old monsters in the East Xuanyu will naturally be held back by our West Xuanyu Zheng Zhong smiling way
Feng Tian array figure heard this, Liu Tong and others even the Taoist old man was surprised, obviously shocked by this name.
Even this pure wing is brought to your West Xuanyu. This time, it’s really willing to give up Kung Fu Daozong’s old man’s eyebrows a wrinkly.
Hey, hey, there’s no way. This ancient battlefield is a good place, and it’s not easy for us to give up. Zheng Zhong laughed
Want us to establish law here? Those great abilities of our West Xuanyu are to be able to directly send this piece to our West Xuanyu.
Here, these people want to come. You super sects are hard-selected geniuses. Haha, it’s also good to bring them back together. If you can take refuge in our West Xuanyu, you can also give them a good treatment. Of course, if you don’t listen, you will demote Dannu Zheng Zhong and look at the top of the mountain with a smile. That is to say, people’s faces will change dramatically.
It turned out to be Liu Bai, a sullen man from the West Xuanyu, gnashing his teeth, saying that their dynasties were all in the East Xuanyu. If they were really caught in the West Xuanyu, I’m afraid all their dignity would be lost.
Around Liu Bai, the face of the genius of the dynasties of all parties is also extremely difficult to look at and even a little dismayed. They know very well how bleak their situation will be when they are taken to the West Xuanyu, which is almost a slave.
The old man of Tiandaozong frowned slightly, but it didn’t lose its luster. He looked at the Zheng Zhong and others and immediately his eyelids drooped. You were really prepared for the week, but you are so confident to establish a law under our eyelids.
The old lady should not be easily regarded.
Although these guys in the West Xuanyu are menacing, it is obvious that the strong arrival has not yet reached the point of resisting that kind of law, and they dare not really sneak into too many strong ones, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve such sadness.
Haha, who dares to look at the old man who is enlightened by Taoism?
Zheng Zhong’s laughing eyes paused in the depths of the eyes of the Daozong old man, but with a touch of fear. Even in the face of the Yuanmen Liu Tongshi, he had never seen this emotion. It seems that Zheng Zhong is true for the Daozong old man and dare not despise it.
Your hands are really troublesome, and we didn’t intend to trap you for a while. Zheng Zhong spread his hands, and he looked particularly sinister when he smiled. A black-faced fox was annoying.
Trapped us and they were afraid you didn’t have that Liu Tong sneer at a way
If you think so, I’m afraid you’ll be wrong. Zheng Zhong’s face looks strange, and then his hands flash and print with a wave of his hand.
Block the sky map
Just when Zheng Zhong was drinking low, the dozens of strong western xuanyu behind him were also strange smiles and changed handprints at the same time.
in a grand fashion
The handprint changes, and it is obvious that the sky suddenly vibrates and cracks, and the strange black beam suddenly plunders, but it turns out to be a huge ancient rune, and the spread of runes and the general prison of Judah is to block the Taoist old people in it.
Bang bang bang.
The blockade has just taken shape, and suddenly a series of amazing fluctuations and terrible attacks broke out. It turned out that the ancient runes were all shaking with shock.
Hum, although I can’t kill you, it’s no trouble to trap you with the help of the sky-sealing array. Zheng Zhong sneered at it and immediately waved his hand to urge the array to increase the blockade
Listen to his command behind the more than a dozen strong west xuanyu immediately should immediately force course array figure was trapped in the old man and others.
Cao Yu Chang Wei arranges the array law. We need to trap these guys and distract them temporarily. Zheng Zhong suddenly looks up at the dark clouds and drinks coldly.
If anyone dares to stop shoot-to-kill, Zheng Zhongsen’s eyes are also looking at the top of the mountain, such as Lin Dong and others.
When he drinks, he should drink in the dark clouds, and then dozens of figures carry amazing force fluctuations and flash away in the dark clouds.
Lin moved his eyes to the dozens of amazing figures, and then his eyes shrank in front of a familiar figure. The man was impressively the one they met not long ago.