The color of the ice-blue storm suddenly changed gradually. From the center, the blood oozed deeply and darkly, and the red meat ball expanded. Ten million red blood veins generally surrounded the ice-blue. I heard a loud noise, and the red light was full of ice-blue storms. Ten million of them were crushed with a fierce blow.

A number of sharp gas fragments and sharp needles rained in all directions. I don’t know that seven big brothers were shocked and pale, and they all retreated and forced to transport the true qi to seek intensive care, but they were still forced to fly back by the broken fragments. I can’t control my body shape and hide my face and can’t look up.
Completely broke the ice-blue storm, but the red light and fog wind finally radiated bloody light, which made another storm sweep through the secret room, but surrounded a center, loyal and powerful soldiers and servants, and attacked them, but firmly protected their owners
I don’t know what day I lifted my head in the protective gas mask, and my beard was blown to pieces, and I felt a hot gas that penetrated my heart, eroding myself and igniting invisible flames everywhere.
Don’t you feel familiar with it, patriarch? I don’t know when the month is coming, and I don’t know when the words of the warbler and the swallow around me have become extremely empty through heavy qi blocking. This is the sacred object burning hot. It seems that the sacred object has been destroyed, and the soul of Canglan is in harmony
It’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible to kill Cang Lan Ge here now.
It’s seven people who should count the rainbow phosgene leaping from behind the sky, spinning through the hot red light with the intention of taking the red light to surround the central area. The teenager is still not in the sky, but his body is submerged in a piece of red blood, but he is constantly encouraged in the center like a heartbeat to know his position.
Who knows that the rainbow light passes through the outer layer and is as bloody as fog, but it suddenly collides with a hard object. It collides with the copper wall and the iron wall in succession, so that several big brothers suddenly smash their bodies and fly backwards. They can stabilize their bodies in the middle and stumble on the periphery of the red light.
Mo Qingfeng fell at the front, bent with one arm and stared at the front with a bloody light like a living thing. This is the power of the sacred things in the Sect, but how can this demon be evil
Master elder brother beware of golden night, suddenly exclaiming that the disease started, and swooped down to see an arrow-shaped red mist sticking to Mo Qingfeng on golden night, and two people flew away with a bloody and blunt sound. Two people were swept by red mist, and their clothes suddenly collapsed, revealing bright red blood.
Er, Mo Qingfeng was swooped by the golden night, but listening to the teacher younger brother’s screams hurt him. He quickly got up and saw that red mist suddenly flew like a fireworks explosion, but the strange hissing sound was endless. Mo Qingfeng helped the golden night and looked horrified. Seeing that the red light of the constantly bulging storm was splitting more arrows, red mist was brewing a surging tide.
Everyone listened carefully, I didn’t know how heavy it was, and everyone dared not attack at the moment. They set up the true qi to protect their bodies. At this time, several arrows-shaped red mist shot out like a tit-for-tat sword rain, and the wind was raging all around. The powerful true qi set up a shield and could not resist the cracks.
Well, I don’t know if it’s a good luck, but the pain in my chest is gnashing my teeth and thundering. He wants us dead in turn
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Inappropriate, every day, every day, I don’t know that the face-to-face argument is to lift up the snow and clear face, and there is a cold storm in his eyes. His eyes can’t control the power of sacred objects
Although red mist’s offensive is fierce, it is exhausted after all, but seeing that a new round of offensive is still brewing and splitting several filaments in a large red light, everyone is surrounded by broken qi. At the sight of this scene, they all exclaim that it is not good. Mo Qingfeng suddenly became angry and full of luck, and I tried my best today not to be evil.
Master elder brother, everyone breathes Mo Qingfeng with horror, but doesn’t care about others, even shouting, stopping and pedaling. A piece of black and white gas lifts him high and half-hot, and surrounds him in the middle.
However, Mo Qingfeng showed a trace of sadness in a black-and-white gas-melting fog, and his eyes were cold and even more sad. The power of the sacred objects in the mourning cases turned out to be this evil spirit. Is it that the patriarch has been refining the sacred objects and turned out to be evil?
At this time, Mo Qingfeng’s red light scattered in the center of a cloud, showing a figure touching the ground on one knee, breathing in one hand, and not only destroying Cang Lan’s young hair, but also sweating all over his face. A pair of pupil eyes were red and he looked at the regeneration shura at a glance.
I can’t control this force. I don’t want to kill Canglan, but this red light from the depths of the soul is extremely difficult to control. It seems that another kind of god knowledge is feasible to launch an offensive. Seeing a piece of black and white light on the top of my head, I will grind my teeth, and I will continue to surge in my blood, and I will merge with my right hand, palm, black and red eyes, and I will suck a piece of cold and heat.
Tao Linggan Kun Moqing’s sleeve lashed out and all Yin and Yang swept through the center of the human body, and the nine-day flash generally crashed to destroy Cang Lan.
Destroying Cang Lan has not been recruited. I feel that my feet are sinking on the ground. The cracks are spreading rapidly. I know that Mo Qingfeng has once again killed himself. Destroying Cang Lan is no longer a matter of affection. The strength in my hands is a kind of degree. I feel that my hands are heavy and suddenly fly like a goshawk, and I am as straight as Mo Qingfeng.
Mo Qingfeng’s qi is abundant and destroyed Cang Lan. Although the body contains poor energy, it has not yet been able to cultivate them into smooth qi. A cold and hot gas can be recruited and blocked by Mo Qingfeng’s tricks. I don’t know what to do, but it is to destroy Cang Lan’s soul. The fiery gas suddenly erupts to the eye, but its strength is gradually weakening.
Oh,no. When I saw that Yin and Yang were vaporized into a divination pattern, the wind roared through my blood, purple, gas and energy, and the severe shock and pain came from my soul. The Cang Lan on the top of my seat had already gone back quickly to avoid its front, but it had already stung my face.
In the middle of the school, Mo Qingfeng felt that qi and blood poured into his throat and spit out a rainbow of blood. The blood beads were sprinkled like rain, which seemed to aggravate the red light all over the sky, and the color became more murderous.
Go and help the big brother. One arm is strong and Zhuo Feiyu doesn’t think about the true qi boiling and flying behind him. A white Guanghua suddenly rushed to the top. It was the month when the snow was flying.
One more move will destroy Canglan to pieces. Mo Qingfeng has seen Canglan destroyed by his tricks, but it has been weakened several times since its strength was shattered. I’m afraid it’s urgent for everyone to recruit and kill quickly.
Seeing Mo Qingfeng surrounded by six beams of light is a trick of seven brothers and fellow practitioners. The array has not yet reached its peak, but its power is still terrible. I never thought that the unique trick could be seen in a worm boy who was humble not long ago, but the world is changing and the situation is complicated.
Look at destroying Cang Lan’s hand hard to block the cold for thousands of years. There is a fiery gas in the palm of your hand, which actually blocks Mo Qingfeng’s gas. But when it is extinguished, Cang Lan’s right hand immediately tears a blood mouth across the black red spot.
Er, even though Cang Lan was hurt, he didn’t care to look up and see it in the middle of the class. Seven older brothers from kill array recruited a huge hexagram pattern together, which has already taken shape and spun around them at full speed.
Listen to the wind howling, I don’t know, but I also make myself rush. Behind the highest point of the seven brothers’ heads is the statue of the top of the smelting furnace, which is full of true qi. The strong wind lifts his clothes and flies with murderous look, embracing his determination to kill with one blow.
No, I can’t. I can’t die here. I can’t.
At this time, I don’t know if it has become a light and a fierce brilliance, and it has penetrated into the brothers’ synthetic hexagrams. In the black and white gas volcano, it shines as big as Yao. At the same time, the seven big brothers also hand-picked the method to refer to the shocking formula, the violet secret dream.
A method of travelling while the wind rises and falls, Cang Lan feels that the ground is swept up by the bottom, and several pieces of dry soil are quickly rushed to pull up and twist them into pieces. Generally, the body is full of gas but disordered, but it is condensed into severe pain in the chest of Cang Lan, and the blood is red and vomited.
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And so on huge hexagrams array head-on pressure will destroy Cang Lan shape completely into a piece of intense light. At this time, destroying Cang Lan is desperately feeling dizzy, but then it is more turbulent and ominous.
The body seems to be suddenly broken by a rope. At this time, the red light surrounded by Cang Lan is boiling crazily, and it sends out the roar of the beast, which makes it roar like a sky shattering, and it overwhelms the hexagram array to bring vibration.
Half surrounded by light, people feel that an evil force rushes straight to their chests, and all the true qi instantly pours back, and immediately opens their mouths to vomit blood, and a piece of blood rain sprays, and at the same time, a strange huge shadow spreads rapidly as if the sky is torn to pieces.
The hexagram array dashed and roared. red mist screamed at the end of the tassel, and the wind roared and whirled into a piece, but it did not show weakness and suddenly broke into the last long call in the horn of death
I don’t know, I was shocked with horror and looked back. I saw a large shadow suddenly expanding in front of me. The huge smelting furnace covered with broken lines had collapsed and overwhelmed them
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