"What a temper he has!" The political commissar was unhappy and pointed to the ward. "He was not like this before!"

"It’s all a little sister-in-law …" Said Jun Ouyang sullenly.
"Don’t call Chi Yaosao, she’s not!" Political commissar didn’t good the spirit say
"…" Ouyang Jun was silent for a few seconds. "Not Chiyao is our little sister-in-law!"
You!’ Political commissar hate iron not to produce, pointing at him.
"The political commissar can rest assured that I will take good care of the commander. Go home," Ouyang Jun said. "I also hate to see the commander die. Z needs a commander!"
The political commissar waved his hand. "Well, I didn’t plan to stay long!"
☆ Chapter 19 My child’s surname is Jing.
Chi Yao’s meals have been specially customized recently, which is different from others. Besides, even if Chi Yao’s appetite is greatly increased due to pregnancy, it is impossible to eat so much.
"If Chi Yao can’t eat, forget it. Don’t force it," Karin said softly, looking at Chi Yao’s face full of dinner.
Caesar sat on the left hand side of Chiyao and looked at this amazing meal. It was a bit unkind to chuckle. Karin looked across. "Caesar must not laugh at your sister!"
"I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh." Sit back. "Chi Yao shouldn’t eat so much."
Chi Yao looked at the exquisite dinner made in front of him. "If you can’t finish it, eat it as a midnight snack."
"Do you still want to eat midnight snack?" Beth looked at Chi Yao in horror. Oh, my God, it turned out that being pregnant would become so edible! She was a little upset and stared at Chi Yao’s belly for a while. Do you want to have a baby after her? She doesn’t want her perfect sexy figure destroyed!
"After Beth, you will also realize that" Karin comforted Chi Yao and put a piece of meat "Chi Yao eats quickly"
Beth shook her head again and again. "I don’t want to understand it!" "
Tally secretly pinched Beth’s thigh and motioned for her not to talk nonsense. Beth patted her chest and bowed her head to eat. The queen looked at Chi Yao lovingly and suddenly said, "God let Fiona check you to see if it is a boy or a girl."
"It is necessary!" Karin nodded and didn’t even prepare the baby when the time came.
Tali also looked at Chi Yao’s eyes when she heard this, and something seemed to pass by. She took over the conversation. "I also agree to know if it is a boy or a girl, so we can think of a good name for him now."
Chi Yao is eating a bowl of egg flowers. When she hears the name, she puts a spoon in it. "You don’t have to worry about whether the name is male or female, and you don’t have to check it."
"That how line? Aren’t you curious about whether the child is a man or a woman? " She has given birth to three children and has some experience. Judging from Chi Yao’s belly, it is likely to be a girl.
If it is a girl … so much the better!
Chi Yao hand covering his belly "you have a good meal? Stop staring at my stomach! " But at dinner, we talked about her belly one by one. Are one or two of them the mother? "Queen, please take your eyes back."
Chi Yao speaks very rudely because he can’t stand it any more!
"Chi Yao can’t talk to positions like this." Karin patted Chi Yao’s arm and motioned for her not to be so rude.
Tally and Beth are smiling at each other. Chi Yao can’t stand being treated like this even if she has just found the princess and queen.
But what surprised Tally and Beth was that the queen was not angry or dissatisfied. Instead, she smiled and nodded and said, "Okay, I won’t watch."
Section 174
Karin has some surprises, too. The Queen seems very accommodating! However, Karin was well-advised and made a rounder. "Eat quickly, it won’t taste good when it gets cold."
Chi Yao did not finish the dinner for five people, but it was almost enough. Beth was scared by Chi Yao’s amazing appetite. After she was full, she went out first. God looked at Chi Yao and could eat so much. She felt that she was about to be suffocated.
Tally also stayed for a while, talked with the Queen for a while, and walked out of the banquet hall. Karin was still drinking red wine slowly, but she gently called "Caesar" and saw Caesar’s elegant towel wipe her mouth and hands, bowed slightly to Karin and the Queen and went out.
There are only three of them left. Chiyao raised his head slightly in the spaghetti. "Do you have something to tell me?"
The queen nodded. "But don’t worry, you eat first."
"You tell me, I’m listening." When I was eating in Z country, I still thought it was more interesting to chat at the dinner table.
"Well, it’s nothing, actually. I want to name your baby." The queen smiled. Her baby also has a son’s name. Karin and Tali were both named by the prince, that is, her husband.