The long-lost secret treasure force of Violet Sect, which did not stir up when destroying the evil spirit of Canglan, broke through the last sleep imprisonment with the strong impact of this corpse ShaQi, and finally merged into his evil spirit.

Destroying Canglan’s skill seems to be a special resonance with the evil spirit of the sinister corpse. In others’ eyes, it is a touch-and-death tactic, but for him it is a way to awaken strength. I have to say that his ancient evil spirit skill is the culmination of heaven’s evil spirits, and he will be able to master the evil things of Gankun.
Cold snow flying seems to be silly, knowledge is broken, face is wrinkled, and fear lines are dashed by destroying Cang Lan holding a huge animal claw.
Until he hissed, he was destroyed by Cang Lan, and he still didn’t do anything to deal with it.
See out surging billow hurtling waving that huge but sensitive than bluish black claws will be cold snow flying broken body and torn more than half, almost left him with a piece of soft connected flesh and blood.
At this time, the cave was full of poisonous storms, and the person was immediately covered with black and red scars. However, Cang Lan proudly leaned forward and stood in the wind, and a bloody fire array roared and gave birth to the wind. The mighty hanging claws were reflected in the most savage lotus flower.
Out surging billows eyes suddenly glow with a wild animal, with the growth of one thousand years of hunting music, powerful brute animal blood pupil coldly staring at the pat on the cave wall, cold snow flying, slowly lifting the animal paw across the front, gently ian to huge finger paw cross blood.
It looks like a fierce green sun and chills all over. If it weren’t for feeling pregnant, it seems that she has recovered a little. His eyes are almost blown to pieces in the destruction of Cang Lan.
That evil boy is really terrible.
Ah, uh, Qingluo opened her eyes with a low shout and struggled, waving her hands weakly to catch the fierce green hair, Qingyang idiot.
Alo Lieqing Yang suddenly choked and hurriedly bowed his head and held Qingluo’s little hand. You scared me to death.
Brother, brother, Qingluo’s lips are green and white, and she seems to be broken at any time.
Canglan’s fierce green sun doesn’t know how to shape and destroy Canglan’s eyes. The appearance is that there is a strange pain in my heart, stroking Qingluo’s little face and saying, he’s okay. Don’t worry. How are you?
As soon as I stood up and squirmed in my chest, the meatball had gradually shrunk, but it seemed that a chill was going down my throat, and soon the little girl’s face was flushed.
Canglan fierce Qingyang quickly hugged Qingluo and looked up at the crazy flapping of the true qi shield. The poisonous wind roared, Do you know what happened to Alo? Come on, she seems to be.
Let her vomit and destroy Cang Lan’s side eyes and drink a bloody look coldly. She has been frozen for a while since she was raided by the underworld. Before she can recover her strength, she has always been able to restore Hanshan’s puppet art. The boundary breath is strange and abnormal. I think it can be forced by two phases to force this ShaQi.
Er, fierce Qingyang blinked. I can’t believe that Cang Lan seems to be carefree and brought Qingluo here. It turned out that with such a careful abacus, I couldn’t help but look down at Qingluo and see that her little face was red and congested.
Don’t be stupefied. Canglan is another thunderbolt. Bring the fierce green sun back to God and make her vomit. If it happens, I’ll be in your head.
You’re welcome, but it’s not like talking to your brother, but it’s effective to wake up fierce Qingyang. He shook his head and bit his teeth over Qingluo’s body and slapped the little girl’s delicate back hard.
I’m sorry, Alolie Qingyang gave a wry smile and slapped Qingluo violently. If you were in charge, I think your brother would really leave me alone.
At the same time, the surging billows were destroyed, and the flying array flew to the opposite side to spin a piece of blood shed, but the cold snow flying instantly exploded the corpse Shaqi and the isomorphic needle rain slammed and destroyed surging billows.
On the ground, Qingluo’s little head swelled more than twice, and the peristalsis meat ball broke away from her chest and stuck at the top of her throat, which strongly encouraged her to rush by an inch.
Fierce Qingyang cruel to a hand knife thumped on the back of Qingluo almost directly hit the little girl on the ground. At this time, there was a bang and a loud noise. The composition limit was stretched and twisted, and people’s faces were filled with blood and fog, and they suddenly rushed to two Fei Ying strokes, flying sand and stones, and flew away on both sides.
See out surging billow mercilessly press your legs and left leg in the back, like a straight blade to resist the weight of your body, draw a concave crack, brush back and stumble a few steps and stop beside the fierce green sun.
An extremely painful but instantaneous liberation vomiting crashed to the ground and destroyed Cang Lan, who couldn’t help but be choked by the pungent blood gas, and immediately spun up the method to swing the blood fog and push the blood gas away.
He quickly turned around and saw Qingluo kneeling on the ground and breathing softly. He fell backwards and was held in his arms by fierce Qingyang.
Fierce green sun breathed a sigh of relief and looked at green radish repeatedly. Seeing that she was different again, she just patted her chest and said, This little girl really scared me to death.
But see out surging billow half kneeling to hold green radish hands fierce green Yang can’t help grumpily hum and laugh a lamented him, how just who talk to the big ye?
Don’t be angry. Destroy Cang Lan, smile and look up at the fierce green sun with a sly wink. I can’t think of an emergency before I say it.
Fierce green sun spat heavily. I couldn’t help but smile and wave nobly. I didn’t know you were acting strangely, but you did everything. Thanks to your silence, why didn’t you tell me earlier?
You are fierce, and I’m afraid you can’t hide your emotions. Canglan suddenly turned cold and indifferent, and looked over there and gasped. The lone ranger was already scarred, or he was on alert and stared at his leader. These people were too clever.
Well, fierce Qingyang also turned away and frowned in disgust. I can’t believe that the human world should rely on such people
Destroy the surging billow is metamorphoses, got up and walked to the front of Hanshan Night Clock. With two cold eyes, he slowly raised his eyes and stared at himself. While gently flicking his huge paw, Lijia smiled. I kept my promise, but it seemed that some people expected it.
You’re on a cold night, panting slowly, looking at that terrible claw and swallowing your throat before you tremble. Is this it?
How many people who surround me in the day want the violet’s secret treasure? Destroy Cang Lan and evoke a mocking smile. Bend over and gently press the animal’s paw against Hanshan Night Bell’s throat, and it will immediately pierce his neck. It’s really a pity that it’s cheap for me to take it all by myself.
The lone ranger who destroyed Cang Lan suddenly stood up and snapped off the hook in his hand to start, while the other three dharma protectors behind him had already seen that the eyes of Destroying Cang Lan Wei could not advance or retreat, so they had to freeze in dozens of steps and wait and see.
At this time, the lone traveler suddenly stopped and saw a bright cold light slanting against the side neck. A sharp chill has pierced a layer of skin. Listening to the fierce green sun sound, he coldly stuck it to his ear and said, you’d better stay still. How dare you provoke him?
Destroy surging billow bursts into a smile and nods slightly, but it’s a good brother. He gently hooks his fingers and holds Qing Luo at his side, while his hands are generally teasing, gently lifting the cold mountain night bell. Babel, this dying appearance, the leader of the cold mountain night bell, will rely on your puppet art, but before that.
He got closer to some deep voices and breathed with death. Can I have some interest in this blood coffin first?
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The night bell in Hanshan trembled and crossed the side of Canglan. Just now, the violent impact of the explosion gas swept through a large cave wall, and a piece of smoke and dust fluttered, and the flames collapsed and flashed. I couldn’t see the cold snow flying.
Cher, I Cher, the night bell in the cold mountain is extinguished. The huge claws of Cang Lan can’t be held back by an inch, and it’s hard to stretch your arms as if to seize his intellectual body and break the corpse.
Destroy Cang Lan’s cold eyes and see that Hanshan Night Bell’s hand trembled slightly and barely leaned over his elbow. With a wave of his arm, he lifted his hand and grabbed his collar. You haven’t answered my words yet, Han Xuefei. You don’t have to worry.
The teenager suddenly sank his eyebrows, his eyes were red, his eyes were red, his anger was cold, and the corpse was not a reincarnation of the six realms. It is difficult to decide life and death. You still don’t know what kind of monster you made, do you?
Hanshan Night Clock shook his head slowly and absently, and put Ba near to destroy Cang Lan. I don’t care if he is my son.
Destroy Cang Lan’s lips and nod, drag up the cold mountain night bell and rub it on the ground without mercy, draw a broken broken soil and drag him all the way to the dusty impact.
The lone ranger just wanted to move the sword light around his neck, but it was a sonorous, low-pitched, fierce green sun. He grabbed his shoulder and made him turn around to look at it, but he didn’t move a step. Don’t play tricks. I’m not a child’s toy
Your loner was shocked by this fierce murderous look, and his mind barely breathed in. The airway is so small.
Fierce Qingyang is cold-mouthed, and dozens of steps away, Qingluo has set up a group of pure air. With the destruction of Canglan, she just left a trace of blood and fog to stand in the local area and slowly calm her breath.