After hearing the police arrangement, Li Yueling couldn’t help but frown and point to the golden jade road beside her. Now you doubt me. She is just here to help investigate why you took her to the interrogation room.

Hum, it’s good that you can take care of yourself. Where did you get so much nonsense? When you walked into the police station, the three policemen were much stronger than they were in the mall, and many tones were malicious.
See the three city bureau police mercilessly Li Yueling andao it’s not yet time to piss them off. Now that people deliberately set themselves up, they will make a scene. I’m afraid it’s got a handle in their hands. Li Yueling turned to look angry at the moment and told Nuanyu that you will call your master later. It’s not that simple. I’ll go with them first and see what else they can do. You can rest assured.
Li Yueling knows that no one can easily hurt Jin Nuanyu. He is also quite at ease about his personal safety. After smelling the news, he nodded at the three policemen and snorted. Only then should you be more careful. If anyone dares to hurt you, although few people in the sea can’t afford to offend Jin Nuanyu, our family suddenly increased the volume when talking about the second half of the sentence. Li Yueling knew that Jin Nuanyu would be really angry. This sentence is to warn these ungrateful policemen that things will not be as easy as they imagined.
What are you dawdling about? Why don’t you go? Maybe you have to handcuff you before you will move. That policeman named Xu seems to be very resistant to Jin Nuanyu’s wild words and gave Li Yueling a bold push.
In that place, another policeman surnamed Xu, Li Yueling, was half-retired and half-shoving, and was taken into a small black room with a size of more than ten square meters by two people. The policeman surnamed Xu pushed Li Yueling into the chair and brought all your ID cards and mobile phones.
Li Yueling took a strange look at the young policeman who spoke. He didn’t bring his mobile phone and didn’t have a gold card. It was a card with five or six million cash in it. The password was six sixes. Do you want to talk? Li Yueling threw the bank gold card in his pocket to the desktop and looked at the two policemen with slightly changed faces.
Or that policeman surnamed Xu seems to be more sophisticated and sneers coldly. Don’t be arrogant. Just reflect here. Then another policeman left the dark interrogation room and locked the door.
Li Yueling only regretted that he didn’t inform the master immediately when he was in the mall. Now, it seems that the bad attitude of the two policemen towards themselves is that they don’t even want to judge themselves. Do you really want to wait here? But Jin Wenyu was brought into the interrogation room by them. I don’t know if they will deal with her again. Although I am not afraid of those policemen’s black hands, Jin Wenyu is a girl after all. In case she really does something, this is good.
The more I think about it, the more I worry about it, and the more upset I am. Li Yueling can’t help but read a passage in the foundation of Heaven that helps people to clear their minds and calm their minds. I want to use this to capture the chaotic mind.
Seeing the eyes, nose and heart, because Ricky in the dark room is quiet, Li Yueling has quickly entered the artistic conception in the decision.
At the moment of concentration, Daniel lee Ling felt like she was completely out of gravity, and she was lighter. A person was like a soul-obsessed person. There was a sense of peace in her heart, and there were all kinds of sounds in Li Yueling’s ears.
In fact, Li Yueling’s present state is equivalent to the cultivation of true knowledge in vitro. Of course, this is from a qualitative point of view. After all, Li Yueling’s current level of practice is not true, and god knowledge means god knowledge. It is also a combination of true ideas, which can be said to be the root of true soul. With the cultivation, god knowledge can reach its extreme from metaphysics, and god knowledge will evolve and seek the second yuan God.
Now Li Yueling only has the initial knowledge of gods, which should not be said to be spiritual. At present, Li Yueling’s superficial foundation repair can also reach this level, but this spiritual practice is amazing enough in the real world. With the effect of spiritual consciousness, Li Yueling can actually hear all the sounds of Fiona Fang 100 meters.
At this time, Li Yueling has gradually changed from surprise to adaptation. Li Yueling was greatly interested in this magical ability, and his previous irritability was swept away with the sense of tranquility brought by meditation.
Slowly, Li Yueling started to listen to external sounds selectively. Inadvertently, Li Yueling actually heard the golden warmth and jade sound.
If you detain me like this without profit, I want to see your leader without my mobile phone certificate. The voice is full of anger.
Don’t be ignorant, somehow, the evidence is conclusive, and that small thing will definitely be blamed on you. If you are willing to talk together, you may still have a chance. This is the guy named Xu. At this moment, Li Yueling has been listening to the conversation between two people clearly, as if they were talking at their side.
Really? Do you think you can get us with such a mean frame-up? Jin Nuanyu laughed angrily. In this case, what do you want me to do?
When the policeman surnamed Xu was ready to answer, the interrogation room door was pushed in by four well-dressed young men.
It’s your surprise that Jin Nuanyu surprised Li Yueling’s heart, but it’s the impulse that Li Yueling almost gave birth to breaking the door at once and rushing to Jin Nuanyu to beat the man’s master.
Chapter 22 Police Station Fengyun 3
Jin Nuanyu is a good name. Miss Jin, we meet again. Shao Han, I heard that Miss Jin was finished, and I immediately rushed over, hoping to help. All smiles, Qin Shaohan smiled smugly with Jin Nuanyu’s ID card in his hand.
Get the hell out of here when you see this Qin Shaohan instant Jin Wenyu, and it immediately becomes clear that the root of the matter is a conspiracy initiated by him. At this moment, Jin Wenyu’s face is full of evil spirits. If it weren’t for this, Jin Wenyu might immediately give Qin Shaohan a loud slap in the face. Jin Wenyu, a despicable person, has seen a lot, but this Qin Shaohan is really the first one in front of him.
Xu Shu, you, Liu, and them come to talk to me. You discuss Qin Shaohan, and Ye Shao, who is behind him, says this sentence and goes straight to the interrogation room.
This words fell on Li Yueling’s ears and I felt that there was a conspiracy to hasten the induction of the past.
Outside the door, Ye Shao first handed a cigarette to the other two policemen named Xu, and when they all lit it, they said that this woman is my buddy’s favorite horse. Leave it alone and greet that unappreciative smelly little guy. I’m here to give that little guy a good taste, and I’ll bear it. Remember to let that little guy admit his guilt. I won’t forget you.
The policeman surnamed Xu took a drag on his cigarette, and the fine mans eyes flashed and said, Ye Shao, don’t worry, the three of us will take care of that small one.
You have to admit the crime, but you have to rely on Ye Shao to be more in front of the director. You can rest assured that these little things are less. Say that finish, throw the cigarette butt to the ground and wave to the two policemen behind you. Let’s go to work. He refers to taking care of Li Yueling’s confession.
Li Yueling’s anger suddenly soared. What kind of police is this? It’s even worse than bandits. Bandits are even more self-protected than self-protection. When I think of Ye Shaoshao, Jin Nuanyu gave them a few words, Li Yueling couldn’t sit still any longer. It’s really not good to make a decision secretly. Although Li Yueling knows that Jin Nuanyu is also dedicated, it doesn’t mean that she is Ann, especially those dude brothers have designed this conspiracy to frame themselves. It seems that it’s not just to make yourself suffer. It’s estimated that Qin Shaohan is so simple.
I saw the dark side of the meeting from TV or newspaper before my mother, and now I actually let the old man experience it for himself. If I don’t pick up all their dude brothers today, I won’t call him Li Yueling. The more I think about it, the more angry Li Yueling is. At this time, he was kicked in at the gate of the interrogation room with a bang. Who else can it be if it’s not the police named Xu?