For those who say that Emperor Zhong Tian can’t defeat them, but he can still save his life when they attack.

Of course, on this way, Bai Longma also refined 32 pieces of reverse blood crystals. Today, its body is stronger than that of Bai Longma, who wants to fuse 36 pieces of reverse blood crystals. Now the body is impossible.
It can fuse 32 pieces of reverse blood crystals or refine the dragon skeleton, otherwise it is the limit that Bai Longma can fuse five pieces of reverse blood crystals in the body.
Bai Longma saw that Meng Hui had become a soul fighter, and it was a combination of 32 pieces of perverse blood crystals, and some of them were self-effacing in the world of Meng Fei’s five elements, honestly closing their eyes and practicing penance.
Try to carry out reverse blood crystal fusion, heart fusion and reverse blood crystal, and then you can explode 36 times your fighting power.
It’s a pity that reverse blood crystal fusion is by no means so Chapter one thousand and thirteen Misrecognition.
I don’t know how long it will take before those who plundered the major forces came from the cave have left, and Meng Fei also wants to leave here as soon as possible, because this country is very poor, but it has a strange thing like the blood crystal, and many complex forces have been hanging around here all the year round.
Today’s goal has been achieved, and after all, such a big movement has happened here just now, and it will be guarded by those forces.
Even those plunderers left immediately after failing to get enough benefits in one strike, which shows that every guardian of power should be a very difficult role.
He Meng Shaoshao didn’t want to get into these troubles. When he turned around, Meng Fei wanted to leave here, but he saw five strange men coming this way.
These five men surprised him very much because they were very tall, and the leader was a lean old man with a thin face and a hidden sense of respect, that is to say, a superior man.
The other four are also masters of the true king’s territory
These guys are probably attracted by the previous movement, but it seems too late. Although this strange country is huge, it has no panacea, no monster beast and no vein in the ecological environment, even compared with some medium-sized ethnic groups, it is ten times worse.
If it weren’t for the deviant blood crystal of the witch country, it wouldn’t be cultivated at all.
After the initial surprise, these people Meng Fei felt that they should be attracted by the news of plunder, but they came late.
He didn’t take such a person’s mind. If people know that they have thousands of blood crystals in their hands, they will get it.
He turned away, but the people behind him also saw his face with a flash of surprise and shouted at him, "Temple, you are here! We finally found you."
Temple Meng Fei breathed a sigh of relief. These guys are not here to fish in troubled waters, but to find someone. It seems that there is no one else here except themselves. Who is the temple in their mouth?
Stop fooling around in the temple and hurry back with us. A deep voice came from behind Meng Fei, and he was alone in front of him.
It was none other than that group of people he had seen before who had reached the level of respect.
Farsi seen the temple old looking at Meng Fei devoting a ceremony sink a mouth to say
Temple: You call me temple. Are you sure you don’t mistake me for someone else? Meng Fei looked surprised and looked at this old man with incredible eyes. He knew that anyone could be their temple, but it was impossible to talk about himself.
Because he has never seen these people at all, they seem to be themselves and look exactly like their temple, which makes them mistake one for another.
Temple talking and laughing, although I’m not young, I haven’t been dazzled to this extent. At Meng Fei, farsi still has a light expression on his face.
Yes, temple, although you didn’t stay in the palace for a few days, how could we not recognize you? Don’t you remember or should we take you back to the palace? You have been away from Xuanyuan country for so long, and we have been looking for you. Please come back with us quickly.
While he was talking to the old man, the other four masters of Zhenjun’s territory also rushed over. One of them, a thin guard in black, looked at Meng Fei and said with a smile.
Meng Fei shook his head and said, I may look like your temple, but I’m really not your temple. You’d better hurry to find your real temple and don’t delay me here.
The identity of a national temple may make many people jealous, but Meng Fei is not jealous. It is good that once it is exposed, I don’t know how to die.
The five people across the street are lying because they can’t look at Meng Fei. Besides, the identity of a king of a country is really not stupid enough to admit it.
Lord Qiu, don’t you think the temple disease is getting worse and worse? The skinny guard at the front looked at farsi and seemed to be unsure. There was a flicker of doubt in his eyes.
Do you think the temple will really get sick and cause amnesia? I don’t remember everything before. Another guard glanced at everyone and said,
How dare you say such a rude remark? Don’t listen to those two people and stare at them immediately.
The temple will forgive the villain for his bad words. The two guards shrank their necks and quickly fell to the ground to see their faces. This fear came not to the temple in their mouth but to the old man around them.
I said I’m really not your temple and I don’t have amnesia. Do I look like an amnesiac? You really mistook me for someone else. Meng Fei looked at these dead-headed guys and said,