You think too much of me when you kill the senior sister. Am I the kind of person who doesn’t know how to be grateful? Zhang Sheng looks like I’m hurt.

Is two women said together.
Two women didn’t have any idea about what happened just now, and the three of them went home after playing happily in the street for a while.
Teacher younger brother, I think the man you hit in the afternoon seems to know some magic skills. Zou asked when they were walking in the community yard.
You’re just a loser. How can you be afraid of him?
I’m afraid we might be in some trouble if we follow his example, Zou explained
Zhang Sheng, hey, hey, smile, I’m also a master. Besides, after I transform myself in the day, I may be a master at the stage of voyeurism. When the time comes, if his master dares to bother me, I’ll kill him directly.
Overbearing younger brother Zou Xiaoxiao
Hey, hey, they went home laughing all the way.
Master, we’re back. Zhang Sheng shouted
Zou Huang walked away from the building with a look of excitement. I have thoroughly studied it. Now I will help you transform your body and help you suck those demons.
Master, why do I feel that you regard me as an experiment
Hey, how do you know that relying on your master, I will still harm you? Zou Huang became angry from embarrassment after being exposed.
Zou said at one side that grandpa and younger brother wouldn’t it be true?
Zou Huang is dissatisfied. Hey, I’m grandpa. Oh, how can you be so worried about me? Hey, hey, smelly boy, you need to be beaten. I thought I told you that meat is the only way to enter my door.
Well, I admit that I worshipped Master and laughed. Zhang Sheng still followed Zou Huang to the third floor honestly. In fact, the third floor is just a turning point. This kind of physical transformation needs to be carried out in the secret of Shennongmen. Zou Huang now has the secret of Shennongmen with him.
Whoosh, the two men came to Shennongmen secret.
Zou Huang Zhang Sheng, who is holding the sword of Mo Xie, is on his side. Zou Huang said seriously that you can just sit on the ground for a while and enter a state of innate anger. I will force two swords into your body by Shennong secret method. This is the first step.
first step
Look at Zou Huang pointing there. Zhang Sheng, a hundred meters to their right, looks in Zou Huang’s direction and sees a bronze tripod quietly suspended in the bronze tripod, about two meters long and one meter wide. The bronze tripod layer is copper.
What’s that? Zhang Sheng asked
Shennong Ding, the treasure of Shennongmen, is to refine you and integrate you with the general Mo Xie Jian. You are the sword, and your body will be as hard as the general Mo Xie Jian.
Is that still human skin?
Where do you want to go? Your skin doesn’t seem to have changed much, but it’s actually very hard. Shennongding can refine heavenly monsters, and your demon power will be stimulated by Shennongding, which will spread to a great extent. When the time comes, you will suck the evil sword, but I can’t guarantee the process.
Chapter 15 Dragon lamella
Er, Zhang Shengjin swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva and said with difficulty, that is to say, I may become a god or a ghost.
Zou Huang answered with a treacherous smile.
Hey, hey, think about it. I’m not pushing you
Mom did not take big risks, how can she achieve great things? Zhang Sheng yelled.
Zou Huang laughed a few times and patted Zhang Sheng on the shoulder, saying that he is worthy of being my apprentice. In fact, this is not too big a risk. Our Shennongmen is a good medicine. I have put a lot of solid and rare medicinal materials in Shennongding, Xiaosheng. I believe you can succeed.
I also believe that since God has given me such good health, I will not die easily.
Hey, you are quite big.
Hey, hey, generally not as good as master you.
Nonsense, I’m your master. Oh, okay, let’s stop talking nonsense. Let’s go to Shennongding first. Zou Huang laughs.
The two men went to Shennongding and Zou Huang said to Zhang Sheng, OK, you sit next to Shennongding. Zhang Sheng agreed to sit next to Shennongding.
The hot temperature of Shennongding kept coming out, and soon Zhang Sheng was full of sweat.
Shennongding seems to be suspended in the water, but it is actually abruptly taken off by the hot white three flavors of true fire, and the three flavors of true fire can make Shennongding play its best
Zhang Sheng closed his eyes for a moment and then entered the state. Emperor Yan’s meditation was in front of Zhang Sheng. Although Zou Huang was full of sweat, his eyes had become very sharp and solemn