Guo Xiaosi is ready, even if this year’s Longmen conference is brushed off, it can be done again. What I have to do before is not to let people know the secret of inkstone, even if these ten years are worth it.

Wu Jueyuan almost lost his breath. He was filled with a small township and hoped to win the championship, but he didn’t hesitate to throw himself at him. However, he refused without hesitation. It seems that the Wu family will be defeated again in this Longmen Conference. This is quite cruel torture for Wu Jueyuan who wants to strengthen the Wu family. He has tried his best, but the Wu family still inevitably slipped away. What face will he face in the future?
Guo Xiaosi can twist a head and walk back no matter what Wu Jueyuan is thinking. Wu Jiao quickly chased him and stopped him. He asked, Why don’t you become our Wu family’s younger brother? Don’t we even deserve your Guo Xiaosi in Guyuezhou?
Guo Xiaosi shook his head. You misunderstood me. I know that the Wu family in Guyuezhou is one of the four great families of cultivating immortals in the Song Dynasty. But I, Guo Xiaosi, is just a small Shan Ye who doesn’t want to climb or want to be myself. I think my name is very good, simple and easy to understand. People will know how good it is when you listen. I don’t want to be your Wu Xiaodi. I don’t look down on your Wu family. I hope you and your grandfather can be white.
Wu Jiao also wants to say something. Wu Jueyuan thundered that Jiao Jiao didn’t have much words to let him go.
Guo Xiaosi moved slightly in his heart, but he was still determined to step away. He couldn’t let people know his secret. However, the halo cover was beautiful and the aura was destroyed by Lin Feng, which means that the danger is more. On the contrary, he is an ordinary cultivate immortality and no one will notice him.
Well, after practicing pulp washing so quickly, it has become a burden, so be careful not to show it.
Chapter 14 Hukou farce
Longmen Mountain is steeper than a cliff, and the axe is chopped into an almost vertical path that can be climbed by one person. Many senior people in the Xiuxian family don’t take this path but fly with imperial vessels, but their younger brothers, who are shallow, have to climb hard under the leadership of the elders in the family.
However, this ladder is extremely difficult for mortals, and it is easier for the cultivation of immortals, even if it is based on five or six floors of cultivation. Many people climb it one by one in an orderly way.
Guo Xiaosi is also carefully watching from time to time from the side of the imperial flying and cultivate immortality. He is also jealous and secretly wondering when he will be able to get such a kind of baby, whether it is a mountain or a river, and how happy it is to drive the fairy flying and fly away.
Among them, I also saw that Wu Jiao was still roaring past him across her golden eagle without looking at him. Perhaps it was because Guo Xiaosi refused their request from the Wu family or there were too many people here. She didn’t see Guo Xiaosi with a wry smile. This little girl was not bad. At the beginning, she was the one who gave me invisibility skills, and she also sold it to herself cheaply, but it was absolutely impossible to change her surname if she wanted to switch to their Wu family.
Brother, this Longmen Mountain is too difficult to climb, isn’t it? Guo Xiaosi personally launched a complaint
Do you know who once said that this Longmen Mountain is a mountain where the sky rises in the mountains, the sun rises in the sky and the clouds are low? However, it is said that after climbing this dangerous road, it is greatly flattened, and a slightly older person replied breathlessly.
Guo Xiaosi took a short breath and turned around to look at the rolling mountains. A big river in the vast mountains looks like a ribbon at the moment, and there is a thin cloud around it. It is probably almost flat.
Finally, I climbed the most difficult ladder. Guo Xiaosi looked around, but it was not like a big flat roof that the man said just now. Instead, a mountain road led to a distant mountain road in a half-foot place in Fiona Fang. On both sides, however, huge stones stood and sandwiched the mountain road.
Haha, I finally got to the hukou, and the climber cried happily
Brother Zhang, do you know this place? Someone asked.
That Zhang Dage laughed. Didn’t I tell you that I attended the Longmen Conference ten years ago and came here? Although it has been ten years, I still know it very well. It is said that the appearance here has remained unchanged for thousands of years, so Jiudamen will choose it here.
What are you talking about? How much do you know? The nine goalkeepers’ congress chose here, but they shouted angrily.
That brother Zhang’s voice is getting louder. I don’t know if I know it. Is it less than you? I ask you if this place is called Hukou?
That’s good, but do you know what to do with the spout? The man immediately pushed it up and refused to give way. He also sneered that he was not scared ten years ago and dared to come to the Longmen Conference again ten years later. I said, Lao Zhang, your courage is really admirable.
Li San, shut up. That big brother is already furious.
Li San laughed and became angry from embarrassment. It’s not a big guy. Look at a horse face. Now it’s almost a donkey face.
I Pei Li San, see how Zhang Dage can stand such a shock. The sword offering in his hand turned out to be a direct flight to Li San, but it fell from the sky like a dragon.
Li San dares to show off his bravado with a cold hum.
Say a whisking a golden light fly up will hit the sword swing and flew to Zhang Dage.
Guo Xiaosi secretly nodded. This Li San must be afraid, otherwise it would never offend people so easily. Zhang Dage’s sword should be regarded as a controllable fairy, and Li San’s golden light is probably a medium-and high-order ofuda. Thought of here, there is nothing decent magic weapon in Guo Xiaosi’s touch-yourself-dry bag to participate in this Longmen Conference. It will rely on these three spells, but it is invisibility, occult fire and flame. With these three spells, I’m afraid it will be difficult at this Longmen Conference.
For example, although Wu Jiao did not reach the first floor until she washed the pulp sutra, she could spell. I’m afraid she is far ahead of herself. Huang Huan also said that a person who holds a high-order instrument, Fu You, can cultivate immortality even if his basic achievement method is almost the same, and he can easily knock down the cultivation of immortality without a high-order instrument even if his basic achievement method is higher.
If Li San can get this golden light or get some powerful instruments, it will be a success. I hope to win the first place in the Longmen Conference. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t expect or think about it. Even if he strives for the first place, it’s best not to fight for the first place. In fact, he has put himself in the position of public criticism
Maybe Guo Xiaosi would rather get a middle ranking and be reluctantly accepted by the nine big doors. That is the best ending.
However, the two men here fought fiercely but suffered a lot. People who had just climbed this place didn’t flood in, but they didn’t cut off. But the two men fought in such a place and made people complain. At that time, they were in chaos, so they climbed to the entrance and blocked it up. When people knew what was going on, they all swore. Guo Xiaosi was secretly glad that he had climbed before them, otherwise it would be unlucky to fall behind.
Zhang Dage’s sword Li San’s golden light collided again in the middle, but this time both sides didn’t get it right to see this sword, and this golden light actually flew in the same direction.
According to the frequent collision, the two objects must have gone in the opposite direction, but the golden light of the sword passed in the same direction. The continuous sound of the surrounding sounds also proved that Guo Xiaosi was not the only one who was surprised
The sword Jin Guangfei fell into the hands of a black-robed Han, whose eyes stared at the size of a baby’s fist and opened his mouth to scold you two for going over the spout and blocking the people behind you.
Zhang Dage Li San did not dare to be arrogant when he saw this man. He bowed and said that Luo Dage’s lesson was that I was wrong.
The black-robed man threw a sword and a Huang Fu into two people’s hands with a snort and walked towards the mountain road with boulders on both sides and never looked back. Presumably, the mountain crossing is the hukou, but I don’t know if it is narrow or narrow inside the hukou.
And the man in black, that is, the man who was called Luo Dage by Zhang Da Li San, must be a very powerful role, otherwise it is impossible to take them away and make two people who are not weak fear three points for him.
Guo Xiaosi thought that maybe this was the winner of the Longmen Conference. He was 30 years old, but he could never win the Longmen Conference. After all, except for his basic skill, his other magic skills were pitiful, and his hand was not a high-order symbol or instrument like others.
Chapter 15 reinforcements
After such a long, narrow and closed mountain road, a huge flat land suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. Just now, that mountain road was like a spout, and now it should be considered as entering the pot. The pot in the pot is big enough to accommodate five or six thousand people. At the end of the flat land, a large platform was built on the mountain. In front of it, two rows and twenty small platforms were built, but many people did not know what the small platforms were for.