The silver waves fluctuated, and the blood wonderful son’s body conjured up at an alarming speed for a moment. There were dozens of meters of blood around him, and the wonderful son’s figure was so dense that he was afraid of everything.

Looking at this special Wushu effect, Yu Wendi’s eye pupil is also slightly condensed and slowly vomited a sigh, eyes closed gently, and then suddenly tiptoed and suddenly stepped on the ground, and suddenly a black flash swept away.
Cold blade in the sun with a ferocious cold light to those phantoms.
Coldly looking at those who are constantly being split by Yu Wendi, the phantom blood is slowly stretched out and then aimed at Yu Wendi with a slight grip on the absolute field.
With the blood wonderful son cold drink a circle of pale silver energy fluctuations suddenly spread from her palm, but instantly it has suddenly swept the whole body ten meters Yuwen Di to completely enveloped.
Yu Wendi’s eye pupil also shrank suddenly when these silver energies spread to the body, and he could clearly feel that the surroundings seemed to be slowing down at the moment.
From the perspective of Yu Wendi, it seems that the surroundings are slowing down. However, in the eyes of Xuemiao, Yu Wendi’s rapid speed has become the same as that of a turtle in an instant.
I have long known that Yu Wendi’s pride is the highest speed. At this moment, you are trapped in my field, and your speed is worthless.
Then, with a wave of her hands and a sharp silver sword, the silver thorn flashed away and wore out the bondage. In the moment, the speed suddenly dropped in front of Yuwen Di.
A sharp sword shuttle brings a sharp wind. If this momentum is hit, it must be a tragic situation.
However, just as the sword was about to hit the key point of Yuwen Di, the white robe disappeared strangely from the middle. Because the target disappeared, it contained earth energy, and the sword was stabbed. It was only after a long distance that the sword was swept away.
Looking at the sudden disappearance of Yu Wendi’s beautiful eyes, his right hand flashed a dazzling knot, and then he slammed in the direction behind him.
The silver awn in the palm of your hand flickers and jumps constantly, and finally turns into a silver sword and cuts through the void, leaving a shallow silver trace in the void.
When the silver sword draws a sharp arc, a sharp iron sword is also stabbed from behind the blood wonderful son, just as the silver sword collides with each other and brings up a crisp golden iron strike.
After two swords hit each other slightly, a violent energy fluctuation swept through from the tip collision.
Dozens of meters of stone slabs in Fiona Fang have covered the view of watching the battle when this energy impact swept through the ruined department and rose for a moment
Enough to tiptoe again in the virtual bizarre even stepped on a few Yuwen Di firmly stood his body slightly narrowing her eyes and looked at the opposite, which also retreated several steps. Blood Miao Er hey ran a smile and his body suddenly and violently rushed away again.
In the virtual space, Yuwen Di took the lead in the collision of blood wonderful children, and two disproportionate palms slammed together with different strength.
Boom a quiver.
Steps slightly wrong blood wonderful son back three steps quickly just hold up and look up at Yuwen Di turned out to be found that guy is slightly waved the shape, so this person’s strength is indeed higher than the strongest card in Chapter 259.
Thought of here, beautiful eyes slightly cold hands delimit a circle of strange mysterious radian strange blood spin in the hand Huo Ran emerge attractive white feet in a virtual point to rub the body again.
The little hand swayed slightly, and a mysterious cyclone whirled at a high speed, and the wind was broken.
For a moment, the cyclone was flying in the air, leaving dark marks, and then Yu Wendi’s sharp iron swords touched each other.
Listen to a ding-ding metallography constantly emerging in the virtual, and listen to a hard touch. The sharp rotating cyclone suddenly leaves the hand and strokes the ghosting image, and then shoots away at Yu Wendi’s eyes.
Because of the high-speed rotating cyclone speed, a touch of black flickered away in the dark night.
However, just as the cyclone was about to cross Yuwen Di’s neck, his body suddenly twisted strangely, and it was attached to his body with sen’s cold and whimpered through the wind.
Hiding from the blood, Miao Er’s deadly attack, Yu Wendi’s wings fiercely unfold, and his figure deceives into the blood like a ghost. The sharp palm beside Miao Er is worn out and severely imprinted on his shoulder.
Hum a stuffy hum blood, little mouth and tight hands, and quickly explore Yu Wendi’s arm, grab slender fingers, gently pick a high-speed rotating cyclone, and suddenly hit Yu Wendi’s arm.
But at this moment, a dark green light slammed Yuwendi’s arm and turned out to be a whirlwind. The arm shook and broke free from the shackles of blood.