Snakeheads don’t fly, but birds don’t fly. The Raptors can’t escape this unchanging way.

Goofy made a two-step plan before attacking Qiaowan Town.
The first step is to send someone to distribute the death of Wang Jiangfeng, deputy Wang Guan Hugh, and shake the morale of the Raptors.
The second step is to leave the north side and the Raptors escape.
When the Raptors learned that Wang was killed and Wang’s deputy Wang didn’t fight in the battle.
The gang members are still in love with each other, and if one person escapes, ten thousand people will flee.
All the gang members abandoned their troops and armor and fled to the north gate of Wuqiaowan soldiers. The Raptors gang was not good enough, and its physical strength was even higher than that of Qiaowan soldiers. However, when Wang just died and flew high, he attacked Qiaowan Town, and the robbers didn’t choose Wang again. This is also very accurate when flying high.
Everyone wants to survive in Canada. They deliberately left the North Gate. They escaped. Everyone went to work hard. They all ran away from the foot of the North Gate.
The Raptors immediately became vulnerable when the morale of the army was chaotic.
The battle was one-sided, and Gao Fei led the Qiaowan soldiers to hunt down dozens of miles and kill more than 350 Raptors, while the casualties of Qiaowan soldiers added up to less than 10 people.
This once again proves how powerful the great and sacred Fu Chen is to divide robbers into teams and then rob them. This person must be a talent.
Fu Chen sat in a chair with his legs crossed, sipping fragrant teas and flying high, and reported the battle in detail. The expression on his face was called respect and worship. It was impossible to say anything, but he already regarded Fu Chen as a savior.
Goofy has no confidence in Fu Chen’s ability to kill kawakaze. A little guy with six-order qi is going to kill Tai Yuan. What a crazy move. Don’t say that he is the sixth-order qi, that is, his ninth-order qi has failed, and especially the poisonous qi is hard to prevent. If you are not careful, it will be fatal.
And these impossible things have actually become a fact. The clank happened in front of my eyes. Can this stop him from worshipping? Can it go beyond the challenge? But there is a full difference of four grades.
How honored I am to be able to follow such a person, not to mention being a younger brother or being his mount.
Fu Chen squinted at kneeling in front of himself and flying high. That’s a great feeling.
The only way to get a talent like you is to let you know that I asked.
Fu Chen said lightly, what are these tricks? I’m more fun, more exciting and fresher. Do you want to see them?
It’s really surprising that goofy hears that it’s even more difficult to scratch my boss.
But he didn’t know that Fu Chen’s coming into this world was a bigger surprise.
Chapter 22 Damn misunderstanding
Chapter 22 Damn misunderstanding
Fu Chen was determined to frighten Goofy and decided to show off in front of Goofy, but it backfired every time.
Cheep! A big doorway!
When Fu Chen saw Xiao You at the door, he almost fell down. What the hell?
Just as Fu Chen was preparing to course the true qi to push Goofy, another person came in.
Fu Chen wanted to give up after seeing it.
And this man is actually his father Fu Junzhan.
Fu Junzhan Xiao You watched and hugged each other at the door like thunder, and Fu Chen flew high.
Ahem, Fu Jun’s face turned red, and Xiao You was embarrassed. Chen Er, we are waiting for you outside the door. I have something to say.
When Bi Fujun took Xiaoyou out of the door, he actually closed the door, as if to say that you were busy and we didn’t see anything.
God, earth, what is all this? It was my father’s time in the Woods. I have left many suspects in Xiaoyou’s heart, and now we are here again. How can I explain this?
Goofy also realized that he had lost his manners, so he let go and bowed his head and apologized. Boss, I was too excited to control it just now, so we weren’t seen.
Goofy’s tone is very sincere because he has just been in a state of excitement. He doesn’t know that people have been here. Even if it thunders outside, he may not hear it. Besides, he has his back to the gate. He doesn’t know that Fu Chen’s father Xiao You came in and didn’t realize it until he heard them talk.
Fu Chen slowly collapsed against the wall, and my ten-year reputation was destroyed. What should I do if such a thing happened in front of my father?
What makes Fu Chen’s heart even more entangled is that Fu Junzhan Xiao You found that they were hugging each other and stopped drinking on the spot, so his father Xiao You would definitely not believe in his own masculinity.
It happened that they said a word and then closed the door. What is even more annoying is that they returned the door. What did this say? Father Xiaoyou must be a person with a special taste.
In fact, this can’t blame Fu Chen now. Who let him know how to eat, drink, prostitute and gamble before crossing?
How can I prove my guilt?
Fu Chen sat in the corner hole with soft eyes and didn’t know where he was looking. It’s no use dragging Goofy over and beating him up now, but I have to say this.
Xiaofei, come here, Fu Chen, and say in a particularly cordial tone
Goofy couldn’t help but take a step back with a chill. What do you want, boss?
It’s not fun to be late. Fu Chen laughed and said, Do you know that my father Xiao You just came to the door and left to return it to us?
Goofy knew that Fu Chen would not be a good thing to find him, but after all, Fu Chen was his boss, and he was extremely cautious step by step. He now felt that Fu Chen’s amiable smile was more terrible than the devil, but he could not escape.
Fu Chen swoops down Goofy to the ground and shouts, Old Today, if you don’t take this tone, you are not a man.
There was a burst of punching and kicking, and suddenly Gao Fei screamed, Boss, I have something important to report.
Fu Chen kicked him in the ass and laughed. Go ahead. It doesn’t matter. You know that.