Small white frown thought for a moment confused responsibility way

The two Kirin beasts were awake when they were scolded by Xiao Hei. It was very funny to listen to Xiao Bai when he scolded himself. He felt that he was really an idiot just now and would be carried away by fear. If he was killed in normal times, he would not believe such a thing.
It’s just such a broken bridge. How can we stop our brothers’ footsteps?
When they saw Xiao Bai, they all woke up. Xiao Bai scolded them again, adding more courage, and then they continued to stride forward.
Ha, ha, ha, go, mother
When Xiao Bai laughed, he stepped on the small plate and became firm again.
The two Kirin beasts looked at each other and shook their heads with a wry smile.
This time, it can’t shake their belief by crying in the evil wind, and that is to rush to the top of the mountain.
So they are getting faster and faster, and they are chasing behind them one by one.
That’s really good
Looking on, Ah Luan, fat Ah Shui, finally got a sigh of relief in her heart. Just now, they also squeezed the sweat with three little guys.
But then they got nervous again, and even Yang Tian was looking forward to it, because in front of Xiaohe, there was the Emperor Kirin team, Xiaohe, and they were going to encounter the Emperor Kirin team soon. I wonder if there would be any conflict.
Hey, isn’t that Di Qilin and them?
Going forward for a while, more than a dozen black shadows appeared vaguely in front of us. When we got together, the little black eyes were sharp-eyed and recognized as Emperor Kirin and his party.
Hey, Brother Hei, do you think they’re still nervous? Are you afraid, too?
Small white suddenly grinned a malicious way
Are you a scumbag trying to take advantage of someone’s danger?
Xiao hei knew what Xiao Bai wanted to do as soon as you heard it and asked with a smile.
Brother Hei, I just want to make it a little more difficult for them. Don’t you want to teach those guys a lesson?
Small white impudence incited.
Hehe, it suits me
The little black finally unbearable laughed
The two Kirin beasts have long understood what they want to do, and their hearts are actually a little excited, because they also don’t like those guys looking high.
So in the small white illusion, the four of them turned into extremely horrible ghosts and quietly leaned over to the emperor Kirin.
Emperor Kirin walked with his head held high in the front, and from time to time urged the players behind him to follow quickly.
Little black and white knew that it was difficult to scare the emperor Kirin, so they targeted Xiao Yuyu, the lion Yunlong and Bi Qilin, and the other two immortals.
Because little black and white all know Pu Liuer and take the initiative to avoid her, Lei Bao.
In the dark, four little guys sneaked close to the ten feet of Emperor Kirin’s squad, and then looked at each other and jumped on their targets.
Suddenly, a gust of wind came from behind, and I was nervous. The jade lion, the unicorn, and the other two fairy beasts felt a cold in their backs, as if they were stared at by something, and they hurriedly looked back.