Qingmen leitian, you are Luo Fu, right?

Live those Luo Fudi yelling and calling their companions.
Leitian is angry. He is a true fairy. These patrols are just then. My brother should yell at himself. Even the Louvre people should not be rude.
He took the jade card in his hand, which was the first time he participated in the gas refining on Jin Ao Island, and the jade card was divided into several levels, and the second level was one level lower than that of the four sects.
The first gas refiner in the team shouted, "I want you to be nice and don’t understand?"
Luo Xiu suddenly slaughtered Yang Ji and released a Ji to cut off the legs of this screaming refined gas man.
She said in a gloomy tone, I’m Luo Xiu of Qingcheng Mountain. Are you Luofu School going to fight against Qingcheng Mountain or have you colluded with Heaven to attack our other three sects on Jin Ao Island? I think you are like a spy. I’m afraid Ye Fanhe will have a second one.
Luo Xiu thinks of himself as the younger brother of Qingcheng Mountain. He said that he didn’t know the general idea and provoked the four sects.
However, Luo Xiu now thinks that she is a wife of Leitian, and she has also inherited the Taoist tradition of the Chinese Emperor. How can she put this in her heart? Luo Fudi, a patrol team, obviously knows Leitian, but still shouts regardless of the dignity of Leitian’s true fairy.
Luo Xiu’s anger can be imagined. Since Luo Fu sent these brothers to insult Leitian, they really want to be against Bai Qi, so they can directly provoke this Luo Fu to get the boat.
Luo Xiu doesn’t believe that the Louvre faction has met a younger brother in the golden elixir period. Behind him is Qingcheng Mountain.
If Qingcheng Mountain doesn’t show off because of this matter, then the Qingcheng Mountain Department will crack now.
That Luo Fudi was shocked when his legs were cut off. Luo Xiu wouldn’t let him talk. He continued, You are right there. Don’t move. I want to see who dares to talk to a true fairy like this.
I gave them courage, Luo Xiu. You are so presumptuous.
Luo xiu’s voice did not fall, but a gas refiner pointed his finger at Luo xiu’s way from the wall. Instead, you colluded with heaven and accused us of Luo Fu.
Before he finished speaking, Luo Xiu killed Yang Ji and beheaded him directly.
Is a fairy pointing at me to die?
These Luo Fu brothers are stupid. Luo Xiugen doesn’t talk about killing people. Isn’t she afraid of Luo Fu Jin Xian’s revenge?
Luo xiu’s wall is full of fairy tales, and everyone is shaking, pointing to Luo xiu’s way. Are you going to cause a war in Qingcheng Luofu?
Luo Xiusen suddenly said, I don’t know why you Luofu want to turn right from wrong. I know that if it’s bad for my leitian, I’ll kill it first and then I’ll talk about it. Is it necessary?
Leitian said at this time that I am a master. I will go back to Zhongzhou to let the gas refiners know that I can enter the city gate or I will go back now.
Leitian knew that he had ambushed the celestial army, which made the Louvre faction unhappy. His actions probably destroyed the plans of the four sects, but Kunlun said that Qingcheng was close to Penglai, and the Louvre faction had always been bad, so he planned to deal with himself alone.
It’s too easy to deal with yourself if you are a fairy, but Luo Xiu reaches out and kills people, and there is room for manoeuvre in his tone, which will cause a direct contradiction between Luo Fu and Qingcheng Mountain.
Bai Qikou preached that he would go back and spread this matter all over Zhongzhou, so that Luo Fu’s position in the hearts of Zhongzhou gas refiners would be greatly reduced, and less scattered immortals would look for other sects to join instead of going to Luo Fu.
In this way, the Luofu people can’t drive him out of Jin Ao Island, but want other sects to put pressure on themselves.
Leitian doesn’t care what the pressure is. Go to Du Jie in Sanyuan. If that Louvre really hurts himself, he will be the first to destroy Louvre when he comes back from Sanyuan.
Chengtou Luofu Zhenxian heard the threat of leitian, and he was also angry. The fairy sword sacrifice in his hand took the leitian head straight.
Leitian Luo Xiu is wearing a jade brand. It is effective for them to attack the fairy array with the wall. Seeing this fairy sword flying, Leitian reached out and gave birth to a slim sword. The firm but gentle sword was released from the sword box to shoot it down to the ground.
Leitian threw this fairy sword into the millstone of heaven and earth and sneered that he had removed the brand of god knowledge, or he was injured.
The true fairy was so angry that she didn’t react for a moment. What do you mean by leitian? When he refused to turn the millstone gently that day, the brand of the true fairy’s knowledge left in the fairy sword suddenly destroyed the true fairy and fell to the ground with one mouthful blood.
At this time ChengTou now a leitian familiar figure.
The Louvre sent people to tell you what happened today, and you can go away.