Those skeletons, Jin Yuan, Jing Hua, still can’t wave. You can’t have too many of these things.

After cleaning the battlefield, take a short rest for a day and move on. The path in the Woods is invisible again. It’s strange and silent. It’s terrible to look ahead, and there is no end in sight.
After walking for a while, Yang Tian never met a big bird skeleton again and couldn’t help but speed up.
Unconsciously, the road ahead suddenly extended and came to a hill.
This mountain is very high. Looking up, it seems to extend directly into the sky, but Yang God knows it is an illusion.
To be on the safe side, Yang Tian had another breeze along the mountain road, but in a short time, a wide forest in front of him became sparse and the mountain situation could be seen clearly.
Looking up at Yang Tianli, I was slightly surprised and felt awkward. Because there are more than a dozen large and small stone villages standing in a wide place halfway up the mountain, many skeletons have been spreading to the top of the mountain, and occasionally several big birds fly by.
Look at those skeletons. They’re not small, but they’re even bigger. Their strength is unpredictable.
Yang Tian didn’t make a move, but the breeze was blowing lightly to the mountain, and he was going to sound out the situation.
Soon Yang Tian came to the stone village and found that the stone village here was much bigger than previously seen, and everyone was connected together like a body.
Yang Tianjiao’s heart itches more than his mouth is watering. In his eyes, these skeletons are all crystal flowers.
It’s Yang Tian who dare not move at all, because there are at least ten skeleton teams here, and there are nearly a hundred small captain levels alone.
Especially in the middle of a big stone village, Yang Tian found a big skeleton in armor. Even if it didn’t reach the golden body, it was not far away. He followed ten small guards around him. This force alone is not something that Yang Tian can deal with.
Yang Tian’s only job now is to find a single skeleton team to get a chance to break into the stone village, which is simply a way to die.
Yang Tian found that the big birds didn’t stay in Shizhai, but flew to the top of the mountain. He couldn’t help but wonder and explore.
Through the stone village, I soon reached the top of the mountain. At this time, there were many big birds flying around.
At the moment of stepping on the top of the mountain, Yang Tian felt scalp pins and needles at once.
Come to the top of the mountain is a huge basin, where caves are densely covered, and thousands of big birds enter it just when they see it. Their strength is generally higher than that of small skeletons. Yang Tian suspects that there are probably huge birds hidden in it.
Once these gregarious guys are discovered by them, the enemy will surely rise up and attack and throw them away.
Yang Tian swallowed saliva and then left, but there was no way to return, but turned to the other side of the mountain.
Yang Tianxin has a feeling that this hill is surrounded by the road, and the roads on the left and right sides must be connected by other channels. Perhaps this hill is a point in the first big circle.
Yang Tian estimated that it was right, and soon he found a horizontal passage on the left side of the mountain. Looking down, there is no end in sight and it extends into the cliff.
It is in the direction of the mountain that these stupid guys who are guarding the continuous skeleton stone village are loyal and guarded around the big bird’s nest.
At this time, it is an idiotic dream for the strength to pull out this mountain.
Yang Tian can look for Pu Liuer through this horizontal passage. Although I don’t know which passage she is in, it doesn’t hinder Yang Tian’s excitement at all.
However, it is necessary to kill several big birds before the departure day, because the big birds in the mountains can’t meet one for half a day.
Yang Tian noticed that at the top of the mountain, some big birds stopped in groups of three and five, and the little skeletons looked down at Fang proudly, so they immediately started to think about it.
After observing for a while, Yang Tian quickly selected the hand target, and the line of sight is not good near the edge of the wide field.
The first goal is to be together, and the two big birds, Yang Tian, still do it the old way. Just a breeze gently wraps them up and gently combs their feathers.
These two lazy guys not only didn’t feel dangerous, but also closed their eyes in the breeze.
Suddenly, the black mountain flashed and the two birds disappeared. It seems that they are really used to ease. It was not until they were involved in the Black Lord of the Rings that these two guys opened their eyes in astonishment. Unfortunately, waiting for them was a storm of small black and white attacks.
Without two companions, the big bird near here actually felt confident when Yang Tian was secretly.
With a glance, I chose three big birds together.
Gently blowing past the breeze, the gentle hands quickly waited on the three birds and closed their eyes.
(of a duck) quack
Suddenly, an angry animal called the direction of Skull Stone Village woke up three big birds with their eyes closed.
Yang, as in dark scold when it comes to the hand, how can Jinghua give up in vain? Just when the three birds open their eyes and blink, they don’t hesitate to course the Dark Lord of the Rings to sweep them away.
The three birds were caught in the dark Lord of the Rings when they struggled a little, and Yang Tianxin wanted to breathe a sigh of relief.
(of a baby) cry
The shrill cry suddenly sounded behind him, and Yang Tian looked at it with horror and saw seven big birds staring at himself in the direction and screaming in disgust.