That is, the soul stool was covered with a layer of blue light outside the remains of the gods, and no matter how hard the practitioner tried, he could break through the blue light.

"Soul stool!"
"My half-immortal spirit magic weapon soul stool!"
"This this how is it possible? Is it true that when the fortuneteller failed to break through, he still left a mental shadow ready to take possession? "
People who can come to the celestial world are either excellent or dedicated practitioners. At a glance, they can see that Wu Zhe is holding things, and there are different opinions.
Not far away, Wu Zhe reached out and was shaken out of the soul stool. The crawler drilled into the soul stool again.
For a moment, Wu Zhe will gain a magic weapon from the remains of his gods, and Bing Ling, Yun Thirteen, Dark Yin and others will be sent to the Tooth Dry Kundong, where a large group of people will be shocked to watch their bodies emit dazzling light and hold the soul stool tightly to escape in the distance.
"If you don’t want to die, give it to me!"
There was a roar. Wu Zhe’s face was full of anxiety like a knife, and his eyes were as bright as stars, but they were also shining with perseverance.
He is making a life-and-death choice!
What makes Wu Zhe face such a choice is the "Dragon Cloud" of the Dragon Banxian.
Chapter 44 This is the celestial world
In the past few months, when Wu Zhe fled from life and death, he learned that the remains of the gods were actually a piece of land where the dragon, the half immortal and the dragon cloud, searched for a suitable object to possess.
Once a practitioner wakes him up, he will be awakened if he leaves a soul stool hidden in the dragon cloud, just like the three treasures in the shark building on a starry night, "the blood is on the sky, and the sword of Lun Kun shoots the bow of the sun."
At the same time, the three treasures will affect the new owner’s proximity to the soul stool, and there will be a cloud of thirteen shadows and a six-battery holy peak in Wu Zhe.
In the past few months, Wu Zhe, Yun XIII and Dark Yin San have been fighting to the death to resist possession. If one person falls into the crisis of possession, two people will try their best to save each other, but they can also resist each other.
The virtual shadow of the real fortuneteller’s spirit is not so weak, mainly because of Wu Zhe’s strong body absorption ability, which makes Long Yunyun take possession for a long time and Wu Zhe climb out of the glass tube crawler into the soul stool, which makes his spirit absorbed a lot.
Long Yunyun chose another way to control the fierce beast Wu Zhe. During their fierce scuffle, the snow and ice beast did not listen to Bing Ling’s orders and fled back to the tooth-dry Kun cave and dared not come out again.
Bing Ling rescues Wu Zhe and is stunned by Long Yun’s spirit attack.
Long Yunyun can directly seize Bing Ling, but he is a man and will not choose to seize the female body. Bing Ling escaped.
Furthermore, Long Yun sent a soul stool to compare the spirit of Qi Fanye, Yun Thirteen and Dark Yin, sighing that he was greedy, so it would be better to take Wu Zhe as early as possible, but months of fighting made his heart very anxious. Finally, he planned to take one of them.
Continuously controlled dozens of fierce beasts to encircle the three of them.
Finally, the dark yin was ambushed by the dragon cloud.
In the past, the dark shadow was hostile to Wu Zhe, and it was also a problem for most of them to stay in the clouds and be attacked by the dark shadow.
Long Yunyun was still excited. Suddenly, he found that Dark Yin was also a woman, and he was mad and angry, that is, his anger caused fluctuations in the ruins of gods. Wu Zheyun XIII had a chance to escape!
On the moonlit night, there were a sea of people near Liuqi Shengfeng, and there were practitioners everywhere. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered together but it was so quiet. Everyone quietly looked up at Wu Zhe, who was flying and covered in blood.
On the top of Liuqi Shengfeng Mountain, a white dress wins the snow, and the mulberry tree hangs over the dragon woman’s moonlight. Her dragon body seems to have a faint holy glow, and the white dress blows on her forehead with the wind. The two little dragons’ horns keep shining with golden light, just like that out-of-touch Vulcan.
In the past few days, she has tried to break through the immortal twice, but both of them took back the foot in an instant.
Because of the remains of gods!
Being immortal is a step away for her, and she will live forever!
But if you take that step, the world of mortals will leave her forever and cut off all the dust!
She doesn’t give up the remains of gods!
It takes great courage to pull out the sword and cut the dust! Because it may be lonely to wait for her for the rest of her life after that step.
The heavenly heart is unpredictable, and the fairy feelings are like frost!
Today, the remains of the gods have disappeared again. From the remains of the gods to the present, all kinds of red dust have surfaced in her heart. She thought of Long Yunyun shaking her head and making a decision. Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to the world. If she doesn’t become an immortal this year, she will never get a breakthrough …
A series of blazing divine lights suddenly broke out at the top of the mountain, and the whole mountain was covered with a layer of holy light.
The soul stool in Wu Zhe’s hand suddenly exploded with dazzling brilliance. This glorious dragon cloud didn’t attack Wu Zhe in spirit, but sent a dragon song straight at the sky!
The top ice muscle jade bone female holy glow, she is so out of the dust, noble and virtual broken, she stepped forward vertically and firmly.
At the last moment, she looked back at the world of mortals for the last time, and that dreamy fairy face could no longer keep the hearts of the world.
At this moment, a dragon rhyme suddenly appeared in her ear, and the dragon girl unexpectedly abruptly walked back to the step-out step, and then a black gas was twisted back to sneak back into the female body.
It’s the black gas that left Wu Zheti earlier!