Sasuke just wanted to continue to say "pa" when he was slapped by a sudden stop of water.

"At an early age, I guess it is unreasonable to say that you are a typical die-hards. If it weren’t for your brother, I would have killed you with what you just said!" Water stopped flashing again and appeared beside the ferret, and took out a pill from the glove bag and handed it to the ferret.
"Skunk, are you suffering?"
"I believe Sasuke because he is my brother!"
Stop listening to the ferret’s anguish and pride!
"Junjun!" Orochimaru shouted a skunk.
"Lord orochimaru didn’t expect that this time it was you who led me or the three of them!"
"I’ll help you see the simple medical endurance. I still can!"
At this time, a huge beard appeared again, which was summoned by the water stop. After the water stop came out, it was directly right and wanted to start work.
I don’t know if it’s a spot illusion. He thinks that this bearded assistant in front of him is actually more powerful than that bearded assistant just now!
The most surprising thing is that Sasuke actually summoned a huge purple skeleton. When he looked at Sasuke, his eyes immediately changed. If this former spot regarded Sasuke as a renegade child, Sasuke’s position in his eyes has exceeded that of his pocket.
Dou may have felt the spot in his eyes, as if he had made up his mind. Dou immediately took out two white chess pieces from his sleeve and threw them insightful. Two coffins opened automatically and two people came out!
Uchihiro Fuchu Uchiha Mikoto!
Family reunion!
As soon as the two of them just came out, both Sasuke and the weasel dripping with blood felt an unprecedented insult. At this moment, Sasuke’s purple skeleton Sasuke immediately changed dramatically, and even the complete combat equipment came into being. The difference was that orochimaru was wrapped and orochimaru was treating the wound behind the weasel.
Seeing this situation, Uncle Nara ordered Ding Zuo to become a giant. He and Hai were shoulder to shoulder, and a pair of huge butterfly wings spread behind Ding Zuo. chakra’s wings fanned a few times, and a violent wind blew on the ground.
Skunk and Sasuke are not the kui brothers. Two people directly attacked the pocket. Skunk Sasuke chopped a sword at the pocket, while Sasuke Sasuke directly shot an arrow. The two people attacked almost neck and neck.
The couple who just came out of Uchibo were immediately threatened by the storm caused by these two attacks, but the two brothers seemed to put their prejudices into the giant at this moment. They went directly to the couple to help them block the violent chakra airflow
Continuous explosion pocket site rang.
"Why don’t you fool put them away?"
The idea is to tie Sasuke to his own camp completely. He didn’t give him a chance to speak when he thought of Sasuke Root. He directly attacked him. Since he was a child, he didn’t have his parents’ pockets. He would never know how insulting it was to Sasuke. I’m afraid there are some people in the field who are not white.
At this moment, Pocket was included in the slaying list by Sasuke and Skunk at the same time, because this damn filth metempsychosis can summon their parents, and everyone’s parents are sacred Pocket, which is immortal now.
Spot patted his head naively. At this moment, he doubted whether it was right or wrong to bring such a reckless thing. Spot wouldn’t have looked at him again if he hadn’t valued his filthy reincarnation.
Sasuke and ferret attacked unexpectedly, and even the giant tripod had to rely on weapons to stabilize itself in the target pocket. If Mr. Ban couldn’t look around and grabbed his snake tail, he would have just attacked and died!
When I heard the words of Spot Ye, Pocket put Uchihiro and his wife away very naively, but the two murderous look disappeared and locked him.
"You take out the two of them opposite orochimaru, right? You should know how to seal, right? Seal them both up! " With a wave of his hand, Mr. Spot’s thugs directly judged that Uchibo and his wife were going to stay or go for a ride, and the situation was better than that of others, so they could obey orders from Spot.
Sasuke and skunk just watched Uncle Snake seal their parents, and Uncle Snake threw the two of them to Ding Ding, giving them directly to Haiyi and Lu Jiuyin, and he might also go to war.
It was not until my parents fell into the hands of Lu Jiu and Hai that the murderous look against the pocket disappeared, but the back of the pocket was already wet.
The field became extraordinarily quiet because of the accident, and Sasuke came to Spot again.
"It’s unfortunate that I didn’t catch you when I came out today, but it’s lucky that your brother betrayed you. Skunk has to say that life is like this." Master Ban took the initiative to cancel Susuke. It seems that today’s battle can come to an end. He values that Skunk wants to kill Skunk and then resurrect him to control him, but now he has a assistant who is not inferior to him. This is really unexpected.
"Would you like to come with me?"
"Sasuke!" The ferret made his own sound again, but unfortunately it didn’t save Sasuke’s direct action and told the ferret that he decided to follow Master Ban without looking back!
The skunk watched as he walked away. Ye Spot and Sasuke and his party were angry, and they spit out one mouthful blood again and then completely fainted.
Orochimaru looked at the disappearing direction of the pocket, and his eyes flashed with yoshimitsu. Finally, he looked at a few people around him and took them home to be continued.
Chapter 259 Can’t believe Naruto
It was officially over when the ferret was admitted to the intensive care unit of Muye Hospital, but was it really?
Naruto heard earlier that Shu Mao sent someone to pick up the ferret. At that time, don’t say how happy Naruto was because he expected that person would come back. Although Sasuke is his opponent in various meanings, Naruto still very much hopes that Sasuke will come back. This may be because of KINOMOTO SAKURA.
What’s the saying? Sometimes you don’t need to possess someone strongly. You have to look at her and smile, and your heart is sweet. That’s how love works.
Naruto didn’t know anything about this and never thought about himself. Why do you expect Sasuke to come back so much because you can play against his opponent? Is it because you can quarrel with him? Or because KINOMOTO SAKURA stopped looking at the distant sky when chatting? Although Naruto never thought about it, his heart drove him to do so in the hope that he would come back.
But Naruto was in high spirits, but it was Sasuke’s betrayal when he came back.
"I don’t believe it! I don’t believe that he will betray Brother Skunk. I don’t believe that he will stab him in the back. I don’t believe that he will betray Konoha and even betray Brother Shumao! "
Naruto felt hysterical at this moment, as if something had broken.
KINOMOTO SAKURA’s practice in her hand was bitter, and then she immediately covered her mouth to hide her dull crying. Ueda came to her side and held her shoulder. KINOMOTO SAKURA conveniently put her well-dressed head on Ueda.
Teeth jumped out of the branches, and Akamaru was just biting Naruto, and it was quiet. Chi Nai put away those flying insects, which are as annoying as flies and will increase people’s annoyance.
At this time, Sai was still far away from the top of the tree and didn’t know what was happening. He felt unprecedented sadness because he might leave the team, but he told him in his heart that it really made him sad that he didn’t find out when Kakashi came over.
Red because some things went out to let his class train with Kakashi and them, so at this time, Red Class all.
The neighboring teams are not far from here. They all want to come and see Naruto when they hear it.
Asma and Kay also appeared in their respective teams’ training places at the same time.
"What happened to Teacher Akai?" Xiao Li asked with Ning Ji and looked up at Ah Kai every day.
As soon as Asma landed in Luwan, she said, "Is there something wrong with Sasuke? Does Sasuke really want to come back? "
Asma didn’t answer directly, but she patted her head and nodded.
"Ah deer pill what’s the matter? Why am I not white? "
"Yes, I am not white!"
Ino and Dinji don’t know what deer pill means.
"Stop it, you two. Come with me to see Naruto and them. What a bother!"
"Go and see Naruto. What they need most now is probably your support!" Ah Kai said nothing to his three lovely departments, because just now he thought how he would feel if someone in his team suddenly betrayed him. Probably worse than Naruto’s performance now.
When all three people went there, Ah Kai hammered the ground hard, and his hand was cut by the ground. Ah Kai didn’t care so much now, but for Shu Mao’s order not to pursue Ah Kai, he might have set off himself.
Asma also came over and asked Kay for the first time, "Would you like a cigarette?"
After that, he took out a cigarette and lit one, then looked at the golden generation and said faintly, "betrayal is also a kind of growth. This is the price of growth!"
"But … but the price …" Akai didn’t say anything behind him, because at this time, red beans somehow appeared beside him and held his shoulder.
"Why are you here?" Asma asked
"Oh, I just got the news from Sasuke from orochimaru. I guess you may be in a bad mood. I wanted to see you. I didn’t expect that my decision was really correct!" Red beans are not so out of tune. They ninjas have seen more things than those children.
"Come on, let’s go and see Kakashi. Just got the news that Tui has disappeared from Konoha, which is Sasuke’s thing. This should be a double betrayal. Kakashi …"
"Yes, let’s go and see Kakashi!" Asma pinched off her cigarette butt directly.
"Don’t worry, I won’t tell Hong about your smoking. Besides, Hong doesn’t seem to forbid you to smoke, does it?"
"No, I suddenly lost the feeling of smoking. Let’s go and see Kakashi."
Naruto didn’t make a fuss after all. He knew that KINOMOTO SAKURA was beside her now. Although KINOMOTO SAKURA was very strong in appearance, KINOMOTO SAKURA was a very fragile girl. On the contrary, the young field was very fragile in appearance, but her heart was very firm. At this time, Naruto couldn’t show any weakness in front of KINOMOTO SAKURA, otherwise KINOMOTO SAKURA might collapse!
Naruto’s intuition is very sharp, and it really helps Naruto make the right choice.
Although he knew it might be true, Naruto still couldn’t believe it would really happen.
"KINOMOTO SAKURA, let’s go to the hospital. Let’s go and see Brother Skunk. I want to hear what Brother Skunk told me himself. I want to know what happened on the battlefield. Don’t you want to know?"
At this time, Sai could no longer live with Naruto. There were more and more people there, but KINOMOTO SAKURA actually cried! Did something happen to Sasuke? Then Sai saw Naruto and his gang go straight to Konoha Hospital.
Sai suddenly felt a little lucky. His intuition told him that he might not leave the team this time!
Naruto went to the hospital, and they found that Shumao stopped water, and orochimaru was actually!