After drinking a mouthful of water, he said, "And our Chinese medicine practitioners are all trying to solve the patient’s illness from the root, but the effect will be slower, but it will be good for the patient!" The problem is that the patient can’t stand the pain in front of his eyes. How can he think about it? That’s why there are more people coming to the hospital to see a doctor and seek western medicine than to seek Chinese medicine. "

After a pause, I always feel that we should not say so mysterious when we order Chinese medicine. What are the five elements, yin and yang, hexagrams? Can people understand these things when they come to see a doctor? They came here for one purpose, so long as you let me stop hurting. Let’s try our best to simplify our words and tell the patient the diagnosis result directly and then tell him how to treat it. Of course, this is also divided into many people who seem to be literate and have status. You have to break them up and tell them in detail so that people will think that you value them. "
Then he waved his hand. "These are my personal opinions. Just listen to them."
As soon as the voice fell at the door, there came applause and the words "say yes"
Chapter 10 Consultation
Looking back, the three men all stood up. Li Chu said, "Dean Zhang and Master Liang, how did you two come together?"
"I came to see you, Mr. Liang, for something. We just walked to your door and heard what you said. It’s very insightful. Young people just have to have their own ideas and dare to break the old rules. This is very good." Dean Zhang is the director of the hospital and the clinical vice president. He came back from studying in Germany earlier.
"I said those are my own immature opinions, which made you laugh."
Master Liang said with a wave, "It’s good to say so. Is Dean Zhang coming over? There’s a patient in surgery who needs consultation. He wants me to come over. I just have something to do here. I can’t leave Xiao Li. It’s no problem for you to go over and see your level."
"Xiao Li, since Lord Liang recommended you, I believe his eyes. The patient over there is still waiting to come with me."
Li Chu picked up his notes and pen and ran away to Liang Zhu. Next to him, he told him, "Don’t be afraid to go out of the door to represent our Chinese medicine department." He patted him on the shoulder.
"I know the Lord"
Li Chu went out of the door and followed Dean Zhang to the surgical conference room.
When I entered the meeting room door, I saw seven people talking together. A little farther away, there was a middle-aged man sitting in a chair just sitting casually, which gave people a very imposing feeling. A young man bent over next to him and said something in the middle-aged man’s ear. It looked like a secret role.
Dean Zhang should walk into the conference room and say, "Well, Chinese medicine people have come over there." When Dean Zhang spoke, everyone in the conference room stopped coming and going.
"This is Dr. Li Chu, a Chinese medicine department in our hospital. Although he is young, he is an outstanding graduate of Chinese medicine major in our college. At the same time, he is also a famous Chinese medicine master Yang Cheng and Yang Lao." Dean Zhang pointed to Li Chu and introduced him to the hospital. People naturally know Dean Zhang, mainly to introduce the middle-aged man. I don’t want him to look down on Li Chu because he is young.
The middle-aged man nodded at Li Chu and said nothing.
Dean Zhang went to the table and sat down. "All right, everyone is here. Sit down in bar owners. You introduce the situation."
Li Chu sat in the chair closest to the door and looked at the surgeon.
The Lord directly said, "The patient’s situation is like this …"
Li Chu listened carefully to the introduction of the patient, and some people kept interrupting and asking some questions. After the introduction, Li Chu also asked several questions and took notes carefully.
"This is the case. Do you have any questions?" The Lord looked at it.
Next to Dean Zhang, he said, "When the patient was young, his body suffered serious losses. Now he is old, his organs are degraded and he can’t operate. Now he is in a coma. He called your department and Chinese medicine to see if there is any conservative therapy."
Next to the subject owner shook his head and said, "We have contacted our side in front of this patient, and there is no good way."
After listening to him, everyone turned their attention to Li Chu.
Li Chu also don’t stage fright face without a don’t expression calmly asked "Zhang, dean of the Lord can let me see the patient first? If you have a question, you can only get the answer if you have seen the patient. "
Dean Zhang focused on the middle-aged man. The man nodded and got up. The sound of "Let’s go together" was low and his face was not very good. Presumably, he had no hope for Li Chu. After all, Li Chu was too young. If he was a master of Li Chu, Yang Laoshi, there might be some hope. Then he walked to the meeting room. The young man followed closely behind him.
All the people in the meeting room got up and started walking toward the outside.
Dean Zhang said as he walked, "There’s always Li Chu. Let’s go to the ward together. Everyone else is busy with their own business. Don’t let so many people go because the patient’s condition is very unstable."
Li Chu followed him to the surgical ward.
Soon arrived at the door of the ward, the middle-aged man had already entered, and the young man was waiting outside to see them coming, so he pushed open the door and invited them in.
There are still a few people sitting on the sofa and chair in the ward. No one is talking, and his face is not good. He heard the noise outside and walked out of the room. A 19-year-old girl’s eyes were red. Although she was dressed simply, she could not hide her natural beauty.
Middle-aged man pointed to "my mother is inside" and walked towards it.
Dean Zhang and the Lord said hello to all the people outside and went into the room.
Li Chu nodded after facing all without speaking and followed him in.
Outside the crowd a look also gather together to the door.
In the hospital bed, a 7-year-old woman was lying quietly with gray hair, her eyes closed and her face buckled with an oxygen mask.
Dean Zhang and Dean Zhang at the end of the main bed said, "Xiao Li, this is the patient. Come and see."
Li Chu went to the side of the bed and looked at the old lady’s face first, then sat down on the stool to pulse the old lady.
This time, it was a long time to feel the pulse. Five minutes later, there was still no movement in Li Chu.
A few people at the door were a little anxious. A man in military uniform turned to the young man in the conference room and asked, "Who is Wang Mi?"
Wang Mi Xiao replied, "To the east, this is Dr. Li from the Chinese Medicine Department who studied under Yang Cheng and Yang Lao." He said that he was afraid that the military uniform man was unclear and explained that "Yang Lao’s medical skills were very good and he was famous in the city of 49." He pointed his fingers and pointed to him. When he spoke, several people looked at him at the door.
The man in the eastern military uniform nodded his head and didn’t speak again.
Chapter 11 Ordinary
Li Chu didn’t say anything after putting the patient’s right hand for a long time, but went directly to the other side and took the pulse again.
This time, it was very fast. In less than two minutes, I put my hand away and breathed a sigh of relief. When I saw his movement, everyone looked at him.
Li Chu thought for a moment and said, "The body has already had organs that have begun to change, and the physical condition is not optimistic. It was almost two years earlier, and it is unlikely that it will be cured now."
Everyone was disappointed when they heard this.
The middle-aged man stared at Li Chu and asked, "Dr. Li, do you mean there is still hope?"
"Master Chen, let me ask," Dean Zhang said. "Xiao Li, tell me what you think."
Li Chu thought about his treatment plan and said it again.
"How sure are you?" Dean Zhang asked
"Well … I’m not sure about a complete cure, but according to my method, I’m 70% sure that I can let the old lady live for another two years, and I can’t do anything about it."
"Master Chen, what do you think?" Dean Zhang looked at the middle-aged man and asked
"Just follow Dr. Li’s treatment plan. What do you think you need, Dr. Li?"
"Just get me some cotton wool and alcohol," Li Chu said, and took out a cowhide bag containing acupuncture needles from his pocket.
After the alcohol cotton wool was sterilized, Li Chu asked them to put the old lady on her side and put a few needles in her back, and twist the needles every other minute. After half an hour, Li Chu pulled out the needles and breathed a sigh of relief.
"Well, that’s it for today. After half an hour, the old lady will wake up. I’ll go back and think about a prescription first. I’ll tell him when you send someone over to get the specific method."
Dean Zhang said, "Good Xiao Li, please go back to the office for a while and someone will come over."
Li Chu said good morning to all and went back to his clinic.
When they entered the consulting room, the two men also learned to say hello, sat down at the table and began to wonder how to write and draw prescriptions for a long time before they were ready.
End up with his big tea urn and drink a mouthful of cool tea, and finally relax.