Sweep a piece of Mordek again. Lan Yunpeng has already caught your eye. He lost his big sword in his hands. Major General’s eyes are full of surprise. Is the purple fighting swordsman crazy? He dares to give up his weapon so fiercely, but this is his last thought. The sword stabbed him with fighting spirit.

At the same time, Lan Yunpeng was also in crisis. While he had no weapon in his hand, Lily Lian was also killed by thousands of soldiers pestering his master.
Hand-to-hand combat is very exhausting, especially the continuous blow. However, at this moment, the terrible cold will attack Lan Yunpeng, and several experts will be frozen into ice sculptures, which is the help of Aya Sage’s care teacher.
At this time, the other party finally fell into chaos. After all, the boss was dead, and the soldiers could not get effective command. At the same time, their morale also fell to the bottom. First, Lan Yunpeng directly fought against hundreds of cavalry and collapsed. Then, as if the plague was out of control, the soldiers fled the grassland and became silent again.
"Sister Aya, are you hurt?"
"Nothing!" The beautiful half-elf holy care teacher bit her lip just now to clear Lan Yunpeng. She ignored her own safety and sent out several frost spears, but the other side seized the opportunity to stab her sword. In the fight, she didn’t dress the wound. Now the blood is still flowing to see Lan Yunpeng’s heart and eyes. Aya’s heart is warm. "It’s okay. Let’s get out of here first. This is the headquarters of the Northern Army."
"hmm!" Lan Yunpeng glanced at the ice and snow dragon Romeo Lace next to him, but she and Lily were not tired at all.
In my heart, I felt a little guilty, but I heard "Lan Yunpeng, I am willing to hurt you …"
This is almost a confession. Lan Yunpeng is very touched, but think about my wife at home … What should I do?
Seeing him silent and beautiful, the half-elf woman flashed a trace of bitterness but didn’t say much "Let’s go!" "
It’s easier to ride a dragon, but the goal is too big. Now it’s time to return to the northern army sector. The two men carefully converge and fly away like a distance.
In an instant, half an hour passed.
"Sister Aya, after Ares, the principality of Brittan, failed and disappeared, it is certain that we will either go to Victoria or go back to the Moya Empire. There will be heavy troops in both directions. We just go in the opposite direction and bypass the principality of Brittan. What do you say?"
"Sister?" Lan Yunpeng didn’t answer for a long time. It’s strange to turn around and suddenly get a fright. It seems very painful to see Aya’s pretty face with fine blood and beautiful eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
"What’s the matter?"
Aya reluctantly smiled to help Lan Yunpeng clear her. The sword in her hand almost ran through her shoulder. At that time, the battle was not over, and the holy order was strong. It took too much physical strength to challenge the army.
Blood loss, fatigue, and injury would have fainted if she had not the strength of the holy order.
"Sister, I’ll carry you!" Lan Yunpeng saw that Aya’s flight at this time was very reluctant and gently took her back.
Elf holy care division is a little shy, but she doesn’t refuse to lie on her heart and smell his breath. It’s the first time they’ve known each other so closely. At that time, she felt that the wound didn’t seem to hurt. She closed her eyes and slept sweetly …
"What actually failed?" Ares was anxious and angry. Did you make a mistake? The swordsmen who hunted purple quarrelling sent 30,000 troops themselves, but they were beaten to death. Is the holy master really so powerful?
"I’m sorry, my Lord, some information is not allowed. There is also an elf holy care teacher beside the purple quarrelling swordsman, and they are both dragon knights!"
Elves, holy care teachers?
Ares frowned. Is she close to the purple fighting swordsmen? This is important information. We should inform Lord Eden Reyes as soon as possible. The generals are angry when they look at each other. Without such a fierce battle, the holy master can’t be completely damaged. They must be injured.
"I ordered the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Corps to be dispatched. They must not have run out of our sector. The focus is on the direction of Glorious City and the border of Moya Empire. If you want to find and kill the purple quarrelling swordsmen"
For example, Aya will never be inferior to a young girl in appearance or body.
However, Aya has never been in love in these long years. First, she is obsessed with Wushu. Second, her vision is too high. She has always been single. Lan Yunpeng is her first love!
I am very happy these two days, but will everything go back to the original point without Brittan? Aya is very clever. She can feel that Lan Yunpeng takes care of herself, although there is always a distance, and he deliberately avoids himself.
Girls are reserved, but happiness needs to be fought for by themselves. Aya never lacks courage, but this determination to express herself is better than the problem.
"Sister Aya, look at that beautiful sunset!"
After dinner, Lan Yunpeng and I watched the beautiful sunset on Aya’s balcony, which was helpful to the recovery of the injury. Is this Lan Yunpeng or worrying? Aya, after all, is a master of the holy order. This two-day cultivation has been enough to recover.
"A Peng"
"hmm? What’s wrong? "
"I … I like you" Courage Aya finally spoke his mind. Lan Yunpeng froze for these days, but he already had four girlfriends facing Aya’s amorous Lan Yunpeng, and he really didn’t know what to do with the ostrich.
But now this beautiful holy magic teacher and sister personally expressed her love. Lan Yunpeng was surprised and moved. After all, the girl was willing to say the words "I love you" first, which shows that she has a deep affection for herself.
Actually, Aya Lanyunpeng is not indifferent to people who are not plants and trees. She helped herself again and again from the phoenix to the back. At first, she was grateful, but she had been in contact for a long time. She didn’t have any affection for this beautiful and intelligent woman Lanyunpeng, but Lanyunpeng didn’t show it. Aya said this, and her face was flushed. She looked at Lanyunpeng just as Lanyunpeng looked at her toes.
"Sister Aya, I have a girlfriend …"
"I know it’s Julianne, right? We saw that you and she were unusual the first time we met, but I … I didn’t care."
It is normal for boys and girls in the mainland of Sderot to have more than one wife. Aya likes Lan Yunpeng and knows that Julianne knows Lan Yunpeng herself. She has been psychologically prepared for a long time.
"Not only Sister Anna, but also …" Lan Yunpeng sighed and slowly told her about Susu and Molly’s little mermaid.
Aya was dumbfounded at Lan Yunpeng’s words. She and Julianne are best friends and know that Julianne Lanyunpeng is incredibly … This little villain really has something to do with coaxing girls.
Which one of these four girls is not a charming mermaid princess, queen Molly, and Juliana Susu are also praised as future holy magic teachers.
"Sister Aya treats me well, I know, but I can’t hide that I already have four girlfriends …"
"What if I don’t mind?" Aya looks a little pale. Bei tooth bit her lip tightly. Lan Yunpeng’s playboy is really beyond her expectation, but can she give up this relationship? It’s just that since Julianne can be with other girls, she can’t love herself. She really likes Lan Yunpeng.
Lan Yunpeng was also moved by the beauty’s kindness and kindness, and he was not without feelings for the beautiful woman in front of him
"Sister Aya!" Lan Yunpeng held the hand of the Elf Holy Caregiver as soft as cotton, and put his head together. In the past, two people kissed each other’s lips, which was sweet and green. Ayaqiao was a little nervous when they were hongyun, but soon lost in the wonderful taste of happiness.
Lan Yunpeng is also emotional about the future. He doesn’t want to think about it. Explain it to girl friends slowly. Maybe they will blame themselves, but how can they live up to this affectionate woman?
Peng, I love you.
"I love you too!"
The setting sun has gone down, and the last ray of light has disappeared. Faintly, the night flashes a little bit of starlight, and the smell of ignorance flows in the air. This kind of situation makes men and women feel excited with each other, and it is easy for them to collide with each other. Lan Yunpeng gently evokes Ayadi Ba and kisses her lips again. The hand slowly caresses the soft and plump breasts from the slender waist …
The beautiful half-elf holy care teacher blushed and closed her eyes. However, Lan Yunpeng slowly stopped and put his mouth to her ear. "Good sister is still injured. Wait for another day!"
There is a warm current in Aya’s heart. It’s not true that the boy is so considerate. She’s hurt … It’s all right, but Aya can’t say this again.
"Well," Aya laid her head on her boyfriend’s arms. At this time, the beautiful and powerful holy care teacher was as gentle as water.
Tenderness and sweetness, however, at this time, neither of them paid attention to the place about 100 meters away from them. A person was quietly watching this side in a bush.
This time, Ares robbed and killed both of them, but he spared no expense in blood. In addition to the Northern Corps, nearly one third of the giant shark corps also sent the elite to be the three trump cards of the holy alliance. First, he didn’t listen to the experts like a cloud. At present, this man is a famous thief who is good at finding and tracking. After two days of hard work, he finally found the traces of Aya and Lan Yunpeng.
The news was quickly handed out.
Early the next morning, the sun shone through the fog and sprinkled warmth on the earth. Lan Yunpeng and Aya were ready to leave. After nearly two days of cultivation, the injury was no longer serious and the situation of the Holy Alliance was not optimistic. They had to get back to Glory City as soon as possible.
It’s safer to take a detour from Brittan and pass through the Moya Empire. Besides, Lan Yunpeng can also stop by and see Susu, Molybdenum and the Little Mermaid. Although they don’t leave soon, I really miss them. I’m just a little nervous.
Now they are different along the way. Naturally, they don’t have a romantic feeling. Little Zi Long left the pie mouth. The master is really a playboy. Romeo Lace cares for the master.
In a blink of an eye, it has been flying for a long time, and then it is the border line of Moya Empire. Lan Yunpeng looks back at his girlfriend. "Is Aya tired?"
Aya shook her head. "Fool, you really think of your sister as a weak girl." But having said that, it feels good to be spoiled. The girl’s face is full of gentle smiles!
However, when the words are not finished, the two people’s faces change and there are many powerful smells approaching rapidly. Is it chasing behind?
"I don’t think so!" Lan Yunpeng carefully distinguished that there are about 100 people, although it is not too few, but if Ares sent them to deal with his roots, it would not be enough!
"Maybe it’s a passing mercenary group."