Chapter five hundred and sixty-one Push research reason

"Senior brother’s school sister has always been like this …" Baiyun Building said firmly.
Xia Shimei could not help smiling when she heard the smile.
Say "Baiyun Tower turns to see Haiyue, and has long since gone to the heart mirror. On the other side, it seems that the light in this mirror has some shadows.
Playing with my school sister for a while, the red sun has risen and the purple gas has cleared away, but the Baiyun Tower is not sorry. Just now, some induction has roughly known the origin of this purple gas.
Speaking of the origin of purple gas, it has a lot to do with Sister Xia. Last night, the mysterious gas that Sister Xia turned into a white dragon seemed to activate this sea area, possibly the whole East China Sea.
The East China Sea seems to have a master overnight, which adds a little bit to the spiritual Baiyun Tower. It is the subtle change of the rules in this sea area.
When I sensed this slight change last night, Baiyun Tower had no special intention. Because of the fate of my younger sister, some abnormal things happened and I need to make a fuss.
But just think about it carefully, it really reminds Baiyun Tower of a possibility that the North Sea has a lot of mysterious and miraculous phases because of basalt breathing, and that the East China Sea … may be changed because of the pool’s taxiing and breathing.
Xia Shimei showed Aly the atlas of Baiyun Tower, and also carefully watched the four great beasts, namely, Qinglong, White Tiger, Suzaku and Xuanwu, guarding the North Sea Qinglong and the East China Sea White Tiger, guarding the West State Suzaku and the Terran Emperor guarding Zhongzhou.
In addition to the four great beasts, there are also some strange-looking spirits, misty oases and dragons.
If you haven’t seen the real Xuanwu in Beihai, it’s hard to believe the four great beasts only by Xia Shimei’s atlas Baiyun Tower.
Now, it seems that if this small world has really spawned four beasts to guard the four directions, then the human world will surely have earth-shaking changes, and Xuanwu Beihai should also need to worry about guarding that mysterious enchantment.
This time, the school sister incarnates the White Dragon, although the breath blends with the East China Sea, but the Baiyun Tower is definitely a school sister, not an atlas of Qinglong, even though the blood may have dragon inheritance, but in the end it is still a real Terran.
Now it is necessary to struggle with the real reason. Anyway, Xia Shimei’s lucky white boss has learned that it should be reasonable to be able to motivate a sea area to change so many times …
It is precisely because of the subtle changes in the rules of the sea area that the morning sun shines on the whole sea area, and the whole sea area transpires a smart atmosphere.
The scorching sun will refract mysterious purple light through these smells, and these purple lights will converge with purple gas to produce purple gas.
Nowadays, this bay can not only emit smart breath and aura, but also be very rich, otherwise the turtle demon would not have chosen this bay to live in.
After some research, Baiyun Tower is 70% sure that you can try to swallow purple gas at sunrise every day in the future. It is also a good choice if you can refine your destiny like yourself.
Moreover, it may be necessary to choose the sea or the seaside.
If the whole East China Sea has changed, then maybe the whole summer will benefit from it.
It seems thousands of miles away from the East China Sea to Zhongzhou, but now Baiyun Tower has a vision of thousands of miles.
The transpiration breath in the East China Sea can reach dozens of miles high, and the rising sun shines on the purple light. If the aura gathering place in Wan Li should be able to benefit, it is really possible to absorb the purple gas from the east by sitting in the Qingyun cave.
Although this purple gas is mysterious, it can only absorb a little when the morning sun rises, and generally monks can see that the demon race is born with a keen sense of all kinds of mysterious smells, so that they can perceive a thing or two.
In this moment, the sky is already bright, and several sirens have already dispersed. The turtle demon has also returned to the beach, and there are still some unfinished things after the moon has recovered the demon Dan.
Zhao-yang Xia’s sense of purple gas is just a visit to see how much purple gas Yang deified form has absorbed to accumulate and raise her spirit. I really didn’t notice it.
His younger brothers, Baiyunlou, just had a good chat with Xia Shimei, but they still took a few glances.
Xiaopang Luoli pointed out that he has absorbed a lot of purple gas seriously and gained a lot.
Although Bai Zhan Tian Yan Tong didn’t even have a small Chengdu, he barely felt the abnormal mysterious breath and then tried to practice with deep breath.
To Baiyun Tower’s surprise, Shi Qingshan, the younger brother, didn’t have any magical powers to see the purple gas, but it seemed that Fu’s mind was directly sitting in meditation to practice the innate qi, and the purple gas was introduced into the abdomen, and the whole abdomen began to change.
Although you can’t see at a glance that Teacher Qingshan has such an opportunity, I think it should be extraordinary.
Brother Tian Yitian of Zixiao Sect also sensed the change of Qi movement, and the operation of Zixiao Sect also attracted a lot of purple gas into the body.
Those noble brothers were especially aware of the abnormal noble spirit almost at the same time, which attracted several people to see Zhou Ziqi churning like a tide.
Although most of his brother didn’t notice the purple gas, he also absorbed some purple gas more or less when breathing and exhaling.
And Xia Shimei greeted a Baiyun Tower, waved away and put away the sapphire cloud. They jumped back to the beach together.
"If you watch the sunrise today, can you get anything?" Looking at a lot of smiling courtyard brother Baiyun Building asked with a smile.
"Master elder brother don’t know just breathe deeply when feeling particularly refreshed …"
"It’s this aura that has changed mysteriously, and it’s just taken a moment to run a skill repair and actually solidified a lot."
"Ah just didn’t expect to practice …"
Courtyard brothers have spoken out to discuss.
It leads to the white cloud tower, but not much to say. This group of younger brothers and sisters speak their own feelings and study the possible reasons for this aura change
A lively Chen Qinghe brother and sister can’t help but glance at each other. The tunnel is really worthy of being a younger brother. This spirit of inquiry is really admirable.
Tian Yi listened with relish. Anyway, he was familiar with this group of college brothers and immediately joined the discussion.
Luo Yu Cai Wei, who was woken up, saw the excitement outside the door and was curious to ask, only to know that she missed the opportunity by sleeping this morning.
Yu Luoyu, who was teased by younger brothers and sisters, was not annoyed at all, but said quite calmly, "If it’s really something that can’t be missed, the master elder brother will surely wake up. You see that the master elder brother is so indifferent. Maybe there is some way to get this variation aura. If you don’t ask the master elder brother."
Chapter five hundred and sixty-two Absent-minded
These words came out of the hospital, and my brothers couldn’t help but look at the Luo Dagong as if they were getting to know people again.
See the surprised eyes Luo Yu quite a bit satisfiedly smiled and said, "You boys and sisters don’t look at brothers and sisters so much. I have a lot of insights these days. I have an epiphany feeling, and my mind is also transparent. Many boys and sisters need to be surprised. Maybe you can have this insight after you get married …"
After all, everyone has no experience in getting married, and I don’t know if getting married is really so beneficial.
Don’t say that this group of college brothers even believed Xia Chaoyang, and asked the big brother silently, "Is there such a benefit for the big brother to get married? This Luo Xiaoyu seems to be really smart."
There are some words in Baiyunlou, but I still read it and explained, "This … it is also possible that the EU is stronger. After they get married, they are fascinated. Teacher Luo himself has gained a lot of benefits, and the idea of being strong will turn faster."
The real Baiyun Tower would rather say that a fool will get what he thinks …
If you really want to say so, wouldn’t it be for no reason to dispel your sister’s beautiful yearning for marriage?
I was thinking about it, but I listened to Xia’s sister read happily, "It would be great if you could give some to your sister after you get married. Can you be so savvy?"
"Maybe. Besides, what do you need to be so savvy? No matter how savvy you are, you can’t feel it. My sister has been worried about it. Aren’t those magical powers easy to learn?" Baiyun building patiently read directions
"Brother said makes sense …"
Two people are chatting the nangongshan small mirror has pulled a house brother to discuss and report to the white big head.
"Elder brother, through the shallow deduction of younger brothers, the aura of this sea area has changed at sunrise this morning. This change can be used to refine the true qi to improve the progress of practice, or to refine the body. The effect of refining the body is a little bad."
"In addition, it is deduced that this alien may be refined. It is just a moment before sunrise and I haven’t come to try more."
"I’m going to try more here as early as possible and have finished the division of labor."
"It’s the result of this deduction, please ask the big brother to comment on it." Say, "Give a gift to the little mirror" and look at the big brother with great expectation.