Little dragons spread their wings to a winding phoenix, and a mysterious turtle crawled slowly, which inherited the understanding of jurisprudence in the past years.

Whenever the volcano erupts, there will be five-color gods blooming dragon-shaped gods, phoenix-shaped gods, mysterious turtle-shaped gods, etc., as if they had the essence of life, such as rolling smoke into the sky.
"The master has something to tell me not to interfere?"
"Can we let the outside world explore together, but at least we should also cultivate high reputation?"
The elders of Qishifu are a little dumbfounded. Such a secret land was born, so it is necessary to let the strong people in Zhongzhou explore together. Is there some secret hidden behind it?
Nowadays, there are many powerful people gathered outside the government, but there are also a number of people who don’t talk about the arrival of major forces and practice in Sendai.
"Well, maybe I’m worrying too much. It’s far from being truly earthly, but the things connected here are not to be underestimated."
Deep in the old mansion, the Lord shook his head and slowly loosened his fingers. His fingers turned and walked into the cottage.
There is no need to worry too much about having that epigenetic this time.
At the same time, the elders of Kishi House have also signaled that the strong outside the house can enter, but they should not be good at kinetic energy to explore the secret realm with their peers.
"There are such good things. When was Cheshire so generous?"
The outside world is surprised, which is a rare thing. On weekdays, Richmond House is semi-closed, and it is difficult for them to even have a wait-and-see opportunity, but today they are able to enter.
In an instant, a number of Sendai great men set foot in the spiritual land and came to the wild area, while some famous places with profound skills also had to enter, all of them were old guys, and the rest were screened out and were not allowed to enter, which attracted a pity.
"The mountains, rivers and veins here have been engraved with Taoist patterns, forming some kind of mysterious potential, which sometimes turns into a ban and sometimes into a dig. At the beginning, the man’s attitude towards volcanic things was very contradictory."
Li Yu, on the other hand, studied the engraved volcanic lines and found the differences, such as the general attitude left by the two periods was very inconsistent.
"Can the king have the means to crack it?"
Aside from the inquiry of the elders of Qishifu, I remembered the identity of the other party’s contemporary local division.
Li Yu, a little while, also used the source technique to speed up the last layer of shackles to break through and engrave an alternative Taoist pattern.
This stems from the fact that the fourth generation of Yuantian learned from the means to see his eyes flashing and his fingers constantly flying out of the dragon-shaped gods, and all kinds of runes shone brightly and chanted.
With the passage of time, the chanting became more grand and sacred, and his treasure was as solemn as a Buddha and as a king.
"Wang Daojiu Feng Shan Hai Feng Gan Kun Feng Da Shi!"
Li Yu’s low drinking sounds are almost connected together, like thunder rumbling. At this moment, everyone’s mind is shaking and shaking, and they can’t help but recede into the distance.
"Say Zhongyuan Tianshi means to master the wonderful skills!"
All the people who are too strong can’t help but change color. This means that they are reminded of the third generation source Tianshi of Cai Jiazu in the past.
"King now I’m afraid I can say looking for the dragon tianshi? Maybe the realm is not enough, but it is inevitable in time. "
There is also a vein of pulp seekers who are very excited. Perhaps this life will be not only the glory of Tianjiao and Yun Qi, but also a prosperous time of source art!
What can be achieved by combining the two sources of Zhongzhou East Wilderness is bound to be a monument beyond the predecessors.
Bang! With a light sound, the volcano was completely quiet and stopped spewing and boiling. You can see that a door is slowly forming and hooking up to a mysterious pure land.
"The emergence of the channel is not the kui is the strongest source of contemporary art."
People’s eyes are hot and fast, but no one dares to cross the front figure, which is very respectful
Li Yu has no intention to look at the token engraved with the word "fairy house" again and vaguely associate it with something and set foot in the channel.
What you see when heaven and earth turn upside down is not a wonderful land of immortals, nor a magical abyss of dead souls, but a dead silence.
Li Yu came to the small world, and the front was rocky and yellow sand, desolate, quiet and lonely.
"Is there a fairy house world in the future?"
He tightened the token in his hand, which instantly reminded him that there was a node of Chengxian Road in the deeper part of Zhongzhou Xianfu world. Too many things happened in the past years, but it was dusty.
But what you see in front of you seems to be different, giving people a sense of ruin, like walking into ruins.
"Why is this secret land so desolate? Is it really an accident?"
Coming one after another, the strong men also tybalt slain. It’s the first time to see the supernatural being from the dark. It’s really an eye-opener.
If it weren’t for the clear legal principles of heaven and earth and abundant aura, they would all come to the wrong place
"It’s strange that I’m not familiar with this place, and there are few words left pointing to something unknown."
The elders of Qishifu also frowned and noticed that something was wrong. The ancient books seemed to deliberately avoid leaving a sentence or two here.
By this time, they had just let the strong people in Zhongzhou walk with each other, so it was really necessary, so it was too mysterious to understand the depth.
"What is broken here is not the evolution of heaven and earth, but people are very much like the scars caused by war."
Li Yu thought for a moment and made a judgment. It is suspected that this place is broken and desolate. After a big war, even the heavens and the tunnels have been changed. Two special roads are presented to cover him.
It can be seen that two special’ Tao’ influences have completely changed this world and taken on a completely different look.
In some areas, even the earth, stone and trees are bright red, like clusters of flames jumping and sometimes the five-color rotation makes a faint long cry.
And some areas, some ancient places, etc. are golden, like a vast sea of ups and downs, emitting mist, like a dragon crouching in a dive.
Looking further into the depths, there are still some cliffs where dragons sing and birds sing, like all kinds of silence bred by spirits, which will break free at any time and surprise the world.
"There is great cause and effect here in Xianfu."
Li Yu took a deep breath and vaguely noticed something, but he didn’t say much. Their level was still far away and he went straight to the depths.
The strong men in the rear are also four. When they explore, they feel deeply that this world is wonderful, but at the same time they are puzzled. Because the area is too incoherent, like a fault, it is very disharmonious to mix in his fragments from time to time.
"It’s so overbearing that it’s hard to feel the jurisprudence of his heaven and earth in this strange world, but two special Taoism are the only ones. What kind of people are there?"
Some powerful people are also aware of it, which is too weird and unreasonable.
I’m afraid there is also a saying that the Middle Ages were emperors.
"I have felt this kind of feeling in the underground palace Gudi Mountain!"
Wang Teng’s eyes flashed and he found the source of familiarity. He got the chaos of the ancient emperor and entered the underground ancient emperor mountain, where the world was like a condescending place.
So this secret land is also …