Small parks often ride tricycles. Children are six years old, five years old, three years old or only four months old. Grandma pushes the baby cart for a walk. I try to appreciate the memories of innocent childhood scenery. Their sharp children’s audio-visual and round pearls are jumping on the silver plate. I will forget everything. I will have a grudge against me and silently pray in my heart. Take care of them. God is not scared and stay away from despair, but my prayer voice is getting weaker and weaker, because I know that when they enter the 21st century, they will be excited to take over Taiwan Province from us, they will find that we will leave a rotten desert island.

We have done the department of extermination, and they will pay the bill, unless we can completely transform ourselves in just a few years and leave a way out for the next generation. However, I dare not imagine that because of greed, evil, vulgarity, selfishness and stupidity, the power of the island owner is still preaching their hegemony in every corner.
When the Y generation human beings become the backbone of the society, the first thing to do is to be severely paralyzed. However, those mountains, rivers and lakes that have been cut off because of economic development will be destroyed by a mild typhoon if Taiwan Province is revived.
Secondly, the aging will be a heavy yoke on their shoulders. Now, couples in their thirties have two salaries. After paying the housing loan, the women have paid for the pension fund. If their staff and civilian institutions lack or deliberately avoid retirement, their only child or their brothers and sisters will definitely provoke a pair of parents at a very young age or two pairs of elderly people to bear the silver hair after marriage. Then the parents will die. It will be difficult for the two old people in new noble to find a marriage partner.
After all, the cross-strait issue is a sin birthmark, which will be solved sooner or later. If this generation decides to lengthen it when it can keep it or solve it when it is in control, it will make the generation more abundant to understand the cow.
If you don’t want to be so far away, you will be worried about whether the young and weak children can survive the public security pollution and the pressure of schoolwork is getting worse and worse. Every family may lose their lives or force them to take a dark road. I believe that every corner is willing to care for the children to grow up, but I don’t have the strength to believe that this frozen three-foot evil substance will be able to quickly restore kindness and beauty in that small group of people. Taiwan Province will need treatment. In the long course of treatment, we will continue to see one child after another helping the villains. Bleeding, being raped or losing grades, wandering on the balcony on the top floor, or being abused to death by mentally retarded parents. Before the end of the boring diagnosis and treatment process, we will continue to see that when the abused child screams for help, the people around him pull up the curtains to keep quiet and watch the variety show or bite the freshly fried chicken leg.
Do we have to step on the child’s corpse to make a ladder to open the redemption window?
Watching children riding tricycles in a small park one summer evening, I thought so.
model answer
model answer
A long time ago, in the small classroom in the countryside, the window of the gardenia flower overflowed, and a small butterfly flew over the lawn and braided it. The little girl and boy obediently faced the exam paper and buried their heads in the teacher’s answer. The children should answer honestly, don’t peek at other people’s questions and read them clearly.
I opened my eyes and read every word clearly, writing the answer carefully.
The typhoon is caused by the sea dragon king monster caused by gas change.
You found money on the road, gave it to the headmaster, and spent it on the police. Don’t pick it up.
The most powerful country in the world is China, the United States and Malaysia.
I’m very proud that I can do every question. The villagers often say that the earthquake is a local cow turning over and thunder is a thunder and thunder, and the typhoon is of course a sea dragon king’s fault. It’s best not to pick up the money. I touched a spider in the river and threw it back into the river at 20 cents. It’s a ghost bait to find a scapegoat. Of course, the most powerful country is the United States. As soon as everyone arrives in the United States, they tut-tut. I also want to go hiking in the United States. I guess American cows must pull gold nuggets, unlike cow dung everywhere in the village.
This is a great blow to my little heart. No one can say anything, but I finally know what the standard answer is. My exam results are getting better and better. I will choose to get along with my classmates. But I secretly swear never to talk to the girl next door because she is more beautiful than me.
Premature discovery that each growth stage needs a set of standard answers, and seeking a foothold is indeed helpful to successfully play the role of socialization, but the contradiction between people and groups is deepening, because the standard answers published by each specific group are an explanation rather than truth, especially for modern people, most of them live in several groups, and it is really a big question to choose a more suitable standard answer from many standard answers to conflicts of interest.
The most famous example is what a father should do with a child and a horse. The father rides a horse and walks, and the father rides a horse and walks. Two people ride together, two people walk, and the horse walks.
Choosing others will criticize dad for not being kind enough, others will say that he is unfilial, others will say that two stupid horses are walking, and these four answers are all right and wrong. My way is to discard the useless. I will scold the nosy person first, and then sell the horse and take a taxi.
I often wake up the next morning in a strange morning to re-explore my own order, so it is impossible for people to carry too many sundries. It is extremely simple to sleep for several feet at night and write some stories about the rising and sinking of the moon. So I found that I don’t have the treasure chest method yet. ransack boxes and chests recounted the treasures one by one. Maybe I once saw and hoarded some beautiful things, but after the change of stars, I destroyed them one by one. Precious things are because people’s hearts are close to each other. Since the beautiful things are all different, they are often almost cold, and the baggage is enough to sting the memory.
I can’t be a collector. I bought a lot of clever things because of fickleness, but after a few days, I got tired of playing with them and gave them to everyone because it was nothing more than things. I didn’t kiss the law and derived a clever affair from it. It was terrible to treat a heartless person without feelings. I shared a room and I guessed that I would go crazy. I would carry him to the pawnshop.
Some precious things are given by others to record, that is, when giving and receiving, I am always immersed in solemn praise, but I am still clumsy and still go to ten places to give a string of amber rosaries to my best friend in my sickbed.
Red meat watermelon
Red meat watermelon
God knows I’m willing to wait for the bus to sway all the way home. Bus No.20 doesn’t go to heaven. It’s because of this road that I don’t want to take the bus thrifty because of those tin factories, cranes, strange hands, freight trucks and white teeth.
I’m so paranoid about the road of life that I don’t follow others. Even if the scenery is beautiful halfway, I’ll find another way. The fast driver took a bite out of my ticket.
A woman in Pingtung, who is still a small piece away from home, is selling watermelons in a canvas shed and displaying four rows of wooden frames. It looks like a red-faced shed with green watermelon piled up in the mountains from small to large. It’s really a trance. It’s like the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, when people in China just shaved their braids and went to their heads, they got a total of four points. A watermelon looks a little more comfortable. A red crescent is embedded with suntanned face stars.
I walked in the dark like that and wanted to sing and hum a few songs casually. I ran into a corner of the silver moon through the lane. You really looked like watermelon skin. I redeemed the meat for you. I told the moon that I decided to sit in a small park and chew watermelon and drown the pedestrian grass tree at night. I spit seeds everywhere to make it warm enough. The watermelon in my mouth tasted like a sick girl. I was eating myself.
If you can’t go back, you have to bite the watermelon until you see the skin
I always eat watermelon, wipe my mouth, leave, and regain my hands.