Your honor’s indomitable spirit and magical power method shocked every monk in the mainland, but no monk dared to jump out and say no to his adult.

There are monks who occasionally fight back against the exterminated race, but those are crushed to death by adults, and they can’t even get close to adults.
Sun Haoyi killed a million monks of the medicine family in front of him, killing two stars and nullifying five stars, which made every monk of the medicine family feel that Sun Haobi was cruel.
But now they suddenly find that Shi Sunhao has been quite kind to the medicine family.
The Avatar Method has shot three times and killed the Godsworn every time, which is far more than the scale of the loss of the medicine family by tens of millions of times.
Your honor’s palm is bleeding like a river. Every time you make a move, it’s a genocide.
This is the real biting, the real domineering and the real fear.
Sun Hao’s avatar method stands upright, with three heads held high and his mouth held high. He said loudly, "There are still many forest races that have violated the rules of the alliance. The throne was originally intended to personally punish them one by one, but it is not extravagant to kill people. I will give you a chance to turn over a new leaf. The avatar method will stand here. If you still don’t punish the race or the city after three days expire, then you should blame me for not giving face."
Say that finish Sun Hao huge avatar method hands a hug in quietly waiting.
In the sea area of Foer, Poseidon looked at Gao Jinguang’s avatar with an incredible face and said, "Is this the real avatar?" Would be so bad … "
The bag sat in her arms and said, "Little girl, the boss is mighty and overbearing. Is it just imaginable?"
A statue of indomitable spirit and magical power was displayed for three days and nights.
Those monks who have taken medicine or cities or races that have kept medicine in captivity are really panicked.
That avatar method is majestic and overbearing, which makes people feel terrible. Who dares not follow it? In particular, some races are afraid that some monks in their own race will secretly intercept a large number of medicine repairs and bring disaster to their own races.
Every big city also thoroughly examines the various elixir trading markets to see if there are any uneven repairs.
That golden avatar with three heads and six arms is a death warrant. Who dares to take it for granted?
Boy, the drug family was dispatched to local offices for two days and received more than 500 thousand drugs of various grades and more than 300 thousand drugs in captivity.
This number shocked the drug family.
What scares Sen Lu’s ethnic groups even more is that if the medicine monks reach a certain number and don’t wake up, the great avatar method will reach out and accept all the medicines or medicines.
The overwhelming scene of holding up medicine with big hands made everyone who was lucky enough to watch the monks tremble with fear.
And more monks who hijacked the medicine repair were even more frightened.
It turns out that the avatar method is more powerful than the drug god, and it can clearly perceive the breath of mainland medicine repair. If you don’t abide by the three-day deadline, it may be your own deadline.
On the third day, the deadline is coming. Sun Hao said coldly, "There are still forces or races that have not yet taken the initiative to explain, and they will be sent to the nearest mountain or the drug family community for half a day, so let bygones be bygones, or we will discuss who it is and what it is when it comes to three days."
In the last half a day, another medicine family surprised Sun Haoxin for half a day, and millions of medicine monks were rescued from all parts of Senlu.
After being saved, these monks did not prostrate themselves, and Sun Hao’s golden palms wept and worshipped.
Chapter DiEr614 Bullying perfection
Suffering has become a thing of the past, and the history of fish and meat is gone forever. The medicine clan has truly become a powerful race.
At this time, a few stars have deeply lost themselves. These so-called pillars of the medicine family have no effect on the medicine family.
The medicine god’s prestige, the medicine god’s enemy avatar, that is truly beyond the imagination of all monks, and that is the foundation for the real rise of the medicine family.
In a few days, more than one million medicines were fully saved. Such a great ability shocked the virtual world and excited the medicine family. This is the real enemy of the medicine god.
The Godsworn of the Medicine God, Wei Yi, and the Godsworn of the Medicine Family are in a flash.
Three days later, Sun Hao symbolically wiped out two renovation projects, trying to wait and see the small cities thoroughly, and sorting out the whole forest and land. Only then did he arrogantly announce that "every pious medicine monk can feel the environment of cultivating students by nature. After today, every pious medicine monk can call for a seat in his heart when he encounters irresistible foreign forces, and I will show up when I meet, which will make the malicious monks pay a heavy price."
Sun Hao’s words shocked the monks of all ethnic groups again. It seems that you can’t easily bully the monks of the medicine family. Maybe you will encounter the possibility of getting medicine and blessing the devout monks.
The drug god is too arrogant and unreasonable!
Sun Hao, a former hermit, finally warned coldly, "Finally, after today, a racial monk will accumulate a certain number of hijacking medicine repairs, and the back seat will rudely let you enjoy the treatment of a night clan."
Thousands of ethnic groups living in Sen Lu suddenly became frightened. It seems that we must seriously restrain the monks in the future, otherwise it would be a disaster of genocide if we angered this statue of killing God.
Of course, there are still many scattered medicine repairs in Senlu, and even Sun Haoneng is hard to tell whether those scattered medicine repairs are scattered or detained for a while.
Although the avatar method is powerful, it has a strong sense of medicine repair, but after all, the region is too wide. Even if it is overbearing, it can shock all ethnic groups, but some people will take risks, but it cannot be completely eliminated.
Sun Hao, with a little regret in his heart, put away his magical powers.
At the moment when the avatar method entered his body from the top of the skull, Sun Hao suddenly had a very strange feeling, as if he had got a kind of indescribable understanding at this moment.
The source of this understanding comes from the fact that when the avatar method came to King’s Landing, the monks of the ten thousand families were overwhelmed by their own threats, and the monks of the ten thousand families looked up and worshipped. From this moment, Brother Yao Shenshan calls for a tsunami, long live the drug god.
At this moment, Sun Hao had an enlightenment in his heart.
This is bullying! At the same time, as Zuwu said, it is also a kind of hegemony that must be reasonable, with a little bit of lack and regret
It’s overbearing and domineering for the enemy to let all the princes.
At the same time, even when you show this overbearing breath yourself, you can’t kill yourself with a stick. If you really want to come to Senlu according to your own nature, there will be few monks left, and then bullying will be meaningless.
And even if you are overbearing, you can’t solve the problem ten times, and you will be dissatisfied in the end.
However, whether it is full or not, whether it is necessary to be reasonable or not, and whether it is overbearing has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it has already made all the clan ministers cheer the medicine clan.
At this moment, Sun Hao has been entangled in the direction for a long time. At this time, Sun Hao suddenly realized that the hegemonic potential was instantaneous and complete for a long time.
However, Xuan Xuan is Sun Haoxian’s overbearing potential, which is an indescribable and unusual state.
Bully is not bully, bully is bully! It seems that dzogchen is not round, which is a very strange state.
Just as a person is judged by others as "this person is immature", this person is immature and has many shortcomings around him. No matter how he changes, he can’t change some of his own minor faults.
In the end, this person decided to make his own shortcomings, regardless of what others think of me, which is my shortcoming. When he did this, he suddenly found that people around him said he was mature.
He himself is completely confused. I want to say that in the past, he was desperately mature and could not be mature, but now he has followed his fate and has not corrected his shortcomings. How can he become mature?
Sun Hao’s bullying is a similar state.
Sun Haoshi didn’t find the overbearing direction by himself, but the direction just appeared in front of him. Sun Hao felt that he was overbearing and realized that progress was not much better, but Sun Hao just felt that he had reached a new height.
I remember that there was a bear bodhi old zu who once had a round and round understanding when he realized the Tao of Round Missing, and he also realized that he was not considerate when he tried his best to understand the sword of Wind Defining.