"See what see? Tell you to get out, do you hear me? " Practice war army roared

When he growled, he woke up the unconscious Wu Qingqing. He sat up and found that he was shirtless and pulled up the thin covered key part.
She looked around and found that a young man was confronting the training army. Only then did she know that this young man named Pi two dog saved her.
"Little brother, he is the first brother of Xianshi, a practicing army. He is a Hercules. It’s terrible that he can pull a plane alone. Run!" Wu Qingqing began to cry, saying that Pi two dog had just donated ten million to the dinner party, and she recognized it at a glance.
"Ha ha hear? You little hero, your courage to save the United States is commendable, but you have to have that strength! Do you know who I am now? You’re a countryman, not my opponent. Get out! " It’s not good for him to make a quick decision like this for a long time.
You know, Wu Qingqing is, after all, a big celebrity with great influence. Once this matter is made public, not only will Wu Qingqing lose his reputation, but he will also cause public outrage among Chinese people.
Even when the time comes, Chinese people can spit him to death.
"You this old mans with local elder brother? Wu Qingqing is a famous host in China. There are so many famous public figures in her fans’ countries that you dare to insult them. Are you afraid that her fans will tear you to pieces? You should get out. Are you going to get out? " Pi two dog is not afraid to say
"Who are you? So awesome! " Practice war army see skin two dog incredibly don’t mind he can’t help but slightly surprised.
"Lian Zhanjun, who donated ten million people to the dinner, is called Pi two dog, a super boss in nine planets City. He is worth tens of billions, and he is a leader of a big family. I warn you, you’d better not move, or the family will tear you to pieces! " Wuqingqing Chunqiu Dafa shock way
"Ta, ha, ha, ha, not the kui is the host population to walk around. Is this country guy less than twenty years old the leader of the big family? Still a super boss? Do you think I’m a fool? Except Wong Tai Sin, who dares to call nine planets a super boss? Fart and fart haha! " Practice war army ha ha laugh wildly at one another is pedaling pedaling dashed to Pi two dog.
Than a huge fist hit the skin two dog chest and abdomen, the great strength knocked two dog back several meters!
Holy shit. Is this guy so strong? !
He dare not careless about this!
"Ho, ha, ha, ha, you have been injured and come back to the hospital quickly! I’m not bragging. Ordinary people will die or get hurt if they punch me. You seem to have practiced it, but you should have a broken rib and puncture it. You will vomit blood in one minute. Wait and see! " Practice military uniform than a way
"Last name is Lian Lao bastard. Are you so confident? What if I don’t vomit blood for a minute? " Pi two dog said that I can pretend to be better than meow. I never wanted to meet someone who could pretend to be better than me.
"If you don’t vomit blood for a minute, I’ll give you another punch. What else can I do until you vomit blood?" Practice war army vociferously way
Wu Qingqing couldn’t think of Pi two dog, saving herself even without her life. Suddenly she was grateful, "two dog’s younger brother, you are still so young and not worth my efforts! I beg you to get out of here as far away from Xianshi as possible! "
"Wu big host practice war army is not as terrible as you think! This person will pretend to be better than what? If a person can pull a plane, he will definitely kill me. Come and kill me. I’ll see how arrogant you can be! " Two dog said that Niang Xipi, a man who has done bad things, has been smashed by people, and he still doesn’t sneak away quickly, even if he doesn’t leave, he can still be justified.
Is this really him? It’s thicker than a chopping board!
"Your name is Pi two dog, right? Old kill you! " Practice war army issued a roar and punched again. This time, Pi two dog stopped punching. Practice war army flew in with a punch, and two dog’s fist also hit the practice war army alongside of.seem!
Two fists with one thousand catties vigorously hit the meat and made a dull sound.
Pi two dog stepped back two steps and said that Niang Xipi is a diamond cut diamond today. No wonder this cargo can pull the plane. His punching strength is really amazing! That is, if I were an ordinary person, I would beat him to death!
Look at the training army. When the soles of his feet fell, he sat down on the ground with a heavy fart pier. Suddenly, he found that his nose was cold and he reached out and touched his hands with blood.
"I went to the old bleeding? Ah, ah, king egg, I will kill you! " The training army came crawling like crazy, bared its teeth and ran straight for two dog.
Chapter 45 Security blocking the road
After another punch, Lian Zhanjun couldn’t hold it. Wow, spit out one mouthful blood. two dog flew to the other place with another punch and knocked the Lian Zhanjun down. It has become a panda eye.
"Pi two dog, you are better than cattle. You are malicious. The king’s egg is waiting!" The combat troops realized that they had met a nemesis today. He never dreamed that his nemesis would be a young man who was less than twenty years old!
This young man blasted out one punch, and the punch strength is estimated to reach 3,000 Jin, the maximum punch strength of the training army. It is said that it will be 2,000 Jin if the sky is broken.
"You still want to run if you are molested by Wu Da? You run an old thing to try? " Pi two dog overbearing stopped the way of practicing the war army.
You!’ The combat troops are full of vicious eyes, trying to fight and beating, but this so-called big brother and big cow actually broke into the hands of a young man who was not seen in the countryside. "What do you want?"
"You forced my sister to ask me what I want? Apologize! Pay for mental loss! " Two dog said that this old dish tie is true. Is it horizontal? It’s still so horizontal after being defeated.
"It’s impossible that I have no habit of apologizing since I was a child!" Lian Zhanjun shook his head into a rattle and touched out his mobile phone, but he was afraid that two dog would find out that he was hiding behind his back and sneaking around to call for help.
"Oh, Nima still wants to move reinforcements?" Two dog ceng rushed to collect the mobile phone of Lianzhanjun, threw it aside, raised his fist, and punched the face, chest and belly of Lianzhanjun.
Beat the combat troops black and blue with flowers all over their faces.
Wu Qingqing saw that the fight was not decent. He was afraid that two dog would kill himself. The bed pulled him away and said, "two dog’s younger brother is a big brother in Xianshi. He has been punished. Will you let him go?"
"If you let go, you can apologize and lose money!" Pi two dog’s heart says Niang Xipi cares about you. One brother and two brothers should be humanely eliminated for bullying men and women in broad daylight.
"two dog’s younger brother, even if he didn’t forcibly succeed in losing money, his city has great influence. Listen to my advice and let him go!" Wu Qingqing is holding the staff for two dog. The strength of the training army is terrible. Not only is he a Hercules super boss, but there are also a bunch of Iliad who are fierce and ordinary people are not to be taunted!
"Sister Wu, you let him go this time. You are afraid that he will get worse. This demon should let him suffer!"
"Brother two dog, if I have your protection, he won’t hit me. I’m worried about you. Do you think I’ll cut him some slack?" Wu Qingqing’s mission hugged Pi two dog and shouted, "What are the training troops doing?"
Seeing that Pi two dog was held back, the combat troops picked up the soles of the mobile phones from the ground and oiled them and ran off.
Pi two dog was so angry that he stamped his foot. "Wu Qingqing, you call it wild! You can’t travel alone, you must call security! "
"two dog brother I don’t have you? No one in your city dares to worry about me! " Said the black qingqing suddenly oh a call pain.
Seeing that she was pale and painful, Pi two dog was thinking, "Sister Wu probably hurt her bones and muscles, or the coccyx here?"
"Oh, my God, it’s the surname Lian Wang. It hurts to fall on the coccyx here!" Wu Qingqing couldn’t help crying out in pain.
"Then you lie down and I’ll treat you!"
"two dog brother will you see a doctor? Not so exaggerated, right? " Wu Qingqing looked at Pi two dog with a stupid face.
"What is my occupation is to see a doctor?" This guy in distress situation way
"Not to say that your hometown farming? How did you become a doctor again? " Yu Pi two dog said that Wu Qingqing also heard that most of Pi two dog’s comments are not good. Some people say that he steals chickens and dogs and likes to peek at women. Some people say that he is looking for women to borrow money to eat soft food, rent cars and pretend to be rich.
"Correct you-I’m not a doctor, but a doctor in a small village in a wild road. The doctor in a small village is my main business. What if I want to eat? It depends on sideline production. That’s farming!" Two dog explained.
"Ah?" When Wu Qingqing heard that Pi two dog was a wild road, he was a little scared and declined. "two dog’s brother, I don’t feel any pain now!" After that, she secretly planned to go to the hospital to find an expert.
"Big host you don’t think I’m a farmer must not medical skill, right? You must want to go to the hospital to find an expert when you get rid of me, right? " He said in a self-deprecating tone
"ah? Two dog’s younger brother is sorry! " Wu Qingqing was caught by two dog and made a big blush.
"I don’t charge for medical treatment. What can I cheat you?"
"Didn’t the coccyx show you?" Wuqingqing this sentence is like a mosquito.
I didn’t expect Pi two dog to be clairaudient. He slipped his eyes wide. "No, I see your coccyx?" Am I that short of women? Listen to you. I’m taking advantage of you by helping you see a doctor? "
"I’m sorry, brother two dog. That’s not what I mean. I …" Wu Qingqing secretly tutted a mouth and said to me, what’s going on? Two dog’s brother risked his life to save me. How can I doubt him so much? Oh, I’m so confused!
"That’s what you mean! Wu Da presided over me as a small peasant in the countryside. I can’t afford you as a big host. Bye! " Pi two dog was so angry that he turned around and left.
Touching a charming figure at the door, oh, sitting down on the ground, two dog felt his chest like touching his eyes. The person who fell to the ground was not others but Ouyang Sydney. He was busy pulling up and saying, "Sister Sydney, where have you been?"
"two dog, I’m sorry. My agent called me to deal with an urgent matter. It’s okay now. Hey, what’s wrong with you? You look so ugly!" Ouyang Sydney looked at him lovingly.
"Nothing. Let’s go!"
Ouyang Sydney looked puzzled and said, "two dog, I’ll introduce you to the famous host Wu Qingqing. This opportunity is rare. Come with me!"
Seeing that Sister Sydney was holding him back, she said, "Sister Sydney is a famous person, so I won’t be able to climb the heights as a small farmer in this town!"
"two dog, you are in a bad mood. What’s the matter?" Ouyang Sydney thought that this guy was coming out of Wuqingqing’s room, that is, slapping his thigh or calling Wuqingqing’s door to open the door and cut to the chase. "Sister Qingqing, do you have a misunderstanding with Pi two dog?"
"Do you know him well, Da Xing?"
"Nonsense, he and I are good friends! Did you two quarrel? " Ouyang Sydney felt that the atmosphere was wrong when she saw that Wu Qingqing had red eyes.
"There is no quarrel. Oh, that is, I fell and hurt my coccyx. He said to me, I said that he is farming. How can he see a doctor? He said that seeing a doctor is his main business, but it’s a wild road village doctor. It’s definitely not reliable when I listen to it, right? I refused him and wanted to find an expert in the hospital to see him. I dislike him as a farmer! " Wu Qingqing a face of koo way
"Big host you really look down upon two dog! Two dog is a wild road, but his medical skills are really not picky. I’d say he is better than some famous experts! I am often injured in filming, and it hurts like hell when it rains. Experts can’t see Pi two dog cured here! " Ouyang Sydney told the whole story
"Oh, my fault! I also said that the hospital asked an expert to see Sydney. I apologize to the mediator among you. Let’s go! " Said the black qingqing blame embarrassed pulling ouyangxueli to find pi two dog.
Two famous people both ran to the door of two dog suite and called to see Tian Huilixiang open the door and said, "My boss said something would come tomorrow."
"Sister Li Xiang, she is a famous host. Look, people have come to the door in person. Please ask him. We have something important to tell him!"
"Come on, it’s late!" Tian Huili sweet face expression rebuffed way